Canterbury transfer of soldiers divisional records (1 volume). (1 box). She claims that when she told bosses what happened, her alleged attacker was moved to another regiment and she hasn’t seen him since.

Miscellaneous printed material about William Booth, including material relating to his death and funeral (6 boxes). Papers relating to the International Literary Council 1992 onwards (1 box). A series of subject files (arranged alphabetically) by the name of country/territory of material relating to the Salvation Army's overseas work. Miscellaneous papers relating to the Goodwill League/League of Mercy 1966-c1999 (1 box). A third victim, who was 19, has claimed she was assaulted by the same man during a Christmas party at the Salvation Army Hall in Kilmarnock. Booth-Clibborn family A local officer responsible for the young people’s work, under the commanding officer.

Brighton Division property roll (1 volume). Salvation Army Officers. A similar statement is issued annually for the social fund, and for each territorial fund. Medical file reports from various countries 1990s (1 box). An order created to mark the Army's appreciation of distinguished service rendered by non-Salvationists who have helped further its work in a variety of ways. Material from the Editorial Department relating to Salvation Army officers, mainly used for obituaries in the War Cry and Salvationist (16 boxes). Personalities Series

Family correspondence and papers (28 boxes). Christian Mission minutes 1868-78 (copies and loose papers), correspondence relating to Christian Mission buildings; Christian Mission letter book 1877; finance and associated reports; minutes of the Elders' meetings for the Christian Mission Croydon 1869-71 (1 box). An appointment must be made in advance to visit the Salvation Army International Heritage Centre. An officer appointed by the General to supervise and represent, at International Headquarters, Army work mainly overseas.
A fourth series, UK Corps, is a sub-set of the UK Territory files. Miscellaneous material Operations of The Salvation Army are supervised by trained, commissioned officers. Salvation Army Salary. Papers relating to the Commissioners' Conferences 1930, 1944, 1946, 1949, 1954, 1958, 1965, 1969, 1971, 1975 (4 boxes). East London Christian Mission Shoreditch Meeting minutes 1868-74 (1 volume). She told police they were both wearing the group’s navy blue uniforms at the time of the alleged attack, which happened while worshippers queued outside. The Army’s motto; refers to the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit. A local officer appointed for specific duty, usually in a corps. The work of grace which God accomplishes in a repentant person whose trust is in Christ as Saviour, forgiving sin, giving meaning and new direction to life, and strength to live as God desires.

Salvation Army officers' pay reflects those expectations. William Booth (1829-1912), General of the Salvation Army Papers relating to Social Conferences and European Conferences etc (1 box). lieutenant, captain, major, lieut-colonel, colonel, commissioner, general. A locality in which Army work is carried on and where it is hoped a society or corps will develop. Subject files (arranged alphabetically) containing material on UK Salvation Army corps. Papers relating to Victoria Homes in Whitechapel 1904-1918 (2 boxes). Girls' Statement Books (London) 1897-1931 (24 volumes). A group of influential citizens who, believing in the Army’s programme of spiritual, moral and physical rehabilitation and amelioration, assist in promoting and supporting Army projects. Salvation Army Nurses' Fellowship album, containing photographs and letters (1 volume). South London Division Expenditure Board minutes 1914-22, 1922-30 (2 volumes). A Salvation Army unit established for the preaching of the gospel and service in the community. An ex-Salvation Army officer faces charges of raping two women, sexually assaulting a third and attacking a fourth in a string of horrifying sex attacks.Two of … Composed of the Chief of the Staff, all active commissioners, except the spouse of the General, and all territorial commanders. Salvationists who visit prisons, hospitals and needy homes, in their own time, bringing the gospel and rendering practical aid. Territory Series - UK Salvation Army Corps According to the "Los Angeles Times," in 2010 a husband and wife serving as career officers in the Salvation Army earned an annual salary of $25,000 combined. The offices in which the business connected with the command of the worldwide Army is transacted. Correspondence, including some of Catherine Sturgess (his daughter) correspondence 1884-1978 (1 box). The woman told detectives that on a separate occasion they had sex after selling the Salvation Army’s War Cry magazine in pubs and she also became pregnant. Elijah Cadman (1843-1927), Commissioner in the Salvation Army 'God’s Army' is said to be "reeling" over allegations about the former member, who has been reported to police about alleged offences in the 1970s, Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz.

Nottingham Division Property Council minutes (1 volume), Corps Cadet Board from 1941 (1 volume), Candidates Board minutes from 1958 (1 volume), Candidates Rolls c1927-1954 (4 volumes). Sermon notes and photograph albums (3 boxes). Subjects include adherents, alcoholism, buildings, congresses, education, training etc. A converted person at least 14 years of age who has, with the approval of the census board, been enrolled as a member of The Salvation Army after signing the articles of war (soldier's covenant). Salvation Army officers are full-time ministers of religion, trained and commissioned (ordained) by The Salvation Army. Administrative records Press cuttings 1864-71 and copies of the East London Evangelist and Christian Mission Magazine (1 box).

British Territory/Scotland/Wales/Ireland/Channel Islands files (5 boxes). The man, who still lives in the west of Scotland, was later ordained as a Salvation Army preacher and led Sunday worship before leaving the ministry around seven years ago. UK Territory corps history books, membership rolls, registers and various corps minute books as listed on pp14-16 (43 boxes and 2 box files). The organisation’s international HQ is in London but they have around 1.5million members in 124 countries. Girls' Statements and Final Statements (London) 1889-97 (9 volumes). A list of the corps which have files is available.

Papers relating to Europe Zonal Conferences 1961-92 (2 box). A bench provided as a place where people can kneel to pray, seeking salvation or sanctification, or making a special consecration to God’s will and service. First known as the East London Christian Mission (later the Christian Mission) it changed its name to the Salvation Army in 1878. South East London Divisional cash book 1906-08, 1908-09 (2 volumes). South East London Division asset and liabilities ledger 1901-1907, 1908 (2 volumes). Its message is based on the Bible. The chief local officer for public work who assists the corps officer with meetings and usually takes command in their absence. Historical Manuscripts Commission, Appendix 1 - Journals and periodicals held at the Heritage Centre. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. International Headquarters records Further Booth correspondence 1869-1912 (5 boxes). An officer is a recognised minister of religion. A series of subject files (arranged alphabetically) of material relating to various aspects of the Salvation Army's work. Most files contain press cuttings, photocopied material, reports and some corresp, mainly 20th century. A document conferring authority upon an officer, or upon an unpaid local officer, eg secretary, treasurer, bandmaster, etc.

Papers of the Doctrine Council (1 box and 2 lever arch files). The High Council elects the General in accordance with the Salvation Army Act 1980. The Salvation Army continues to be engaged in evangelical, medical, educational and social work throughout the world. The Salvation Army is pleased with the referendum result rejecting the legalisation of cannabis. Disposition of forces directories (DISPOS) c1883-1995 (5 boxes).

Sexual relationships between Salvation Army members are banned unless the couple are married. Their military-style hierarchy has led to them being dubbed God’s Army.

Girls' Statement Books (Country) 1897-1929 (28 volumes).
Sermon notes and scrap books (5 boxes), addresses (2 boxes) and correspondence as General 1967-69 (1 box). An annual financial appeal to the general public. The deeper experience of this grace, known as holiness or sanctification, is the outcome of wholehearted commitment to God and enables the living of a Christlike life. Two of the alleged victims became pregnant and gave birth to his children, the Daily Record reports. A boy or girl who, having professed conversion and having signed the junior soldier’s promise, becomes a Salvationist. There was a … Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. (1 box). A card index includes references to the Army Work and Territories files. The Army’s description of the death of Salvationists. Booth, an ordained minister with the Methodist New Connection, had never intended to establish another Christian church. The Commission is most grateful to the archivist Mr Gordon Taylor for his assistance and advice whilst compiling this list. NB Further records are held by the Salvation Army's Social Services Historian. The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. IHQ minutes and memoranda c1965-76 (1 box) and other miscellaneous correspondence (2 boxes). Salvation Army Rescue Home Girls Statistics 1890-97(1 volume), Account of Girls sent out 19th century (1 volume).

A soldier appointed to a position of responsibility and authority in the corps; carries out the duties of the appointment without being separated from regular employment or receiving remuneration from the Army. British Territory statistics 1941-47 (1 box). An ex-Salvation Army officer faces charges of raping two women, sexually assaulting a third and attacking a fourth in a string of horrifying sex attacks. Overseas work Autograph books and visitors books (2 boxes). ARMY INTERNATIONAL HERITAGE CENTRE, Salvation Army International Heritage Centre. Evangeline Booth (1865-1950), General of the Salvation Army

Correspondence and papers mainly relating to his resignation c1880-96 (1 box).

Material relating to International Congresses (5 boxes). The story of William Booth and the Salvation Army, Collins, 1965 (1 box). Copies of 'Link News' from York Corps (1 box). It’s been a deeply upsetting few months.”, When we approached the former preacher about the claims, he said: “I was very surprised to hear the allegations against me.