's upcoming Season 37, set to air this fall on ABC. WHEN DOES THE NEW SEASON OF JEOPARDY START 2020? Jeopardy Season 37 premieres tonight, Monday, September 14. and sister show Wheel of Fortune transitioned to high-definition broadcasting in 2006. All Rights Reserved. @ greatbjornson Sep 3, 2020 at 4:44pm Jeopardy is officially returning to TV this fall after a long hiatus this summer. Season # Premiering Date Finale Date 1 September 10, 1984 June 7, 1985 2 September 9, 1985 June 6, 1986 3 September 8, 1986 July 24, 1987 4 September 7, 1987 Better start brushing up on your "Potpourri" – "Jeopardy!" The release date for these episodes has not been announced yet, but they are expected to be part of Jeopardy! Jeopardy! LOS ANGELES -- "Jeopardy!" is … "Jeopardy!" Jeopardy Season 37 will return to TV this fall on Sept. 14, with GOAT champion Ken Jennings joining the show in a new role. Shortly after the start of season 19 in 2002, the show switched to yet another new set, which was given slight modifications when Jeopardy! season 37 premieres Monday with Ken Jennings joining show as consulting producer Monday, September 14, 2020 LOS ANGELES -- "Jeopardy!" #Jeopardy37 starts September 14 with some exciting changes! Jeopardy! "On a personal level, I’m excited because it gets me out of the house," Trebek said in an announcement of the new season from Sony Pictures Television, which starts Sept. 14. 'Jeopardy!' Be the first one to add a plot. His fifth game was put on hold until a later date this season. During this time, the show began to feature virtual tours … SALT LAKE CITY — “Jeopardy!” returns with new episodes starting Sept. 14. returns for its 37th season in just a few days. Mic check, one, two. host's most memorable moments, FDA gives emergency OK to Lilly's antibody treatment for COVID-19, Gruesome discovery: 2 infants discovered dead, wrapped in paper, Murphy says 'second wave is here' as new restrictions announced in NJ, The Countdown: Biden kicks off transition into power with focus on COVID, 'Superspreader' wedding with 113 guests leads to 34 COVID cases, MTA installs new elevators at various subway stations, 70-year-old man randomly punched in face in NYC, Hot spot changes made in NYC, but mayor still warns of '2nd wave', Barr OKs DOJ election probes despite little evidence of fraud, Yankees pulling minor league team out of Staten Island, Mysterious fireball seen in the night sky over NJ, CT. Current Episode (aired 6 Nov. 2020) Episode #37.40. 'Jeopardy!' (1984– ) Episode List. In a video released Thursday, host Alex Trebek said the long-running game show has made some changes — including bringing Ken Jennings on board. host Alex Trebek delivers a special message about his health and previews a special four-week retrospective series that begins July 20. Jeopardy Season 37 premieres tonight, Monday, September 14. host Alex Trebek talks with GMA's T.J. Holmes about his cancer battle, his marriage and hosting the iconic game show. WHEN DOES THE NEW SEASON OF JEOPARDY START 2020? returned for its 37th season on Sept. 14 and announced Ken Jennings is joining as a consulting producer. is returning with all-new episodes on Monday, Sept. 14, and a socially distanced set, a new casting process and a new role for one of the show's most well-known contestants. The long-running syndicated quiz show has set September 14 as the date for its season 37 premiere, following a lengthy hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jeopardy! returns with touching tribute after Alex Trebek's death, Trebek's closest friends reflect on final conversations, Alex Trebek: 'Jeopardy!' Jeopardy! Copyright © 2020 OnTheRedCarpet.com. Zach Newkirk, an attorney from Alexandria, Virginia, who won his fourth game on the season 36 finale aired June 12, 2020, is unable to return as champion. Season 37 premieres on Monday, Sept. 14. Know what this is about? kicks off on September 14, 2020. Season 37 of Jeopardy! Alex Trebek and Ken Jennings Photo: Jeopardy Productions via Getty Images