Having the Empire helped us extensively because we had naval places in the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) and Malta which where both in between England and India (our favourite country for materials). Their merchant fleets and naval vessels ruled the seas. It was his understanding that these issues could be resolved by effective development of the empire. All Rights Reserved. A number of historians both India and foreign writers and historians have started justifying the empire and even asking USA to take up the “White Man’s Burden” to bring civilizations and justice to the dark world of the dark skinned people. Suga. Having an empire gave Britain international prestige, and made the British people feel good about themselves and their country. », Infrastructure - Britain gave its colonies better developments to the country, such as better roads and railways, Language - Through the Empire, the English language spread, allowing people to communicate using one language, Culture - The trade system allowed people to come to Britain, bringing their culture with them, making Britain's more diverse, Democracy - Britain brought the idea of democracy to its colonies and helped them to build their own, Commonwealth - The Commonwealth provided the old colonies with help and support after the Empire era, Law and Order - The Empire brought their law system with them, improving the colonies' systems, even up to now, Education - The Empire brought their education system with them, improving the children's education, Culture - British culture was forced on to the colonists, while the original culture was banned, ignored and forgotten, Economies - The colonies' economy was falling because most of the profit of goods go back to Britain. But it was not just this idea he meant by a ‘Greater Britain’. What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Rat Pack Save the Fiddler Crab? Manpower for the British army in wartime. Soldiers - The colonies had to provide soldiers who fought and died for Britain. To what extent was Martin Luther King a political, social and economic radical. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. As long as taxes were paid, the British cared little about "the rule of law". Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Ruled by Muslims before the British, India was a prosperous, rapidly commercializing society. Location determines the physical extent of their control over the remote settlements. There was also the need for people to enter naval posts, either military or mercantile[iii]. ( Log Out /  Change ). By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. What do you think of the answers? And Hopkins, A. G., British Imperialism – Innovation and Expansion 1688 – 1914, p. 204, [viii] Marshall, P. J., Illustrated History – British Empire, p. 323, Bernard Porter, The Lion’s Share – A Short History of British Imperials 1850 – 1914, London: Longman 1996, J. Cheap raw materials for home industries. Companies prospering from imperialism provided some jobs back in England. Empire opens up a two way conduit between the colonies and the homeland. Importantly, wealth became a significant impact upon Britain during these times, as the Industrial Revolution was in full swing; capitalism became a rising power within British economy and politics. A., Imperialism, A Study, p. 121, [v] Marshall, P. J., Illustrated History – British Empire, p. 59, [vii] Cain, P. J. What did you think about his idea? The second reason why Britain wanted an empire is Economical. Therefore it’s very difficult to say what impact empire had on Britain due to the controversial nature it has, and the strong, leading figures that advocate for and against it.