Lavender and Lace, Roses and Salt with Sarah Raven ~ A Posy of Flowers in the Kitchen with Interflora, Better with Brita: How to get the BEST from your Ingredients with Filtered Water, Fresh Fruit for the Office with Fruitdrop, The Quince Tree and Baked Orchard Fruits with Vanilla and Honey, The Holly and the Ivy, Day Sixteen on the Advent Calendar and Baked Cod with Butter Beans & Vine Tomatoes, Toronto to Vancouver by Train with The Canadian.

I don’t know. Your washing facilities are shared, in the shower room at the end of the sleeper car.

This bar car is far superior in service than the Skyline Cars and also has an upper-level dome car with comfortable seating.

* Whoever said that has not been on a train in a third world country. The most relaxing and convivial way to cross the immensity of Canada is on the Canadian, the flagship of VIA, which runs the national passenger service. Oh wow this is such a fabulous experience. Here’s a breakdown of the different cabin classes and what’s included: Economy class – Comfortable reclining seat with table-tray; Complete meals, snack bar, hot drinks, refreshments and alcoholic drinks at affordable prices; Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on sale; Baggage registration service; Access to the Skyline Dome car. Though the Canadian train leaves Toronto on CPR tracks, for most of the journey it travels over the more northerly transcontinental route of CPR’s rival, Canadian National Railways (CNR). I was briefly transported away from my busy desk to a wonderful journey across Canada. The occasional sight of a smelter reminds one of the mineral riches buried beneath the Shield, and station museums and even plinthed steam locomotives and cabooses on platforms testify to the central role of the railway in Canada’s recent history. I did not realize this until flipping through a pamphlet on my train ride from Kingston to Toronto where I was catching The Canadian train. It may seem incongruous, but the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould’s rendition of Bach’s Goldberg Variations is sublime. No problem – I am going to add what I said to you, to make it clearer! A Photo Diary from Newfoundland: Chocolate, Buns & Cod Tongues….. Atlantic Canada Eats: Newfoundland & Beyond with Recipes that Jumped the Pond! Passengers are asked to limit themselves to two moderate-sized pieces of luggage, but there is a baggage car for items not needed during the journey. DO consider doing this trip – it was just one of the best experiences I have ever been on and I still think of it now……the food, the scenery and the conviviality too, it was just magical! That’s great info’ thanks Nim, and I’m sure all my readers here, as well as Ancient Mariner will find it useful.

Thank you for a very detailed & well written article. This train journey does have a feel of a bygone era but with all the mod-cons of modern travel! Its sleek, silver 1950s cars are redolent of the first railway era, before prosaic planes destroyed the glamour of long-distance trains; its uniformed attendants wait beside each car to welcome you to your seat or compartment. Shortly after Kamloops the Thompson River widens into Kamloops Lake, which attracts mallards, spotted sandpiper and osprey. The fare varies by time of year, higher from June to October, lower Jan-May & Nov-Dec. You wrote: “it’s the only company to offer cross-Canada passenger service by rail. Just go to to check fares for your date of travel in your chosen class. The Sunday departure from Vancouver only runs between 1 May & 11 October 2016.

I hope you will enjoy the trip as much as I did, and I also recommend stop over in Winnipeg too…. The train emerges from the defile into an abruptly softened topography – the fertile market-gardening area and dairy farms of the Fraser Valley, which supply so many of Vancouver’s best restaurants.

I broke the trip up in the States with a few stop-overs, but really fancy just staying on this time – like in Canada the train was usually a few hours late anyway! Granted this is written based on experience from thirty years ago this month. It’s a measure of the scale of the country that, at Chapleau, the train passes a game reserve of 7,000 square kilometres (2,703 square miles) - the largest in the world. That sounds like a great idea, and a trip I wouldn’t mind making myself! oh my word I am utterly in love with that train!

I Went to Whistler to Find Out, 3 Days in Quebec City – What to See, Do, and Eat, If you can Isolate Together, you can Travel Together, 3 Days in Mexico City – What to See, Do, Eat and Drink. On my departure, for example, we were delayed over three hours. I was born in South Africa, but I've lived all over the world, latterly calling North Yorkshire my home where I lived for many years before moving to SW France, although I'm now living in North Wales in an old converted Schoolhouse on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. Here is a review of my Canadian Pacific CP AC4400CW Holiday Train from MTH Electric Trains. Can you recommend which direction is best for this trip? I know it did for me. The Fraser River canyon is so narrow that there is room for only one line of steel on each bank; since the CPR already occupied the “easier” side, the CNR had to build along the opposite bank.

Karen, This was so absorbing to read I forgot to make my morning coffee! The views, food, cool cabins the entire trip looks incredible.

The crossing of the Rockies, which begins on the fourth day as the train leaves Hinton, is the undoubted scenic highlight of the journey, and it’s wise to take a seat in one of the vistadomes quickly after breakfast.

* Underneath the central vistadome is a lounge offering DVD entertainment, some specifically for children.

Bon Voyage! I’ve heard this can make for a claustrophobic and disorienting journey. Prestige Class, new from 2015 – Double cabins with en-suite shower, WC, sink, double bed, flat screen TV, complimentary mini bar, extra-large window for viewing and the price includes all of the above in Sleeper Plus Class. My Newfoundland “Lighthouse Picnics” Experience, Fiddlehead Ferns, Foraging and a Traditional Newfoundland Jiggs Dinner, Cocktails, Puddings & Madeleines: A Nocturnal Tasting Tour of Newfoundland – Old & New, Cloudberries, Tea Buns & Chocolate Shoes: A Postcard from Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada, Icebergs, Cod & Beer: A Postcard from Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada. The Dining cars are reminiscent of a bygone age with an air of Art Deco about them. This is the most amazing car for viewing the spectacular scenery from, and  is put on just before the Canadian Rockies come into range. Once the commuter stations end, the forest begins.

It is a given that the amazing Canadian scenery is part and parcel of the experience.