dabble throws out her invisible foe, but is perhaps dabbling in magic too powerful for her to cope with. The company's website will direct you to dealerships where you can purchase an Invisible Fence system. They come in various styles from sheer materials that become invisible when wet to styles that skip fabric all together and form the shape of a bikini through strategically placed strings. The joins are virtually invisible on the playing surface. One of the arts of drywall installation is in making joints that blend so well that they become invisible. She is also displaying what we call "psycho kitty" events, where she runs up and down the stairs, chasing something invisible, attacking her brother (neutered male) and play fighting all the time. It is also invisible during moonlight and near the horizon, and the neighbourhood of a bright star or planet may interfere with its recognition. Maker of heaven and earth and of all things visible and invisible (or a like phrase), A, B, C, D, E. " I believe in one God the Father almighty, maker of things visible and invisible. What prompted me to start the organization at my school was watching the documentary film Invisible Children. The first thing I noticed was that my pores on my cheeks are nearly invisible now. Use "invisible" in a sentence Despite a large surplus in merchandise trade, the current account surplus is not so big due to a deficit in invisible trade. To his translation (1530) of a Latin Chronicle and Description of Turkey, by a Transylvanian captive, which had been prefaced by Luther, he added an appendix holding up the Turks as in many respects an example to Christians, and presenting in lieu of the restrictions of Lutheran, Zwinglian and Anabaptist sects, the vision of an invisible spiritual church, universal in its scope. Invisible set accents to any larger engagement ring setting, similar to channel settings but using far less metal. Examples of Invisible in a sentence. The seven hidden or invisible. She originally had an invisible jet plane to take her where she needed to go, but as her character evolved, she eventually learned to fly on her own without the aid of a plane. It helps to reduce this rubbing to prevent painful blisters from forming by creating an invisible barrier between the shoes or socks and the skin. Jonny just so happened to rescue a girl connected to someone immune to mind magic, someone who was likewise invisible to the extended senses of a vampire. 142. Gaining in popularity is the invisible setting. If the relation thus established in the morning twilight of man's existence between the human soul and a world invisible and immaterial is a relation of which only the subjective term is real and the objective term is non-existent; then I say it is something utterly without precedent in the whole history of creation " (Through Nature to God, 18 99, p. 188, 189). mercifully grant, that as these lights enkindled with visible fire dispel nocturnal darkness, so our hearts illumined by invisible fire," &c. (Missale Rom.). 7. In transformational grammar, when parts of a sentence are moved around, an inaudible, invisible trace may be left behind in the original position of the moved constituent. No grave note, warning us that the pleasures of this earth are fleeting, that the visible world is but a symbol of the invisible, that human life is a probation for the life beyond, interrupts the tinkling music as of castanets and tripping feet which gives a novel charm to these unique relics of the 13th century. Invisible Sentence: Lane, Darian: Amazon.sg: Books. What is the usual get-up of a mentally invisible man? You'll find that the material is permeated with thousands of nearly invisible holes that allow the sun to shine through and expose your entire body to tanning. Invisible; 1. Did i not cut off from invisible phosphorescence they evolve gaseous. Invisible bikinis are made to make you look completely nude. He discovers that he can get away with things if he's invisible, and so he does. The invisible reinforced toe adds even more comfort. Each of the following items clips on securely: a motion alarm, a laser pointer, an invisible ink pen and a disc gun. The extremely small particles of dust (motes in a sunbeam) in the rays are made perceptible by the diffracted light, whilst by ordinary illumination they are invisible. 1. Invisible Settings: These pave designs use stones that fit tightly together so no hint of metal is visible. It needn't be a time for self neglect or to become ' the invisible woman ' doomed to wear beige for ever more. It is lenticular in form, brightest near the sun, and shades off by imperceptible gradations, generally becoming invisible at a distance of 90° from the sun. (2) More common are the auriferous quartz-reefs - veins or masses of quartz containing gold in flakes visible to the naked eye, or so finely divided as to be invisible. The velvet-eyed descendant of Eve shot a fearful glance at him and continued, still casually tracing invisible arabesques with her foil's point. This Barlaam held to be polytheistic, inasmuch as it postulated two eternal substances, a visible and an invisible God. Can you take flexeril and diclofenac together? For example, could there be some invisible threads sticking out from the gel surface to push the microspheres away? even electrical appliances were integrated in to the kitchen design, made invisible behind doors that matched surrounding cabinets. The thought of some invisible entity touching her, even in the form of a plastic device, did not sit well. The company also makes thongs and boy shorts that are seamless, tagless and nearly invisible under pants. Narcondam, Barren Island and the Invisible Bank, a great danger of these seas, are in a line almost parallel to the Andamans inclining towards them from north to south. It is invisible during the greater part of June, July, December and January, owing to its being then blotted out by the superior light of the Milky Way. above sea-level, discovered in 1881 an entirely unsuspected extension of the invisible infra-red rays, which he called the "new spectrum.". The staples blend right in with the pattern of the tiles and are invisible once you're done. All these people and horses seemed driven forward by some invisible power. I was as much affected by the faint hum of a mosquito making its invisible and unimaginable tour through my apartment at earliest dawn, when I was sitting with door and windows open, as I could be by any trumpet that ever sang of fame.