Can't you just try be a non-kpop idol. Americans mistreat all types of asian culture yet, still blame us for not letting them be a part of the korean culture. I wish you the best of luck and never give up . But if you wanna do something like kpop in another country… Read more », I agree with you because I want to become a Kpop idol cause it’s my dream to be famous and there is no other way to do that here in America or I would have done it already but I don’t want to get hate, I feel the same way as you. . I agree that there has been some bad examples of non Asians debuting in kpop but I still have hope that there will be one that will shut every hater up! Someone to talk to would be great. I hope you succeed if you audition! Pave the way and others will follow. Seen it, experienced it, that’s all I’ll say. I believe in you! It's mostly because the way most western pop systems work it's equally hard to get in. Luda from Poland explained that her dream is to be a K-Pop idol but that she has a lot of thoughts about it. I wanna tell you why am I dreaming about that. i’ve been learning korean for a few months, as language is a strength of mine, and i think kpop may be an experience i’d love to have. If you have been in the K-Pop international community for a while, you will know that it is one of the huge debate. Like if I go to america to audition eventhough my english sounds just as bad as my korean then whats the different. I have one problem, my mother. I'm someone who would love to get into it, though I am non-Asian. Also Kpop as a genre is something you don't see anywhere else in the world. Contact us for more information. Yeah, I know, Kpop trainees have years under their belt for training, but there are lots of people who can sing and dance around the world and didn't need a company or a teacher. They don’t have much recognition. You think just because you watch so many Mvs, their choreography, their personality, their concerts/stages, you think you could do the same? But, if you want to become a K-pop idol and your non-asian you should consider being a singer in your country… Read more », I've never heard anyone say that Asians can't be a part of our American pop industry. Follow your dreams! I am really passionate about singing and dancing, i also love making lyrics and choreographies. But Americans have been part of the K-Pop scene for a lot longer than we think. If people have that mindset then all non koreans should not be kpop idols like the japanese, Taiwanese and chinese idols. It would be really awesome to see. They don't dance in Western styles, they're still dancing in the kpop style and singing in Korean. She said that she doesn't know how to do. I am fully american, but, I look korean. Korean/Asian trainees work extremely hard to debut and there are already many of them. what you guys say isint fair though because there are plenty of asians who are american singers and actors and actress and rappers and so you cant blame us for wanting to be apart of a beautiful culture, Plenty of Asians? All my friends tell me i should become a idol. The language, the way the live and just the shows they do is so different then Western. It could happen and i would support one if they’re actually decent. i would love to make friends with the same dream and interests as me, i cant have snapchat but i can get an insta account i can talk to you on im so glad i have someone to share the same interests in, I had the dream of becoming a kpop idol since i was 10 (im not joking btw) but at that time i didnt know that is would be so hard. But i am also scared becouse of the hateful comments every non asian who had been in kpop had to face. It's also not fair to the people who have Asian heritage but don't look Asian (like me! I have a good voice, a body with potential, a blossoming dance career, and a natural ability to absorb new languages. Yeah, they don't have the best looks and talent, but like anyone else, they can improve. hh ? They haven't told us anything about their backgrounds- -- are they dance/ singing students? One of the TXT members are american too. I really wish I could be a trainee but I'm mexican, so I don't think it would ever work out. But I think if anybody has the talent and determination they should at least be able to take a shot at it. I'm chinese and I want to become a kpop idol, and a lot of people in China and korea (I've been there for a month) just dont want… Read more », Non-asians who sincerely want to become idols, go for it! The person also said that they are already a lot of trainees in Korea. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Please, start accepting us, because going against the idea of… Read more », I think anybody who can speak Korean should be able to become a k-pop star. the training aspect is  also a big part why I would rather choose kpop. It doesn’t matter if you “look korean”. You like to imitate other countries music whatever arts and create it in your style. I mean, I'm not asian but I have a Korean aunt who married into the maternal side of my family 16 years ago and has wanted to teach me Korean since I was born. Also, why can't other ethnicities join? (and seriously, please text me :)), hey i am also 12 and really wanna do it you should email me at [email protected] we can talk share tips and help each other maybe 1 day audition together i really hope you contact me. I have had a dream to be a kpop idol since 2017, but I am from the UK and I don't have a drop of asian blood in me. But the only Reason I am Keep going is bc I am Asian! In this paper I analyze the impact of Hallyu on Mexican society, specifically the impact of Hallyu on Mexico through the Korean pop idols’ fan clubs. It's far past time to break all the racial barriers. It's almost like winning the lottery in either case. Also good luck!!! Well honestly there are soooooo many Korean trainees out there who are already struggling to become a Kpop idol and when we let non Asians in it will just make the situation worse. And even the singers, dancers, rappers aren't that popular except maybe Nigeria. Why would you absolutely want to be in kpop? Smh these retards like you coming here to seek attention when you know that you'll never become a idol. do you have snapchat?? Iz*one was banned from performing WE're in lOve, right (반해버리잖아?) Copyright(c) 2014 NRF ALL Right Reserved. I grew up with Kpop. If you actually look up music theory “kpop” is not a genre of music, putting the “k” INfront of the pop just made it clear that it was from South Korea. Hallyu in Mexico and the Role of Korean Pop Idol’s Fan Clubs, 2013, vol., today, i'll give my answer:- i'm an Indian, even if i look asian, my ethnicity will always be indian, and i'm not denying that. Would love your thoughts, please comment. That doesn't make me a hypocrite, because I have my reasons. The thing is is that they were mainly criticised for not being Asian. It's really hard to get into the industry here to begin with because of the way the system is. I personally think that’s aDoing another needless barrier. Self-teaching is a thing, you know. 회, 232 I agree with you a 100% I’m mixed with black Mexican and Filipino I also want to become a Kpop Idol because of like you said the experience and stuff but I don’t think that I cloud come close for that to happen because I know my family will make fun of me and not support my dream to be one so I don’t know if I should give up on that dream or still have that dream? Hey, I would gladly take out talented singers back and hope they… Read more », I don’t support non Asians as kpop idols right now, but if I were to see one that is talented, almost fluent in Korean, hard working, charismatic, and has stage presence I would support that person. I also like how you have to train instead of learning on the job in K-Pop. i really want to be a k pop but i heaven tell my mom and i'm afraid she is gonna… Read more », hello you sound awesome im about to be 13 also we should email or something heres my email [email protected], Hello! It's a changlle for me and I like it. if it's something you are truly passionate about, there are many people including myself who will support you! This type of industry takes a lot of hard work and determination. There has been, the spice girls, but that was a while ago. Even if you audition for things like American Idol or X-Factor there is no guarantee that you can make anything out of it. how do you want to and where do you plan to audition? The support of the Korean Government, the development of the Korean entertainment industry, cultural aspects, quality of the entertainments as well as the mass media and the internet are just some of them. It's a Korean pop song, but only Korean people should sing it, right? no.24, So I hope to eventually become a trainee and debut not for the fame, but because I know Korean and… Read more », But it would lose the purpose of it being 'KOREAN POP' and would become more of american pop. I know I could be big in Western music to show my talents but I love the way Korea is. Reservaciones Culichi VIP (956) 313 3011 Whether it be true or false.And also the many many trainees in Korea wanting to be… Read more », Tbh I agree. She explained that in Korea she feels that she will not be accepted because she is not Asian. But, you have my full support if you audition! ?‍♀️ kpop would lose its concept of it being korean. I'm a trainee now and I can guarantee that you won't get accepted so… Read more ». I'll be your biggest fan. hey my biggest dream is to be a kpop idol aswell!! Being recognized as a Korean cultural phenomenon, Hallyu resulted in a surprising contemporary movement playing an important role as the face of Korea overseas. I'm not going to stan them because of my Asian fetish, Personally I think it's incredibly weird of international fans to say they want to keep kpop all asian. Or just text me @namjoonstwin (my normal acc got hacked somehow, soo yeah ) .I'm your biggest fan already Good luck!! Kpop was supposed to be produce originally by Koreans. I don't think so. They’re a citizen of America. But I also feel this way about J-pop,Mando-pop ect. Does anyone remember a group from the late 90's with an American member named Jason Stevens? Not everyone in KPOP is Korean, it has grown over time and it will continue to. Its existence shows that the Korean entertainment products are successful in Mexico in the present and that the main channels of diffusion are the cyberspaces and fan clubs activities. Many people are not attempting to achieve their dreams because of others putting them down and saying they're not the right gender/ethnicity/shape/size, could you imagine the world if no one ever broke the mold? if they got the chance, you can bet they wouldn't waste it. Just because a non Asian person wants to be a Kpop Idol in Korea, it doesn’t absolutely mean that they will influence American Pop. It doesn't hurt to try be confident! Not only you’re signing up for recognition and being surrounded by Koreans who some non Asians fetishise, you’re also signing up to… Read more ». This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. Someone either notices you at the right place and the right time or they don't. should she? That’s why I think auditioning for the kpop industry gives you so much experience and you have a higher chance of making it in the music industry. Another person mentioned she can't understand why non-Koreans want to debut in Korea because there are already so many local trainees. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.