The last “Jeopardy!” episode hosted by Alex Trebek will air in December. You’re like, ‘I really belong on those sets, man.’ On Big Little Lies what would really act up and what my demons were was impostor syndrome. Mindy said, ‘I’m going to do something really new. No one’s fucking around. The characters that I am usually cast as feel very tidy – the successful doctor, the Tesla-driving lawyer. There’s a difference in the eye, of what the eye does. But my agent remembered that I mentioned being able to speak Spanish and so that’s the part I auditioned for. That tells you he’s not someone who has this kind of experience all the time.That’s right. And he was like, "Oh my God, you're so funny — I should write something for you." ‘If you don’t brush your teeth, I’ll break your arms and legs.’ or ‘Get me that before I break your head.’ or ‘Do you want the chappal on your left cheek or on your right cheek? And we just met and we started talking. Home » Interviews » Bollywood Interview » Poorna Jagannathan On How Working With Meryl Streep And Nicole Kidman On Big Little Lies Helped Her Up Her Game, The actress talks about drawing on her past for Mindy Kaling’s new Netflix series, why the set of a women-led show is different and seeing more diversity in casting rooms, We’re going to be seeing a lot of Poorna Jagannathan onscreen soon. We’re living in the age of peak TV. Has The Night Of made you want to tackle another intense, great storytelling TV series?One hundred percent. Here is the videos we've found linked to Poorna Jagannathan interview. Known for her work on series like The Night Of, Big Little Lies and Ramy, the actress says she's "come a long way" to where she — and South... Poorna Jagannathan is an actress whose name you may not know, but whose face seems to pop up in many places. Later that month, seven members tested positive or were presumed so and dozens more were quarantined. It’s definitely the space I’ve been occupying these last few years – I’ve gone from playing a lot of very ethnically specific characters to those that aren’t ethnically specific, but still specific in terms of their profession. "Yeah, so I've definitely come a long way.". "I often joke that one of my first gigs, I was called 'Dr. He was a kid. I do think the last episode reinforces that more than anything else. All you need is one person who believes in you. The characters that I am usually cast as feel very tidy – the successful doctor, the Tesla-driving lawyer. Things shifted for me a lot after that – the roles that I got, the way I was seen. If there’s a typo in the script, that telegraphs that there’s no attention to detail, it’s not for me. Is that something you’ve considered? And, you know, our community is full of - you know, there's stories of addiction, stories of depression, there's stories of sexual violence, there's stories of not belonging, of immigration. I remember after the San Bernardino killings, my husband and I were out together. Jagannathan, whose performance as Safar has drawn Twitter praise from Amy Schumer, also hints at an upcoming twist for Naz’s mom, one that could add another layer of heartbreak to the Khan family’s mounting woes.