It’s important to note that you can’t use this compost on anything and everything so it’s wise to know where and how you can use the waste from a composting toilet.

Side Screens Suit Fiamma & Freedom Awnings, Supplement the waste dissolving active ingredient. You would need to use a waste tank additive until you find a suitable dump point. If you get a skip, check the disposal licence of the operator to ensure they are taking the waste to council run approved disposal sites. The strength varies from 25% to 35% which is ample. In this case we recommend the addition of a dash of white vinegar." Then, they will connect large hoses into the output holes of the porta potty. The first thing you will want to do is contact your local council to see if there’s any restrictions or requirements about using composting toilet waste around your property. So, if the contractor couldn’t have been found, the property owner could have been made to pay. This means that the bag collects all of the waste and you don’t have to deep clean it wearing a hazard suit every time you go to empty it. How does a self contained composting toilet work? Just be sure not to use it on edible plants or vegetables and you will have many years of happy use from your composting toilet! "Where a toilet is used only for urine the above will have no effect. A small problem with these is the need to continually add a small top-up to the waste tank, as the chemical conversion to oxygen, water and sodium carbonate is quite rapid. This can be useful if you need to empty contents into a composting type toilet where chemicals are prohibited. If you are in a camper van, small caravan or older motorhome you may have a Thetford Porta Potti or other type of portable toilet, where the bowl and cassette are separated for emptying.

This can be confusing because there are a number of completely different toilet systems and lot of different opinions. Hi, in the section discussing sodium per carbonate you mention it isn't any good if the toilet is being used only for urine and then add: It is possible to use a portable toilet for just overnight use without any chemicals at all.

The addition of the laundry soaker to the flush tank is NOT recommended as it starts its chemical reaction as soon as it gets wet. If you need to know how to remove a toilet from the floor or wall refer to this article about bathroom toilet removal. Where To Get Rid Of An Old Toilet (8 Ways To Dispose Of Your Toilet) Can Toilets Go In The Garbage Can

These moving parts are susceptible to fouling from the toilet tissue that does not dissolve properly.