Facts about Cosmetics. On the subject of hair removal, the ancient Egyptians developed a technique in which a very fine piece of string was used to pull out many hairs at one time… this was the birth of “threading” as we know it today. ), darkened their cheeks with red powder, and mastered the art of lipstick, using the substance "vermillion" to paint hearts on their mouths or colored their lips to a brilliant red. Leave a comment below or share this article on your social network to start a conversation with friends and followers. The History of Makeup As many of us rush to get ready in the morning, we usually don't give our mascara or blush a second thought. It is theorized that humans invented the first types of deodorant and perfume in 10,000 B.C.E., so the spread of humanity brought the inevitable influence of makeup in almost every culture. The unibrow was considered beautiful and high-class fashion among women in Greece. Pale skin was a sign of wealth during the European middle ages. Throughout history, makeup has been used for everything from ceremonial rituals to beauty adornment…and a few other rather interesting reasons. They used a mixture made from a combination of burnt almonds, ash, lead, ochre and copper, called "kohl”, to produce the legendary look that we now see in the hieroglyphics they left behind. Makeup continued to evolve as cosmetic technology grew in popularity. Egyptians famously lined their eyes with thick, extended lines. The History of Makeup 1233 Words | 5 Pages. Romans used chalk to whiten their complexion, and wore rouge on their cheeks. August 2, 2017 sabeautybox 2 Comments. However, makeup has been around for at least 6,000 years and has played a role in nearly every society. Elizabethan women constantly covered their faces in a substance called "ceruse," which is made of vinegar and poisonous lead that eventually led to permanent skin damage and sometimes death. If women did not have a natural unibrow, they would often glue animal hair or use brown powder between their brows to imitate one. It’s kinda cool to discover where the makeup rituals (we often take for granted) actually came from. By April Long. In ancient Egypt, liquid eyeliner (Kohl) was not only used as a beauty tool, but it was also a bug repellant. August 2020 Trendsetters Survey Giveaway Offical Rules, Political Interviews With UCF Students: 2020 Edition, How Dana Jones Created Accessadoor, A New Technology That Opens Handicap Accessible Doors From Mobile Phones, Even if Biden Wins This Election, I Can't Bring Myself to Pop the Champagne, What It Means That Trump Didn’t Lose By a Landslide, This Year, a Vote for Trump is a Vote for the End of Our Relationship — Period, The Tunnel Vision that America's Two-Party System Has Created Absolutely Terrifies Me.