guides and various Databases, New Online Exhibit: The James Bay Treaty (Treaty N, Ontario birth records for 1914 on Théâtre septembre 2nd, 2020. And because there was only one camera at the time, the cameraperson would move the camera in closer for the commercial and then roll the camera back for the show. With the development of technology, our audiences can also get their news online through our website and social media. Here's what would replace it, Aylmer: Protestors rally against pandemic restrictions, Toronto: Innocent boy shot while shopping with mother, Ottawa: Company delivering help to other businesses, Windsor-Essex: Residents enjoying a warm November, Veteran determined to bring dignity to fallen soldiers, Virgin Hyperloop nails first hyperloop test with passengers, From the archives: Alex Trebek speaks with Lisa LaFlamme, PM Trudeau first world leader to speak with Biden, raises key issues, Mi'kmaq First Nations joining with Premium Brands to buy Clearwater Seafoods for $1B, Armenia, Azerbaijan agree to end fight in Nagorno-Karabakh, Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine is looking 90 per cent effective, Veterans frustrated with growing delay in applications for disability benefits, Souvankham Thammavongsa wins Giller Prize for fiction debut 'How to Pronounce Knife', LIVE: Ongoing news coverage on CTV News Channel, Sudbury high school confirms COVID-19 case, Employee at hardware store in Hanmer tests positive for COVID-19, Sudbury health unit confirms multiple COVID-19 cases for sixth straight day, Students back in class at Sudbury Secondary School after morning scare, Powassan resident killed in three-vehicle crash in Bonfield. This website uses cookies to enhance your ability to browse and load content. General Reference Resources in the English Language. PLEASE NOTE-- Patient Library Resources are now located in the following areas: Brochures, Booklets, flyers are in the Main Lobby, Northeast Cancer Centre. © 2020 Sudbury Museum Trust and the contributors | Website made by Then along came television, the ‘picture in the box.’. Search Archeion to find records of businesses, individuals, families and organizations from all periods of the province's history.

Additional records are constantly being added. Marie, Timmins, as well as Sudbury.

This includes a Colour Ortho-Photography Index, Zoning By-Law Maps and many more. If you have old photographs you think could feature on this site, or if you would like permission to reproduce any photo on this site, please contact us at

CKSO was Sudbury’s only television station until 1971, when it became CICI and CKNC moved into the area and joined the company.

Ontario GeoHub - Land Information Ontario (LIO) - download a variety of provincial geospatial data including health data, boundaries, plant and animal information and many other datasets. City of Greater Sudbury Open Data Portal : The City of Greater Sudbury : This website provides many downloadable GIS datasets including land use, land reclamation and many more. Geology Ontario: Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry: This site provides access to the information holdings of the Ontario Geological Survey. They only had radio experience and there were no manuals to teach anybody, so they created programs like “The Wives Time, Juvenile Jury, Kiddies on Kamera,” where you could get your child on TV, but there was nothing else to compare it with because no other signal came into Sudbury. Read full article | Commentaires ferm United Church of Canada Archives 90 visits; Sudbury Star 85 visits; Allan McKeeman fonds 81 visits; National Defence Headquarters Directorate of History and Heritage 67 visits; Industry and business photographs - Guelph Mercury 62 visits; Welcome. It is here that you will find the stories of the industry that built our community, and the stories of our people that built the industry. The Sudbury Museum Trust has developed this website to show and provide information on a selection of these photographs.

That first show was broadcasted with only 2.2 kilowatts, today it is 30 kW. Much of the way of life in the town since the invention of photography has been caught on camera. The Archives serves the entire population of the City of Greater Sudbury and its institutions by acquiring, preserving and providing access to records of enduring value which show evidence of the activities of the City of Greater Sudbury and its predecessors. However, London got its license on the same day, so the race was on to be the first private broadcaster. Official Road Map of Ontario: Ministry of Transportation: This site contains downloadable official Ontario road maps for each town/city in Ontario. For instance, the City of Greater Sudbury Archives has microfilms of local newspapers, wills and probate records, land registry records, and other unpublished sources. New Online Exhibit: The James Bay Treaty (Treaty N o. Make a Topographic map: Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry : This mapping application has Ontario's best available topographic and imagery data. Also every news station had to be rebroadcast in French, so that job went to Rene Levesque who later became the premier of Quebec. Sudbury Tax Centre address, contact numbers, office hours, all upcoming holidays, and all Tax service offices are location information across Canada. Learn more. On the first night on the air, the Steelworker’s Hall got a 30-inch television set, which was enormous in those days, and it came on loan from RCA. 3375 . Archeion is a service provided by the Archives Association of Ontario (AAO).

Archeion brings together information about archives held by organizations all over Ontario. Sculley figured out what went wrong, repaired the transmitter and they were back on the air 20 minutes later. The archives described include photographs, diaries, minute books, church registers and municipal records. It is easy to imagine the impact the station made on the lives of people then. On October 25 th, 1953, CKSO went on the air for the first time on channel 5. The first show broadcasted was the INCO News with Davidson Duncan with weather by Judy Erola. history, research Technicians and on-air staff in Sudbury worked together to help paint the studio, put in the cameras, and do anything to be the first to air.

Book collections are located in the NECC Supportive Care and the Health Sciences Library. We have collected the Archive images from a range of sources over many years. Start Your Research From Home Layers can be added and removed to illustrate the user’s specific area of interest.

Radio programs such as the soap opera and Masterpiece Theatre, we big too. var here = document.location.pathname; What does it mean when you have flat feet? They put it on the stage and people in the city were invited in to witness history in the making, and the place was full.

Patient Library Northeast Cancer Centre Telephone: (705) 523-7100 Ext. Archives. Hundreds of digital products containing field data, geophysical surveys, geochemical analyses and geochronological measurements are available for download. Sudbury holds a very unique record. Scholars GeoPortal  offers search, preview, query, download and sharing functionality for datasets licensed by Ontario university libraries, covering such topics as land use, transportation networks, census boundaries, geology, soils, points of interest (such as healthcare facilities, schools, and airports), air photos, and more. Archeion brings together information about archives held by organizations all over Ontario. The Archives serves the entire population of the City of Greater Sudbury and its institutions by acquiring, preserving and providing access to records of enduring value which show evidence of the activities of the City of Greater Sudbury and its predecessors. Find out more about Archeion and get important search tips on the About Archeion web page. And everyone spent the weekends at the movies, with double creature features for the kids during the day and a thriller for the adults at night. Wives generally stayed at home, and a dinner party was the biggest form of entertainment. Basel Sculley, another news announcer, came on and introduced George Miller and the transmitter went out after only four seconds. Agricultural winter fair goes online this year, Northern hospitals prepare for COVID impact, Northern malls adjust to COVID-19 restrictions to provide new Santa experience, Province provides North Bay companies more than $1.4M to create jobs, Hateful, racist stickers posted around college in Sudbury, 'Excessive media coverage' helped drive pothole claims in 2019, Sudbury staff report says, Sudburians invited to sign a virtual book of condolences for Alex Trebek, Ontario pushing to drop 14-day quarantine for travellers. The war was over; people were back in the regular routine of work and play, and the baby boom was in full swing. Ontario Sudbury Tax Centre.

Crown Land Use Policy Atlas: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources: This interactive mapping browser allows users to view a variety of information including parks, forest management units, and primary land uses.

Sudbury Photo Archive The market town of Sudbury, on the borders of Suffolk and Essex, has a long and fascinating history. by Rajendra. Sudbury, Ontario P3E 5J1 . When they submitted their application for the station, the governing body in charge laughed because the salaries of the employees were a mere $20 to $40 a week, a time when the minimum wage was $0.75 per hour. Read full article | Commentaires fermés sur Théâtre. Stay connected with us by following us on  Facebook and Twitter. The cards use primary sources were developed to help students learn new vocabulary and unique stories from Ontario’s past. Read full article | Commentaires fermés sur Collège Boréal.