Zásady ochrany osobních údajů a It arrived very promptly. Highly recommended. After 17 years of camping I treated myself to this toilet and I wish that I had bought one years ago. Very little has changed, i am pleased to say, and after our first outing with the new one i can honestly say that im sure this one will give us the same level of service. The item was ordered at 4pm and arrived the next day at 10am with free delivery.The Porta Potti was easy to set up with clear instructions and is easy to use. Easy To Set Up And Use. The ergonomic carrying handle makes it easy to maneuver, while the removable seat and cover ensure a quick and easy cleaning. There was no smell in the tent at all at any time. While we had the beach hut, we never noticed any unpleasant smells and it wasn't emptied every time we used the hut. Nice design and easy to clean and empty. The emptying of it couldn't be easier and that was the biggest worry of owning one of these types of toilets. This is ideal for anyone needing a portable toilet. Should point out a cap was missing but its ok, not that important. - would recommend. +420 326 329 766 I was skeptical at first (for the smell) but for camping it is money well spent. Although promised within a five day window, it arrived the day after they had received the order. Looks to me like Thetford are starting to cut corners.......Shame. Very easy to set up and use, and smells very clean with the pink and green chemicals supplied. Prompt delivery aswell. An absolute godsend when having the usual drinking sessions when camping at festivals etc. Arrived well-packed, clean, with starter bottles of necssary chemicals. To reset your password, enter the email address you use to sign in to site. White finish with manual flush and piston pump. Setting up is easy and, most of all, emptying is so easy and mess free. It's great I've put it in a little shed at the bottom of our big garden it saves me dragging my mucky feet through the house. The 165 Porta Potti Qube has good capacity, sits a comfortable height above the floor, and has a clean look and smell about it! First use I followed the instructions to the letter, the toilet remained in the tent for the duration of our camping getaway of 4 days three nights, so simple to empty. Easy to use. Good quality, easy to empty, and most important, a good height. Does not look like a toilet when closed. Arived on time , good quality , nice height , perfect for camping and the liquid sample came in handy for first trip out. It's a great design. Has Its Own Little Shed On My Allotment, Brilliant. Thetford 165 Quebec Portal Potti Cassette Toilet, This arrived in expected time. Top marks! Braid Or Mono? Brought because I was fed up of hearing "daddy I need the toilet" at 3am when camping. Cassette Tank Cleaner safely removess stubborn calcium deposits on the inside of a waste-holding tank and Seal Lubricant keeps the seals soft. Excellent product, robust and easy to use. Really good. Just taken delivery of this toilet from GS Spares ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/shops/A58TSIMG73GFJ/ref=aag_d_sh.) The difference is that the bellow pump is a simple pump that has to be pushed in order to rinse. Very pleased with it and very fast delivery also. With a simple loo tent it is an asset at shows and exhibitions, especially as I am getting on a bit and site loos are often a fair distance away. However, you just have to inspect through the blade trap. Used it for the first toime just recently and it was absolutely brilliant. Thetford rozkladový toaletní papír Aqua Soft, Rychle rozpustný toaletní papír AQUA SOFT, 2-vrstvý, Výhodné balení obsahující jak rozkladovou chemii tak oplachovou. We've had two of these over the years. It is easy to clean, fill and empty and the products used inside certainly stops odours emitting. If you are looking for a comfortable, practical and durable portable toilet that doesn’t require a connection to a drainage or water system, Thetford has the perfect solution for you: the Porta Potti. Easy to use, made middle of the night nature calls so much easier than trekking across a field in the rain! Absolutely excellent design and manufacture quality. Bought this for my boat. After using it over a couple of weeks I'm very happy with this purchase. Very solid and easy to use. Item is in place but not used in anger yet, height is not as domestic set ups so be careful,if you need help in getting up from low levels, it is as described though so you can't complain about that, then all else is as you would expect from a company like Thetford, can be used in any or many locations. Really handy for festival use. Ticked all the boxes. Very useful spare toilet, currently occupying our under-stairs cupboard. I cannot rate this product high enough. Lightweight do easy to move when needed. The first time we brought this wild camping, it was so popular. Emptying The Waste Was Not At All Unpleasant. Extremely Pleased. Wonderful bit of kit simple to use easy to keep clean and not too heavy to empty. You can't go wrong with Thetford products. Many thanks. Take anywhere. We used it for 10 days.. Saved my wife a lot of energy Would recommend. Looked on Amazon they had nearly new, it was still in original wrapping but half the price and came the day after. Easy, sanitary and comfortable to use. This a just a perfect Porta Potti, Loved the scent when box was first opened on arrival---easy to dispense with contents, no smell. I should have had one before, I never knew I needed a Porta Potti until now but I won't go back to a life woth no Porta Potti. This has to be the best porta pottie I've bought so far. If you've got the space, buy it. Good Portable Loo. It is a good size and everyone can use it from adults to little people!.