Papa Papa+300% Free XP earned for the battle. Lord Nelson sold for scrap in 1920, but Agamemnon was converted into a radio-controlled target ship that year and continued in that role until being sold for scrap in early 1927, the last surviving British pre-dreadnought. AG2 - Enables the turret rotation and gun elevation of turret 3. Keeping the range open generally negated the threat from torpedoes and further reinforced the need for heavy guns of a uniform calibre. [3] It is significant that in his 2002 book "The World's Worst Warships" he makes no criticism of the Nelsons whatsoever, yet lists both Bismarck-class battleships and Deutschland-class "Panzerschiff" (pocket battleships) amongst the worst designs.[8]. The boilers were trunked into two funnels located amidships. In 1910–1911 a rangefinder was installed of the roof of the forward turret in both ships and another was added to the spotting top in Agamemnon. After using the cannon camera (Camera 1), you should then be able to use the precise aiming mode and adjust exactly where the shells fall. This page was last modified on 3 August 2020, at 23:19. Gonzenheim attempted to outrun Nelson, until she halted when Nelson fired a 6” warning round across her bow. For players who wish, for whatever reason, to increase the durability of the AA and secondary batteries, Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 should be mounted. Replica of the famous British WW2 Nelson-class Battleship. Basilisk+75% XP earned for the battle.+30% credits earned for the battle. AG7 - Enables precision aiming.

Although they were the last British pre-dreadnoughts, both were completed and commissioned after HMS Dreadnought had entered service. Superintendent +1 additional charge to all consumables mounted on a ship. The following year Lord Nelson had her spotting top modified to accommodate one as well. [3], Development was abruptly curtailed by the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, which brought the arms race to a halt.

[4], The Nelson class was a revolutionary but compromised design, and unsurprisingly there were shortcomings. Nelson slowly made her way up the west African coast, reaching Gibraltar by the 26th. The rearward location of the superstructure caused manoeuvrability problems in high winds, especially when steaming at low speeds, where the superstructure acted somewhat like a mizzen sail permanently set, causing the ships to "weathervane" but according to Capt. The Lord Nelsons were the first British ships fitted with unpierced watertight bulkheads for all main compartments with access gained by using lifts. Model of Nelson, in the Discovery Museum in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Torpedo Acceleration +5 knots to torpedo speed.-20% to torpedo range. © Copyright 2019. [4] The incorporation of many safety features achieved with lighter materials meant that the complex but relatively fragile equipment had to be serviced regularly over the ships' lifetime.

Until June 1944, Nelson rotated between the ports of Scapa, Clyde, and Rosyth, as the Allies prepared for Operation Overlord: the Allied invasion of Normandy. Lord Nelson became flagship of the vice-admiral commanding the Nore Division of the Home Fleet at the beginning of 1909, but became a private ship in early 1914. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For increased gunnery accuracy, Aiming Systems Modification 1 should be equipped.

She set sail from Malta on 14 June, sailing across the western Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal, arriving in Sri Lanka on the 10th of July and joining the East Indies Fleet. Concerned about her stability with the loss of a lot of topweight, 1,000 long tons (1,016 t) of ballast were added low in the ship and Agamemnon was inclined to measure her stability. Equal Speed Charlie London+50% XP earned for the battle. This is useful since the turret 3's guns can't always fire straight ahead (and so this prevents you from shooting yourself when you fire). G3 might have been a real fast battleship on par with the best of treaty battleships, but the treaty regime showed at the time the RN thought that, when discretionary frills were removed, being a cog in a fleet action remains the most essential requirement of the battleship. They displaced 15,358 long tons (15,604 t) at normal load and 17,820 long tons (18,106 t) at deep load.

Zij waren de enige Britse slagschepen gebouwd tussen de Revenge klasse (besteld in 1913) en de King George V klasse, besteld in 1936.. De schepen werden vernoemd naar beroemde Britse admiraals: George … During that battle, Rodney's nine main guns were credited with an estimated 100 to 130 hits on the German battleship, so being largely responsible for the total disabling of Bismarcks four main gun-turrets and destruction of the superstructure, prior to her sinking. Sometimes, Nelson-class vessels even serve as flgships of smaller fleets. [3], The Admiralty formally approved a 16,350-long-ton (16,610 t) design armed with four 12-inch and a dozen 9.2-inch guns on 6 August 1903, but revoked it in October when they discovered that it could not be docked at Chatham. After the First World War, the Admiralty drew up plans for massive, heavily armoured battlecruisers and battleships, far larger and stronger than all previous vessels. [9] The ships carried 80 shells per gun. Reuploaded with a number of small improvements and use of the new cannon properties! She later had to reduce speed to 15 knots to reduce flooding, and she dropped to the rear of her convoy. On the 20th Nelson returned to Malta, where she remained until the 30th of August when she sailed for the coast of Calabria to carry out Operation Hammer. Fire Prevention -10% to the risk of fire.The maximum number of fires on a ship is reduced to three. Inertia Fuse for HE Shells +25% to the armor penetration of HE shells.-50% to base chance of fire caused by HE shells. [4], The Lord Nelson-class ships had an overall length of 443 feet 6 inches (135.2 m), a beam of 79 feet 6 inches (24.2 m) and an extra deep load draught of 30 feet (9.1 m). [2], The next generation of British warships incorporated this lesson.

It is not enough that God is on our side. She is the second premium ship available that is purchased using Free XP instead of (the first being Missouri). As a battleship, Nelson can mount eight signal flags simultaneously. Due to balancing reasons, the Nelson's citadel in-game currently encompasses the entire volume protected by the armor belt and main armor deck, while nearly every other battleship citadel consists of only the machinery spaces, magazines, and handling rooms. The secondary turrets however had only 1" NC all round. This was solved by the incorporation of both vertical as well as horizontal roller bearings. Ouroboros+777% Free XP earned for the battle. Red Dragon+100% XP earned for the battle.+100% Commander XP earned for the battle. HMS Nelson (Pennant number: 28) was laid down on 28 December 1922 by the Armstrong-Whitworth Company at Hebburn, near the River Tyne and Launched 3 September 1925. All rights reserved. They had argued that having to protect the widespread British Empire meant their ships had to carry more of both and they should not be penalised compared to nations, such as Japan, France and Italy, that operated normally much closer to their home bases. These ships were fitted with the HACS AA fire control system and the Admiralty Fire Control Table Mk I for surface fire control of the main armament. AG1 - Enables the turret rotation and gun elevation of turrets 1 and 2.

Unlike Izumo, and like Lenin, Nelson’s turrets all face forward, allowing her to shift fire to either side very easily when bow on.

Nevertheless these weapons were not generally considered by the RN to be as successful as the previous BL 15 inch Mark I but were considered more successful than the BL 14 inch Mark I fitted to the subsequent King George V class battleships.