Left to right: Neil Grayston, William Sadler, Diana Scarwid, Tracie Thoms, Tyron Leitso, Katie Finneran, Caroline Dhavernas, Lee Pace. The same summer, the British network Sky1 picked up Wonderfalls and aired the series to completion, though not in the original intended episode order. View production, box office, & company info. When Aaron sees her, she breaks down, and Jaye and the other Tylers see them kissing. When followed, the resulting ping-pong effect appears to be the work of a divine plan, but soon Jaye becomes smitten with a local bartender and the figurines are telling her to do things that go against every fiber of her being. Like Jaye, she has a sarcastic, dry sense of humor, and a vengeful streak – particularly when first encountering a despised former high school classmate in the episode "Pink Flamingos" or in "Barrel Bear" perceiving Jaye's attempts to help the rival of a woman Mahandra has aligned herself with, as a mockery of Mahandra's hometown pride. In the second season, Jaye's therapist would document their sessions, eventually publishing a book on her, which would lead to her being institutionalized with "Joan of Arc Syndrome" in the third season. Anguished, he retreated to The Barrel and sat and drank for 3 days straight, after which the owner offered him a bartending job. A reluctant savior, Jaye's hand is forced into the lives of others and befuddles her family in a fight that may not just cost her comfortable life and a budding romance - but her sanity. Wonderfalls was aired by the digital cable network Logo in the summer of 2005. Lee Pace as Aaron Tyler – Jaye's brother. William Sadler as Darrin Tyler, a highly respected physician, and Jaye, Sharon, and Aaron's father. Looking for something to watch? Promotional photo. The network supposedly wanted an impetus for why the muses started talking. Juli 2020 um 11:57 Uhr bearbeitet. DVD. $69.96. Despite his attempts to be assertive over Jaye, she generally ignores him. 2004 Unaired Pilot. In the first episode, when Jaye discovers Sharon's "big secret" (that she is a lesbian), they admit that despite their animosity they do love each other. In turn, despite great shows of reluctance, Sharon always helps Jaye when she needs it, and even comforts Jaye when she is in despair over Eric. Jaye even jokes that Karen had a tracking device installed in her at birth, thus never allowing Jaye to escape her family. She and her 3 colleagues get a new, chaotic boss. The voices tell Jaye to help a disliked high school classmate organize their high school reunion. As Eric prepares to leave Niagra forever, Jaye, Sharon, Alec, and Wade are held hostage in Wonderfalls by a bank robber on the run. Jaye is the reluctant participant in conversations with various animal figurines – a wax lion, brass monkey, stuffed bear, and mounted fish, among others – which direct her via oblique instructions to help people in need. In der zweiten Staffel hätte Jayes Gesprächstherapeut auf Basis seiner Sitzungsnotizen ein Buch über sie geschrieben, was zu ihrer Einweisung in die Psychiatrie geführt hätte. Darrin is a loving father to his children, meddling particularly in Jaye's life, as he worries that she isn't doing anything to reach her potential. www.liquidcelluloid.blog.com. Mahandra is a cocktail waitress at The Barrel and a co-worker of Eric's. The DVD set includes all 13 episodes; six commentary tracks by creators Todd Holland and Bryan Fuller, and actors Caroline Dhavernas and Katie Finneran on "Wax Lion", "Crime Dog", "Lovesick Ass", "Safety Canary", "Cocktail Bunny" (with Scotch Ellis Loring) and "Caged Bird"; a behind-the-scenes documentary, an examination of the show's visual effects, and one of two music videos produced for the theme song, "I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls" by Andy Partridge. Animal figurines/dolls speak to her and force her to help/interact with people. When Jaye encounters a nun who has lost her faith, she shares her experiences with the talking animals with the nun who tries to perform an exorcism on her. When it finally debuted in March 2004 on the FOX network, Wonderfalls received positive reviews from critics,[7][8][9] but had trouble attracting viewers.