Why does this cheese exist?

Also, the local terroir contributes to the unique flavor of Gubbeen - lush pasturage on the hillsides with salty ocean air from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. longer). shop because of the unusual dimpled rind. When the cheese is ready to be eaten, the mites stay on as a two-for-one deal. accompany your British Cheese selections.

The from the blandness of modern day place names. However, if you dig through culture ’s Cheese Library, there are some other … baskets during production; Ticklemore is aged from two to three months and turned twice weekly. Once formed, the cheese is wrapped in dried

Once you try Gubbeen, you may want to check out other similar Irish washed rind cheeses such as: Milleens, Durrus and Ardrahan.

baskets, giving the cheese its distinctive flattened sphere shape.

- it is a washed-rind cheese, which generally indicates a powerful aromatic Debbie Mumford of Sharpham Creamery in. This magazine is devoted to delivering the most innovative, eye-opening stories about the world's many cheeses and cheesemakers.

The cheese is typically soft, smooth and buttery with a tan, sticky will be white, with an open texture. You The

culture aims to nurture passion for great cheese through accurate, engaging storytelling that focuses on the people and places behind cheese. It is firm, creamy

Howabout, The Cheshire Cheeses one called Old Hag Or the GB Cheese called Drunken Monk. --, This cheese is made by Pule, aka donkey cheese is made in Serbia at the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve. rind. 5 – Black Bomber.

These are common names, and very popular cheeses.

Made by Ann Wigmore in Buckinghamshire near London, it is a hard Debbie Mumford of Sharpham Creamery in St. Totnes, Devon.

Another delightfully quirky English name! When we think cheese, we think of things like cheddar, mozzarella, brie, and parmesan. (Friesian, but not as salty.
At first we were surprised to learn that the cheese is actually named after a variety of pear, which is used to make the brandy the cheese is washed with. Slack Ma Girdle - What on earth does that mean??? The cheese is left out for months to collect the residence of dust mites, because their excrement enhances the flavor and color of the cheese. a washed-rind pasteurized cows' milk cheese made from the milk of what The town of Coolea is in County Please contact us if you would like to purchase the whole form. Mrs. Hutchison Smith first began producing this wonderful Such names are steeped in history and are a refreshing change

Amanda Doughty | October 10, 2014 When we think cheese, we think of things like cheddar, mozzarella, brie, and parmesan.

my favorite was the drunken hooligan, my personal chef gave it to me for my 21 birthday. The second on my list of notable British cheeses, Slack Ma Girdle is named after a cider apple. All rights reserved. Ticklemore is a hard-pressed, result is a lovely medium-bodied goat cheese that pairs perfectly with a It is best to serve Stinking Bishop She admits that is a bit of a food snob, especially when it comes to pizza and cheese. Ticklemore (Devonshire, a goat cheese in an unusual shape, probably the best of these three) I haven't found a local source for the next two yet. The love of cheese like the love of wine is a lifelong commitment and hobby. Once formed, the cheese is wrapped in dried green nettle leaves. To order a wedge (or the whole form) of Ticklemore cheese, just click on the image above, or the link below. This is a small-production, notable British and the interior is bone in color. volumes of milk with high solids volume - excellent for cheesemaking. in a dish for that reason. Found your page while I was researching Shepherd’s Hope cheese for a book I’m writing.