Statement of Nathan Watts, regarding an encounter on Old Fishmarket Close, Edinburgh . These two idiots, ugh. I made the mistake of hearing a name i thought i had heard before and went to look it up... in a near instant i got much more information than i had wanted and suddenly the twists and turns that would have been engaging and interesting suddenly lost some of it's impact. It seems consistent with it also not attempting a ritual. Stuff does keep popping up. This is a comprehensive list of every appearance by a named character. The plot, production and acting have been praised by fans and critics alike! He loves it! It simply knows that the end of the world is completely inevitable- it doesn't care how or when it happens. The Rusty Quill Store I noticed that Evan's coffin is described as being remarkably similar to the coffin described in episode 2 Do Not Open. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is the episode where we hear about Naomi Herne and her fiancé Evan's funeral. It's weird. None of the hells are eternal! -I agree with John’s decision. Copyright © 2020 Rusty Quill Ltd. All rights reserved. The best ritual the End could get is just waiting the other powers out. Good news everybody! Thank God humanity is afraid of death! I think for TMA, you kind of don't want answers from us. I noticed that Evan's coffin is described as being remarkably similar to the coffin described in episode … While I'm screaming no no no. This episode was written and performed by Jonathan Sims, Directed and produced by Alexander J Newall. It's my first time through the show and I don't know much about the lore.

Jonathan Sims introduces himself and states that he is the new Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute, London, following the death of his predecessor, Gertrude Robinson. the Fear's increasing fear with the rising awareness of their food's source finiteness and their inevitable end (Extinction, anyone?). Is this a coincidence? Brava Again Mr. Simms. Martin being jealous shouldn't be that adorable for me, especially when he tries to make Jon murder, sorry, smite someone because of it. He doesn't get scared much , which is the complete opposite of me. Oliver actually releases his victims. image/svg+xml The Magnus Archives (and, thus, these transcripts) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. So much so that we had to take a break for a little while. He observes that the archives are disorganised, and do not appear to have any documentation of investigations besides the statements. I'm happy I didn't listen to the episode at one of those times. Eventually all of the powers will be gone and there will be harmonious stillness. Winner Best Audio Drama or Fiction Podcast, Winner of 5 Audio verse Awards 2019 including Best Audioplay and Best Writing, One of the 10 best horror podcasts to give you nightmares – GamesRadar, The 10 Best (& Most Terrifying) Horror Podcasts Of All Time, RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 3, RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 2, RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 1, Best Arts Podcast nominee – Podcast Awards 2016. The Magnus Archives Reddit The End knows, and has known since it's beginning, that it has already won. The End is simply being a good sport about winning and letting people/the Entities do whatever they want in the mean time. My perfectly healthy grandma has been obsessively waiting for her own death almost all of my life and just couple of years ago she decided that she actually wants to live. He usually just starts going "oh cool!" The Magnus Archives is a weekly horror fiction anthology podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. TMA transcripts in slightly-more-readable format. Initially skeptical of what he sees in the statements, Jon uncovers connections between the statements held there suggesting that the dark forces described in them are very real indeed. Yeah, for some reason I found this statement...oddly comforting? But then I look back at the Bf and he is freaking petrified. (Welcome!

-The End, to me, is one of the scarier avatars simply because it is patient. It makes no sense to kill him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. i’m also a new listener and i’ve just finished episode 14, so cool that we are at around the same part since everyone else in this sub seem to mostly be much farther along than we are, I love this podcast.

Entropy will get us all in the end, it seems. She was diagnosed with memory disorder almost immediately afterwards, oh the irony. This is totally normally what I do, and normally getting answers like that doesn't feel like terrible spoilers to me, but I think TMA is kind of different and it can be worth it to no know what's going on and let Jon carry you along. Your boyfriend is probably afraid of death, of non-existence if he spends time thinking about it. Eventually all of the powers will be gone and there will be harmonious stillness. Because if it is the latter then what is Jonah's position in this new world? I don't really know why. Reality being a lifeless shriveled up husk after the Powers drink it dry is objectively a bad thing. I think how you react to it depends a lot on your relationship with the inevitability of death. This episode was first released back in 2016 and has been downloaded millions of times from listeners all over the world.

I will leave a few possible spoiler-ish words of encouragement if you're inclined.

Unofficial Transcript Source Index So do be careful. I've noticed a couple of the stories obviously connect, and I am very curious about our skeptical host, Jon. As you said, no need to spend energy forcing something that will happen anyway. This is a comprehensive list of every appearance by a named character. Sort of in the same vein as looking up Darth Vader after watching just the first Star Wars movie... "Darth Vader (Anniken Skywalker, father of Luke Skywalker) Status: Dead" and being like "What the actual frick?" All suffering is bounded!

The Magnus Archives is now an award winning podcast about to launch our fifth season. huh, so there is The Eye and Its Archive, 'Its Archive' is definitely Jon but does The Eye pertain to Jonah or to the fear entity in general? I like this as well. Reality is Dead, long live the Coroner (I guess), wow what a hero / whAt is sO spEcIAl AbOUt hIm hmMmM? 1 Episodes 1-10 2 Episodes 11-20 3 Episodes 21-30 4 Episodes 31-40 5 Episodes 41-50 6 Episodes 51-60 7 Episodes … But consider: nobody actually died, and Oliver talks about it more like someone who believes in the End as the power that has guided his whole life, and less like someone who actually Knows thats whats happening.