mackerel. :: Resources Fishing is the main economic activity, :: Solomon Islands :: Papua New Guinea The pearl Individual Country Profiles :: :: Facts and Figures There are two villages: Saibai on the north western coast with around 170 people and Churum or Surum ("White Sand"), in the southwest, with about 130. :: Cook Islands Since the Mabo decision, several communities (Saibai Islanders and Mualgal people from Moa Island) have secured legal recognition of their native title rights over their islands. 2005 ABC/Cinemedia | Privacy In the early 20th century men of Boigu worked on luggers and cutters as swimmers, not divers. Languages: The TSRA is made up of 20 representatives elected by Torres Strait Islanders living in the islands. In 1871 two brothers, Garmai and Jawai (Dheobau Clansmen), accompanied missionaries from the London Missionary Society to Saibai and influenced the islanders to accept the missionaries. | Interact Print Saibai Introduction. :: Vanuatu The language spoken is Kalaw Kawaw Ya, and there are strong traditional kinship ties between the islands. Trade in artifacts made of pearl shell, turtle shell, feathers, canoes and tools was very important in the life of Torres Strait Islanders. Tourism is limited by :: Palau :: Tonga :: Links. :: Northern Marianas The Torres Strait Islands Treaty signed by Australia and Papua New Guinea allows for free movement (without passports or visas) between Australia and Papua New Guinea for traditional activities in a limited zone of the Torres Strait. View Regional Issues :: Information activities such as fishing and private gardens. :: Samoa After Saibai Island was devastated by a tidal wave in the late 1940s, a group of Saibai Islanders, led by a man named Bamaga Ginau, accepted Government assistance and resettled on Cape York; the reserve that was established took Bamaga's name. The High Court overturned the previous concept of terra nullius which stated that in legal terms Australia was empty of inhabitants when it was first settled by Europeans. Boigu is Australia's most northerly inhabited island, 6 kilometres from the Papua New Guinea coast. During the Pacific War, two Australian wireless operators The soil is relatively fertile and supports local family gardens. :: French Polynesia Saibai and Boigu Island represent extensions of the Fly Platform, the :: Government At the local level, each island community elects its own council which meets monthly to run the domestic affairs of the island. Head of Government: Saibai lies approximately 5km off the coast of New Guinea and is approximately 20km long and 6km wide [1].The island is an average of 1m above sea level and consists largely of mangrove fringe, flood plain and brackish swamps. of Queensland. Head of State: It is nearly 150 kilometres north of the Queensland mainland but is part of the state. :: West Papua. Saibai Islanders have always traded with nearby Papua New Guinea, although their traditional enemies were the Kiwai of the Fly River area. Thursday Island Every year on 10 June, ex-service people celebrate the end of their army careers. after a disease attacked the shells. Saibai Airfield The administrative centre for the territory Number of planned building of a A$2 billion gas pipeline from Kutubu :: Nauru The Torres Strait islanders became citizens of Queensland in 1967 with full access to health and social services and freedom to travel and work in Australia. Although it is likely that Chinese, Malay and Indonesian traders had explored the islands before him, the first navigator credited with coming across the islands is the Spaniard Luis Vaez de Torres who sailed through the strait in 1606. Saibai Island is a low-lying island about four kilometres from Papua New Guinea and home to about 300 people. These councils have very wide powers. During World War 1, the "Zaman Wislin" cargo cult briefly flourished on Saibai. Queensland officially annexed the islands in 1879. The surrounding waters yield abundant fish. In July 2000 it celebrated its successful Native Title Land Claim to the island. :: History :: Tuvalu :: Guam The Torres Strait Islands are part Most of the islands' economy is based around traditional The chairperson of each council is a member of the Island Coordinating Council which meets to discuss regional issues. It is noted for its cool, freshwater permanent springs. | Events | Links The other issue is what will happen to the asylum seekers Australia is sending to Manus Island. :: Hawaii :: Niue Lat :: Pitcairn Australian possession (part of the State of Queensland) :: Torres Strait Islands in Papua New Guinea across the Torres Strait to Queensland, drug and people smuggling from Papua New Guinea, :: Queen Elizabeth II Dauan is a small island just to the west of Saibai. In June 1992, the High Court of Australia recognised the native title rights of Eddie Mabo, an inhabitant of Murray Island (Mer), over his traditional land. of the Australian state of Queensland. View Regional Statistics :: The first inhabitants of the Torres Strait are believed to have migrated from the Indonesian archipelago 70,000 years ago at a time when New Guinea was still attached to the Australian continent. When Papua New Guinea became independent in 1975, the Saibai Islanders demanded they would remain Australian, as there were claims by PNG over these Top Western islands, and their wish was granted. :: Kiribati Since its creation in 1994, the TSRA has provided financial To the north is Kaumag Island and beyond the international border with Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the southern coast of New Guinea that is part of Western Province (Fly). :: New Caledonia The Torres Strait Islands are part of the Australian state of Queensland. The Torres Strait Islands are part of the Australian state Councillors are elected for a three year term. The discovery of pearl shell in the 1860s led to an influx of people from all over the region (Japanese, Malays, Filipinos, Micronesians and Europeans) especially on Thursday Island (Wyben) which became the main settlement. :: Wallis & Futuna In 1994, in response to local demands for greater autonomy, the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) was established to allow Torres Strait islanders to manage their own affairs according to their own ailan kastom (island custom) and to develop a stronger economic base for the region. The language spoken is Kalaw Kawaw Ya, and there are strong traditional kinship ties between the islands. Dauan is serviced by boat, barge and helicopter; the nearest airport is on Saibai, 6 kilometres to the northeast. Just north, separated by a channel, is uninhabited Kauamag Island. a Several other cases are also in progress. Sir William MacGregor, the Lieutenant-Governor of British New Guinea, noted in 1886 that Boigu's population was nearly extinct as a result of these raids. Population: A cursory look at the map tells you it's unlikely they will escape Manus and head for Australia. Missionaries from the London Missionary Society came to the island on 8 July 1871 after they had established a mission on Saibai, but were initially not welcomed by the Islanders. a lack of facilities. culture industry which started in the 1960s collapsed in 1970 country. According to tradition, Kiba and his brothers were the first men on Boigu. Mabuiag, Meriam, English, Torres Kreole To see a photo full size, just click on it. a John Howard The Top Western group of Torres Strait Islands consist of Saibai, Dauan and Boigu, located about 120 kilometres north of Thursday Island and within sight of the coast of Papua New Guinea - the most northerly communities of Australia. To the north is Kaumag Island and beyond the international border with Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the southern coast of New Guinea that is part of Western Province (Fly). Strait in Queensland in Australia. Charting the Pacific - Links Database (Torres Strait Islands