Using this template will help you to know about where your students are at and allow you the opportunity to follow up with any issues. Digital escape rooms are super fun and kids love a good challenge! Examples of images include: The job of the student with the image is to describe the image in as much detail as possible so that the other student(s) can accurately draw what they hear being described. To help with the getting-to-know-you process during distance learning we have created this Interview a Classmate template in both PDF format and an interactive Google Slide as well. creator Dee Lanier from the 2020 Pear Fair on utilizing the equity expansion cards to facilitate students as they use the design thinking process to solve real-world problems related to inequity in their setting. (Grades 4–9), TeenBookCloud Click here to enroll in "Teaching Online A Step-By-Step Course to Launch and Lead An Equitable Online Classroom.". Interview a Classmate. Flipgrid "All About Me!" Ever wondered what your neighborhood looked like way back when? Note: These accounts cannot be restricted to only children’s materials.

10 Insider Tips for Surviving Middle Schoolers. Brightly Log into your account and click on Settings to set your Preferred Pickup location. Thank you for all the resources.

518 Main Street, Suite A If you have time to add another layer to the scavenger hunt, consider including (bonus) questions like: You might also ask questions about things they could research on the school’s website, such as: Wrap up the activity by finding out how many of the objects (and correct answers) each group was able to find.

Did you encounter obstacles? I love doing visual learning selfies I learned from @MindWise_CK #ditchbook, A fun, very visual way to start the school year …, Use this “icon board” template to let students share about themselves and their goals for the year …, Post: #googleedu #gttribe, — Matt Miller (@jmattmiller) August 9, 2019, A1: I’m doing a QRBreakin @MeehanEDU and a hyperdoc about the students th first week. Thirty-five dollars gets you 365 days of membership privileges, which includes access to all Shapegrams and a license to distribute them to students.

Assign each student a partner, and provide them with the Interactive Google Slide version of the Interview a Classmate Template. Why don’t our pictures match the original? 8 Sites to Help Educators Prepare for Distance Learning – Inside Education, Outside the Box! Now more than ever, it is important to be mindful of our students social emotional health!