An emphasis on self-determination contributed to dramatically lower case numbers than among non-Indigenous groups. “I use that statement at the start of the discussion to have people’s minds focused on the fact that this is the way at the moment in contemporary Australia.”. Interested in the Telstra Graduate Program? My experience as an Indigenous employee: Diversity and Inclusion at Telstra. Next fall, Goffe said, the Dark Laboratory will be a graduate course she and Palmer will co-teach. The following map shows the cultural and language groups of Indigenous Australia. We have been in the Dreaming for a long time before we are born on this earth and we will return to this vast landscape at the end of our days. Head to the Telstra Careers website for information. This knowledge is integral to a cultural complex that also encompasses language, systems of classification, resource use practices, social interactions, ritual and spirituality. In addition, Goffe and Palmer have assembled a team of more than 30 artists and practitioners – from storytellers and filmmakers to software engineers, professors and students – who can help story projects take shape using film, sound, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. BSBDIV501 MANAGE DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE – Report 10. Melbourne, 3000 Australia. up to 500 people gathered at the one time. How is Black and Indigenous life entangled in various places across the globe?”. COVID-19 was able to penetrate deeply into the Navajo Nation, but, once it did, leaders reacted swiftly to secure funding for personal protective equipment, water stations, food delivery and access to testing. Under the new model being considered by the Coalition, companies with less than 1000 staff would no longer need to provide annual reports on gender balance. Speaking at the breakfast, Goldman Sachs Australia and New Zealand chief executive Simon Rothery, non-executive director Kathryn Fagg, Army chief Lieutenant-General David Morrison AO, Kathleen Bailey-Lord, Allianz Australia chief general manager of workers compensation Helen Silver and Deloitte Australia chief executive Giam Swiegers shared their tips to increasing gender diversity in the workplace. COVID-19 was able to penetrate deeply into the Navajo Nation, but, once it did, leaders reacted swiftly to secure funding for personal protective equipment, water stations, food delivery and access to testing. For example, Kingfisher has a scholarship program for Indigenous people. 10. For rural and indigenous peoples, local knowledge informs decision-making about fundamental aspects of day-to-day life. Women’s roles in traditional contexts, how these were disrupted during colonisation, and the misrepresentation of these roles, have become important issues. An email as a notification will be sent. SmartCompany is the leading online publication in Australia for free news, information and resources catering to Australia's entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and business managers. It is as if they don’t care to explain anything, like the patients won’t understand anyway and the health care people know better. Aboriginal people hold a unique place in Australian history and continue to make an essential contribution to our ongoing national development and identity. Concepts of Indigenous land ownership were, and are, different from European legal systems. Who is Indigenous? Valuing and respecting a diverse culture ought to be a prime component of any organization’s culture while its reflection in all HR policies attracts indispensability. Despite these differences, Indigenous Peoples across the globe share some common values derived in part from an understanding that their lives are part of and inseparable from the natural world. The tight focus on the Black and Indigenous stories from Ithaca and New York state serves as a springboard for global questions of colonialism, Goffe said. We recognise the knowledge, insights and capabilities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with their strength, resilience and cultural competence being highly valued in today’s workforce as we extend the cultural boundaries of employment practices. (Dot West, National Indigenous Media Association of Australia, Boyer Lectures 1993) Even today, it is all too easy to find highly educated and prominent Australians who speak glibly of ‘the Aboriginal language’, thereby reducing the indigenous linguistic diversity of this … Thirty percent of homes in the Navajo Nation do not have access to running water, making hand hygiene recommendations almost impossible to follow. Quarantine established the “clean” perimeters of community and determined which activities were allowed and which would be excluded during an outbreak. Goffe and Palmer are both experienced in using technology to tell stories in new and different forms on various platforms. More than 1.4 million people in Canada identify themselves as an Aboriginal person. Indigenous people across Turtle Island, the land now known as North America, share the fundamental right to self-determination over all activities related to their lives and well-being, as articulated by the 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Cows provide short-term income as well as daily food and nutrition for some 800 million livestock keepers across the continent -- a profession that has a history of over 1,000 years. Art supplies retailer Riot Art & Craft has closed its 56 stores, after being placed in liquidation last week. We’re always looking to tell stories in the medium that will reach the most people.”. Over time, the following definition has been agreed within the community and Australian Government to identify when someone is an Aboriginal person. Rothery says ultimately the business needs a strong voice which communicates diversity as a priority. It is estimated that Religion was based on a philosophy of oneness with the natural environment. Backing Dark Laboratory’s call for stories is an advisory board of well-known figures in Hollywood, literature, academia and other fields, including documentary filmmaker Stanley Nelson Jr.; filmmaker N. Bird Runningwater; critic, filmmaker and public intellectual Henry Louis Gates Jr.; and Tracy K. Smith, U.S. poet laureate from 2017-19. Melbourne gyms and fitness studios may have a reopening date in sight, but restrictions mean they'll be lucky to break-even any time soon. I’ve also had the opportunity to deepen my own knowledge and learn about other languages and cultural practices. One study participant described feelings of lack of respect and autonomy that affected their attitudes toward adherence to public health recommendations: “Health care people do not treat patients with respect. According to Aboriginal beliefs, the physical environment of each local area was created and shaped by the actions of spiritual ancestors who traveled across the landscape. Diversity and Inclusion, Ensure you address strategies to support the policy in the areas in 8, 9 and 10. But despite this, Chief Executive Women and Male Champions of Change members believe more needs to be done to support women in the workplace reaching the upper echelons of leadership. There is enormous diversity among communities of Indigenous Peoples, each of which has its own distinct culture, language, history, and unique way of life. This content/papers are to be used for purpose of reference/research only. Our ERG is set up to include both Indigenous people and Allies, which allows everyone to get involved in cultural and community events. Step 9. She is an associate professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Toronto. After the launch, the Dark Laboratory plans a series of virtual events for 2020-21, as well as a podcast set to debut later this fall. “Be transparent about everything – how you got to where you are and tell them the stories which open up the system for everybody to be able to step forward and create a more inclusive culture,” she says. Aboriginal people lived in small family groups and were semi-nomadic, with each family group living in a defined territory, systematically moving across a defined area following seasonal changes. Staging an effective public health response during the ongoing pandemic has required that these communities regain control and oversight over prevention and treatment measures in their own localities.