Don’t be thrown off by this question—just take a deep breath and explain to the hiring manager why you’ve made the career decisions you have.

Henry asks, "I was wondering about benefits, and when they would become effective. Read More: 4 Steps for Answering “Tell Me About a Time When You Failed”.

), but if you’re asked it, you’re in luck: There’s no better setup for you to sell yourself and your skills to the hiring manager. If you're meeting with the person who will be your manager, you might ask specific questions about your intended role or about the hiring process for new employees.

What would a successful employee (hopefully me) make happen for you?

But this is also a chance for you to decide if the job and company are right for you. Interviewers want to get to know you, but they also like to see you proactively ask questions back to get more information from them. Read More: 5 Easy Steps to Answer “What Motivates You?” in an Interview.

How do you give a meaty answer without insulting the company or, worse, the person you’re speaking with? Read More: The Best Way to Answer “Tell Me About a Time You Demonstrated Leadership Skills” in a Job Interview. Read More: 3 Authentic Ways to Answer “What Are You Passionate About?” in a Job Interview.

So go on to describe how you’ve reacted to a last-minute request or another unexpected shift in priorities in the past, incorporating how you evaluated and decided what to do and how you communicated with your manager and/or teammates about it. Interview Questions, ⇛ Your relationship with your co workers? If you know someone who has worked for the company or is currently working there, approach them. Your job interview is almost over and the hiring manager has given you a lot of valuable information about the position. Tell Me About a Time You Demonstrated Leadership Skills. Make sure you have the traits your interviewer mentions and that they will suit … Tell Me About a Time Your Manager Hindered Your Performance.

For example, “I’d really love to be part of product development from beginning to end, and I know I’d have that opportunity here.” And if you were let go from your most recent job? You probably already know that an interview isn’t just a chance for a hiring manager to grill you—it’s an opportunity to sniff out whether a … Companies might ask you who else you’re interviewing with for a few reasons.

How would you describe the company's management style? You may ask about your perspective team and the workplace environment/culture, stating that as a team player effective team work is your first priority.

+ Answers. Sometimes it’s not as clear-cut, and that’s OK. You can say you prefer to stay put for xyz reasons, but would be willing to consider relocating for the right opportunity. – Job Interview Question. job.