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In 2010, Mexico's mining output reached high levels: 19% of the world's silver production was extracted here, and the mining belt was the world's most productive district as it was historically. "[21] During the end of the year cycle, the Tarahumaras play violins which are masterfully carved but not varnished. [19] The beings of most importance are: God (Riosi), God's wife, who is the Christian Virgin Mary transformed[citation needed], and the devil (Riablo). ETHNONYMS: Cerracuna, Cuna-Cuna, Cuna Tule, Palatola, Tule, Walatola, Yalatola The Jesuits returned in the 1670s and baptized thousands of Tarahumara, but these people retained a separate identity. Most missions in Tarahumara country ceased to operate[10] or were turned over to Franciscans. Trade. The European introduction of plows, axes, livestock, fruit trees, and Old World crops such as wheat enhanced rather than transformed traditional agricultural practices. At Spanish contact (around 1600), they were bordered on the south by the Tepehuan, on the east and north by the Concho, on the northwest by the Mountain Pima, on the southwest by the Tubar, and on the west by the Guarijía and a number of other small groups closely related culturally and linguistically to the Tarahumara.

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In some cases, the Devil can be persuaded to act as a benevolent entity. Oszukiwanie okrywa więc hańbą całą społeczność, a nie tylko pojedynczego uczestnika bądź drużynę[5][6].

[43] Cartels have exploited the Tarahumaras' reputation as long distance runners by forcing them into running illegal drugs into the United States.[44]. Therefore, that information is unavailable for most Encyclopedia.com content.