During a heavy thunderstorm I only had a handful of water drops come from the top vent on the rainfly.
Ready to go camping right after I replace the steel stakes with Aluminum ones. The tent is just the right size for my camping pad and sleeping bag with a little space to spare for a jacket, day pack, etc.and the vestibule is great for storing a larger bag or backpack, and shoes. Do you guys make replacement poles for this tent.

Overall I like it, but it does weigh a lot.

My only criteria were that it had to be compact and it HAD to be freestanding.

Also, for improved air flow, the mesh was extended to the entire top half instead of a mix of solid nylon, and mesh. The fly has the buckles that buckle into the tent. I wanted to find a small tent to use for overnight or weekend camping, as well as casual backpacking, and this tent is a winner. Both tents are easy to set up and cozy. For years I have packed with my son so we have shared the weight of a 2-person tent.

Set up was a cinch, and very quick to do.

I was really worried about staying dry when the weather called for twelve hours of rain on my Norway trip, but it held up really well! The tent interior provides helpful mesh pockets and loops for suspending lights, nice additions. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The weight is low but not ultra light and that is fine with me. It's just the right size for me - granted, I'm only 5'3". It was mostly just very cold.

Easy to put up, roomy enough for my backpack and me. I Was a very happy camper with this purchase. It sheared wind and didn't move and I loved how proud my son was when two other peoples high profile tents collapsed under the wind. And I haven't shopped for backpacking gear in a LONG time. I love it. Wishing it was waterproofed. Does the rainfly come included with the tent? I love the quick set up tent poles, ample ventilation, and durability of the tent.

This tent, the REI Passage 1, is just the right size for a single, 5’11” guy and his 70lb blackmouth cur. got in a wind storm on Long's Peak, Colorado and tent held up well. Wishing it was waterproofed Is it possible to buy replacement poles? Would highly recommend.

Are the vestibule and door on the left or the right (when lying on your back inside). Having never owned or used a one person tent before, I didn't know how I would like it. Used it in the rain in upstate NY and stayed dry, and spent 10 days under the California redwoods and the tent was home away from home. First of all, Thank you for visiting our website and our product page for the REI Co-op Passage 1 Footprint Review.

We had plenty of space for all of our gear. Apart from its toughness the Passage 1 is roomy for a 1 person tent and the vestibule is big enough for a bag, although I found I had plenty of room for it in the tent too.

Availability: See our retail partners above for current Availability & pricing The tent tub, rain fly, and seams have been treated and sealed to make the tent very waterproof. set it up a couple times inside just to get the hang of setting it up. Sorry REI Service, but the footprint in the Passage 1 is very tapered.
So I put it up a couple times at home, once to see how easy it is to deploy, and another time to create it's own, personal footprint. avPcwShowInlineFromSearch('pcwContent3', "REI Co-op Passage 1 Footprint", 'search_results_count=5'); Even more, you can shop more Tent categories including Backpacking Tents, Camping Tents, Roof Top Tents , Bivy Sacks, Camp Bathroom, Shelters and more. How long are the poles when folded for packing? I bought this in April 2018 in anticipation of an August backpacking trip in Yosemite. I had plenty of room for my bag, pad, and my 40L pack inside the tent. And the weight is not bad for backpacking either! But I don't know, like this review title says.

I had extra stakes and was able to stake the cover out from the tent (also a good way to keep water from getting underneath the tent) and was able to sit under the cover outside the door to do a little cooking. The aluminum pole system is structurally sound at a reasonable weight. The door and vestibule are on the right side. Great question! The tent is Very easy to setup. I love it is very easy to set/put away as well. REI Passage 1. ​Yes this tent works for a 6'5" 220 lb. That being said you'e not sneaking a 2nd person into this tent. Great for the price if you camp in warm places or are personally very insulated.

The tent sets up really quick. I am a casual solo female backpacker, fairly short at 5'2" this tent provides just enough room for myself and backpack. The width of this tent is 36.5 inches which is too narrow for two individuals to comfortably sleep in. We also thought that the REI Powerlock mechanism on these poles wasn't as durable as others, as they had a plastic design. I bought this for myself, as I am a solo camper. So far every time I've put it up i have put the poles in the wrong end, which makes it off centered and you have to lower it back down and reverse the poles. Disclosure: The Tent Source is a professional marketing review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review and represent. Well, I’m happy to report that my pleasure with REI has been restored for the most part. I would recommend getting the REI Passage 1 Footprint though. But for the price, it is a great option for solo travels if you have the space to pack it. A couple other items I don't like are: footprint is not rectangular, vestibule has two staking points instead of one (like old 1-pesrson and 2-person Passage tents), and tent is too big/heavy for one person. Finally pulled the trigger on this 1 person tent.

I found it to be a good fit for me. I purchased this tent to replace my 7.5# backpack tent.

Quality seems top notch. Super easy. Select to filter reviews with 1 star. It's easy and quick to set up, although more pegs would be needed to stake out all the guylines.

but over all, the rest of the tent was well made. Some people may not consider it light, but then again, those people are used to carrying around tents made of tissue paper, in my opinion. For the price, the Co-op Passage is a sturdy pole.