Speakeasy Supply Co. – They make the awesome hidden pocket infinity scarves that are perfect for stashing secret cash, lip balms, and passports.

Anatomie – Anatomie travel pants come with luxury prices, but they offer many benefits for travelers.

Trusted Housesitters – Save money on travel accommodation by becoming a housesitter. Not only will they dry quickly when you wash them but also if you get caught in the rain or mud on a trek.

Airbnb – Airbnb is the best place to book out apartments around the world.

And when convertibles zip off into capris, you don’t gain much over a pair of pants that roll up and button into place.

You don’t lose any pockets when you remove the legs. If the fit is awkward, you won’t want to wear them. They come in a wonderful fabric that repels water, but drys very quickly if it does get wet, and is in a light, tough, and versatile fabric.

© 2020 Her Packing List. I’m 5’3″ and in between sizes, so I chose regular inseam because the zipper was in the right place, and I plan on getting the bottom hemmed since it’s just an inch or two too long. I think some of the newer pants are nicer than they used to be. What actually was the reason for me (and my dad, hehe) for wearing tights/leggings for the whole trip was that the pantlegs are fittet and slim and go in your boots, and thus actually stay drier than my heavy-fabric-almost-rain-proof hiking pants in which I really wished I’d brought gaiters. The temperatures hit the 90s, and I was still pretty comfortable with the pant legs down – they can be tied up to be capri length as well. Start by reading these tips on what’s the best travel pants  for travel: A great alternative to convertible pants are cargo pants for women.

I’ve never had a pair of convertible pants (I do all my exercise in running shorts) so I’m wondering whether the capris get too hot. HPLWorld member, Michelle, loves her Columbia Just Right Pants. Pacsafe – Since they come with extra theft-resisting features, Pacsafe bags make you a more confident traveler. From casual pants, to lightweight travel pants, to snow pants, Columbia has you covered. Brooke recently tried out a pair of dressy sweatpants that I think look incredibly comfortable.

Housesitters often have extra duties, like caring for pets and gardens. I’ve had mine for almost a year now and they’ve been everywhere from the streets of London to the beaches of Brazil. prAna Monarch Convertible Reg Inseam Pant. Since you spend most of your safari time sitting inside a vehicle, convertible pants may not be the only option. If you have a picture please share it on the TFG Facebook Group! I like the Eddie Bauer Horizon line/ they don’t have zip-offs any more but pants that roll up to capris, also Capri and shorts styles. I just came back from a 2.5 week trip to Asia. It really depends on your destination, but if you wear jeans at home, you’ll probably want to wear them when you travel. Thanks for your review! They also don’t look like typical hiking pants, so they can also be worn on a day when you’re not hiking.

Long haul flights are bad enough without wearing something that digs into you for 12 hours. Check out her blog Chime in Travel to learn more about her and her adventures. I got my first one about 20 years ago and now have a collection of different colors.

I’m a little nervous about this because I have no idea what to expect! Manufacturers are making pants with a more slim and modern fit and the material is very lightweight. When I was overlanding and then volunteering at a lion conservation project in Africa this past May and June I did pack a few pairs of women’s cargo pants that had the ability to roll up and button the hem into 3/4 length pants. Specialty trekking pants tend to be produced with quick dry fabric which is a travel clothing bonus. Water beads on the surface so you can brush it away before it gets a chance to soak in. Send Text Message. Or it’s tight fitting and leaves you with zipper and buckle imprints when you sit down for more than 30 seconds.