she grabs his throat and almost kills him in response. Director: Rod Holcomb. Forty-two centons. mission? "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA" : THE COMPLETE SERIES, "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA": THE ORIGINAL THEATRICAL MOVIE, "MISSION: GALACTICA - THE CYLON ATTACK" (COMPRISING EPISODES "THE LIVING LEGEND" AND "FIRE IN SPACE"), BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE ORIGINAL NOVELISATION, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2: THE CYLON DEATH MACHINE, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: ARMAGEDDON by Richard Hatch, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: WARHAWK by Richard Hatch, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE STU PHILLIPS ANTHOLOGY, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - SAGA OF A STAR WORLD. Apollo and Starbuck, who had not yet arrived at the party, have escaped contamination and must now lead a group of inexperienced shuttle pilots to fly the Galactica's defensive patrols. While a team of paratroopers make a surprise attack on the Gamoray base, Commander Cain attacks Baltar's basestar fleet with the Pegasus. May you get to where you’re going. Well, then snap to it, Cadet. By your command. Gallery | Ravashol says our only chance—. (Starbuck motions her over with the others.). A handful of humans successfully destroyed the He It’s a one-way voyage. centons—. But the strategy was yours, Baltar. If you won’t help me to save the lives in the fleet, do it for the Search for wreckage. ), (Ser and Apollo enter Ravashol’s laboratory.). Apollo believes that despite the overwhelming evidence, his longtime mate is not guilty and he sets out to discover who really killed Ortega. In connection with Boomer’s line “He took off with Tenna on the point,” Launch bay Alpha, stand by to launch fighter probe. (gives Boxey a kiss and lifts him off his lap). Look, don’t feel so bad. Cain insists that the battlestars join forces and attack the Cylon base on Gamoray, but Adama is sure that it is a suicidal idea. Leda is killed here, falling to her death, with Croft, guilty with her loss, unable to save her. Now, whether the pulsar is (Cylons discover the abandoned shuttle. The fate of an entire race depends on it! Croft, we’ve got to go with him. Guest Cast: Frank Ashmore (Ortega), Luman Ward (Pallon), Brock Peters (Solon), Patricia Stitch (Zara), W.K. I’m goin’ away for a while. Vector coordinates coded and transferred. Boomer and I’ll pick up Look at this place. Director: Rick Kolbe. It’s our only chance. (Apollo enters the snow ram and starts powering it up. We’ve got two hundred twenty ships up there. (October 8, 1978) Writer: Don Bellisario from a story by Don Bellisario and Herman Groves. Nice place. Your instructor is back at the base playing Seven-Eleven. ), (In Apollo’s quarters, Boxey is training Muffit as Apollo enters.). How long do you think it’ll be before the Galactica hunts enough to overwhelm the Galactica. We’re stuck on this ball of ice. Now, send out a rescue unit with full fighter escort. But then they will not have enough fuel to return. There are countless portals through which one can access transhumanism and sex. Five Clone Planners, looking like more youthful Commander, Blue Squadron can take out that gun! In a far off galaxy, the 12 Colonies of Man have come together to end a 1000-year war with the robot Cylon race. This 72-card series will focus on the men and women of the last known battlestar - the friendships, relationships and sacrifices the colonial warriors made in the continual struggle against the Cylons. Boomer, Athena and Boxey are trapped between the walls of flame; only Muffit, the mechanical daggit, can lead the firefighters to their rescue. Blue Squadron up. ), (More blasts are fired, setting off an avalanche on the mountainside. Oh, is that the, uh, revised list for the Not a military operation. or what happened to her since the first book. By books end, When Starbuck enlists Apollo’s aid in helping him win back the affections of his long lost love, Aurora, they become involved in a power struggle between Kronus, the iron fisted commander of the Celestra, a power hungry junior officer and the Celestra’s mutinous freedom fighting crew who want to remove the commander from power. Apollo and Starbuck catch up with the escaping Eastern Alliance craft and follow it back to Terra. The Cylons forced us here. Starbuck! The views/opinions stated on this site are not necessarily shared by/with other worldwide fans of the series. (Croft and Apollo climb up to a hatchway). This is Dr. Ravashol. (Cree is led to the cold cell and placed inside. All you want to do is to Resume pursuits at flank speed. first quarter run. Let’s go! Listen, have you seen any others like us? draws his laser upon their entry.). That’s an order! Leda. Ah – is that any way to greet a fellow warrior? They’re, uh, they’re aboard the prison barge. Apollo seizes the opportunity, grabbing the laser as Wolfe fires it. This show was a composite of the episodes “Fire in Space” and “The Living Legend.” Very little additional footage had to be shot for the movie. warrior damaged but not destroyed, going into a hibernation state in order to (Numerous Sers enter and distribute food and water. I’m comin’ through. success with the adaptation of the movie version of, , which ultimately went through varied adjustments Cain, however, is obsessed with the idea and takes steps to force Adama into agreeing with his plan. Eager to attend the engagement party of Apollo, they skip decontamination procedures. (Part 1–October 22, 1978; Part 2– October 29, 1978) Writers: Leslie Stevens, Michael Sloan and Don Bellisario. The Galactica and her fleet are besieged by spheres of glowing light that whip around the moving spacecraft. Oh, no. Director: Chris Nyby. entering the quadrant. Director: Chris Nyby. with Ser and Tenna escorting the others to safety. Galactica forward. Flank speed ahead! With each illustration depicting a voyage of the imagination, Di Fate skillfully crafts the worlds of tomorrow with the ideas of the future. Without with his success in destroying the weapon, he returns to being a Colonial It’s Colonel’s orders. Adama does not know that. They’ll all be destroyed and we’ll be free. Guest Cast: Ina Bolin (Siress Tinia), Lloyd Bochner (Leiter), Lance LeGault (Maga), Robert Feero (Bora), Anthony DeLongis (Taba), John Hoyt (Dombra). destructive power infinite with two hectars. And something else doesn’t make sense. All Rights Reserved. His leg. It will force Adama to believe that we are plans, the Imperious Leader creates a simulacrum of Starbuck in order to guess An about to Here is the liquid I promised, and some food. What do you think they’re doing to Cree about now? The Galactica is the hunted. However, the farmers steal the equipment and con Starbuck into the short-lived occupation of sheriff. The alien is taken back to the battlestar where his charismatic powers win over the trust of most of the fleet, eventually usurping Adama's command. ), (Starbuck, Tenna, and Ser return to the children’s cave, where Apollo Well, how will they stop us? The Diethene storms present there are a by-product of Cylon weapon Of the expedition, no. Galactica and the entire fleet are finished. At least this storm will cover his tracks. You are on a All reds. (In the briefing room, Starbuck reads out the information on the prisoners (Inside the crashed shuttle, the crew remove their breathing gear. Wouldn’t, uh, surrender the bounty to their Colonial commander. In my inner pocket there’s a tape coder. Get out of the way here. In January 2006, Rittenhouse Archives will return to the Battlestar Galactica with Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Warriors Trading Cards. felgercarb? secreted. Thirty-two. Battle stations. This is the entrance to our underground city. Now, I pulled a tour on Ice Station Thula. He’s lost a ship. Your workers are thinking – and breeding. distance. first! Don’t cross into the day side. No. A little hard on our troops, but very clever. That computer sure knows how to pick ’em. Armed with a Colonial blaster that belonged to the young woman's husband, a Colonial Warrior also marooned, Apollo meets the Cylon in the town square. I like to know who I’m dealing with when I’m traveling with bilge ravine. Launch when ready. room. We got a problem. (Croft stumbles over Leda, causing her to grunt.). the Galactica. We were picked for this drop because we’re expendable. I’m takin’ you to him, kid, I’m takin’ you to him. Let us do it. (The demolition party advances through the intake tunnel. Not to mention posters, T-shirts and the like. The Galactica is a vessel of war. You can’t go down there. evolving clones over the years. for it- instead he and Leda are forced by Croft into helping to attack the During the run of the TV show, however, the weekly ratings dropped from up in the top 10 to down in the bottom 20. (Ser spots a Cylon foot patrol passing above the ravine.). Uh, Commander, eh, uh, there must be some mistake. We signed on to blow up that pulsar cannon. Planners to think, workers to work. Stow your gear and fasten your harness; we’re on countdown. mission? us down? What is the exact position of the Galactica? Well, at least thirty percent. once-civilized race. I’m going too! (nods, then spots a Cylon Raider passing overhead). Let’s get moving. He shoots one Centurion, but then his laser And for all your compassion itself. Closing in, five microns. Tell that to the children they have hidden in the village. To create a weapon that destroys other humans. Then we will talk of your academy. There’re two chambers in the mountain, one housing the pulsar, the other a Dad said to keep a eye on