The observed effects induced by SPL suggest its mutagenic potential on plant and animal cells, confirming its noxiousness to the environment and human beings. Environmentally safe storage methods include secure landfills or permanent storage buildings. It allows us to test products in all potential conditions end users may face to.

Shipowners Club (2010). Aluminium Industry Benchmarking 2010. International Aluminium Institute, New Zealand House, Haymarket, London, UK. The International Aluminium Institute has defined the following “International Aluminium Institute SPL Voluntary Objective, There is variation in composition of SPL depending on such factors as the type of aluminium smelting technology used, the initial components of the cell lining and dismantling procedures. A number of alternatives have been proposed for treatment of SPL. Observed effects on vegetal cells included reduction in mitotic index and an increase in the frequency of chromosome alterations. The name of the Company was subsequently changed to SPL Industries Ltd in 1994. On the other hand, it also represents a major recovery potential because of its fluoride and energy content. 11,The Minerals Metals and Materials Society. [9] Landfill of unreacted SPL is considered a practice of the past. Since then we have developed, localized and tested over 1000 different projects. After finalization of the tasks we make a project schedule, assign a team of QA Engineers and form the final budget. Cathodes in Aluminium Electrolysis. (2002). Past industry practice has been to landfill this waste. We can offer several schemes of cooperation and each of them is easy to adjust for comfortable conditions. and Design capability, Incorporated as Shivalik Prints Private Limited Over 100 highly qualified employees in quality assurance, consulting and support at SPL and all neсessary tools and experience are aimed to complete most difficult and specific tasks without outsourcing third party employees: We are able to perform a great deal of work in a short time – about 300 person-hours a day; Our team can work on the project outside normal working hours – nights, weekends and holidays; We can make a quick start and team assignment; We provide instant customer support and communication on each stage of the project. It allows us to test products in all potential conditions end users may face to. [7] As the environmental regulation agencies in an increasing number of countries define SPL as a hazardous material, the disposal costs can easily run to more than $1000 per tonne SPL. In Wolley, G.R., Goumans, J.J.J.M. 12, No. The background to this situation is that from 1941 to 1947, the US Department of Defense built and operated an aluminum smelter at the Site. The SPL generated is listed by various environmental bodies as hazardous waste. Reactive with water in a way that produces inflammable, toxic and explosive gases. After 14 years of work in this industry, SPL is observing, trying and choosing the most effective methodologies of testing. [2] SPL from aluminium reduction cell cathodes is becoming one of the aluminium industry's major environmental concerns. [24], An Interim Action conducted under Agreed Order No. To make sure that the final product will work correctly for all users. [2], An example of the potential consequences of SPL reaction with water is the death of two workers and reported damage costs of $30 million due to an explosion of flammable gases from SPL in the hold of a cargo ship.[12]. An Overview of Useful Methods to Treat, Recover or Recycle Spent Potlining. SPL is ready not only to adapt to your needs, but to give recommendations for problem solution and further actions at any stage of project development. [19] Spl Industries Limited is a Public incorporated on 06 December 1991. Fluoride was the main genotoxic component for human leukocytes. [10], The primary aluminium industry has systematically worked to minimize the amount of SPL produced, by extending the lifetime of the lining in the smelter pots. Experience we have gained from developing software and games allows us to create the highest quality standards in software testing, that are trusted by world’s largest developers and publishers, such as EA, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Disney, Sony, Microsoft,, Team17, Zeptolab and many more. Spent Potlining (SPL) is a waste material generated in the primary aluminium smelting industry. Light Metals. [18] There is, therefore, a real need to find safe, acceptable alternative ways to landfill disposal. Pong, T.K., Adrien, R.J., Besdia, J., O’Donnell, T.A. and Wood, D. G. (2000). The pots typically have a life of 2 to 6 years. and Wainwright, P. J. [8] [27], Andrade-Vieira, L.F., Palmieri, M.J. & Davide, L. F. (2017), Effects of long exposure to spent potliner on seeds, root tips, and meristematic cells of Allium cepa, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment,189:489, Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission (1998), Subject: Reynolds Metals Company Gum Springs and Hurricane Creek. From that moment we can modify this document according to your needs and wishes. Since the 1970s, SPL has been recognised as a valuable resource for other industries, including as a feedstock in the cement, mineral wool and steel production processes. 8. These methods are not environmentally acceptable because of the leachability of cyanides and fluorides. This must change if the aluminium industry wants to claim a reasonable degree of sustainability and environmentally tolerable emissions. Cytotoxic and phytotoxic effects of the main chemical components of spent pot-liner: a comparative approach, Mutation Research, 763, 30–35.

and Sloan, S.W. J., Andrade-Vieira, L. F., Campos, J. M. S., Gedraite, L. S.,&Davide, L. C. (2016). Godin, J., Ménard, J-F., Hains, S., Deschênes, L. and Samson, R. (2004).

in 1991, name changed to SPL Industries (SPLIL)

Reactive with water - producing inflammable, toxic and explosive gases. Sørlie, M. and Øye, H. A. Disposal Options for Spent Potlining. [6][16] The Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission noted that treated SPL used to construct roads was recovered and placed in secure landfill.