moment of history. Some of our group went onboard the Victorian sloop, HMS Gannet, then onto the Submarine HMS Ocelot, and then made our way to the roperery where of course they made ropes. All ranks and rates are welcome, and should relatives of ex Victorious crew wish to join us, we will welcome you as associate members. If so you are very priveliged. As a Logged James Hutton. However, her commissioning was delayed until 1941 due to the greater need for escort vessels for service in the Battle of the Atlantic. Following a very succesful Mini Meet in Fleetwood it has been decided to transfer the annual reunion from Coventry to the New Euston Hotel in Fleetwood. All members are welcome for an informal get together. Everyone in the Association understands that a visitor, though being a past crew member of Victorious. Weekend at Pulau Tioman and a futher week of flyex ; 20 th June 1961 Sea Vixen Lost at night. Yet some Farewell Victorious! Afterwards we had a relaxing evening talking, swinging the lamp, and such. produced? you are, please say hello in the Guestbook and share your comments with Chairman/Social Secretary   Stan McLellan, Secretary  Stuart Turner e mail a past crew member of Victorious. After lunch a few of us went to have a look over HMS Cavalier (my old ship) where Stoker Stan rung my bell (for those with a sense of humour not really) But I do have a photo to prove he rung the bell. God speed. Together with the 1966 decision to phase out fixed-wing naval aviation, it was decided … Maybe you are eligible to join this proud group of men who once LEADING SEAMAN Served from 1964 - 1971 Served in HMS Victorious. I think that could be a talking point at the reunion later this year. If you are Frank Lampard who plays for the Chelsea crew then no chance!!! are forgotten while the men who crewed them are still alive. No matter who :9th January 2020. If you are not a member we invite you to join now. But the loyal men of this Association are not about Please be patient if things do not go smoothly for a little while and please feel free to point out problems so that they may be put right. On 26 May 1941, the new carrier HMS Victorious whose aircrews, despite their inexperience, succeeded in putting a torpedo into the battleship's midship section, which opened up a fuel tank on the Bismarck. Say hello in our Guestbook why don't you. just visiting, welcome to this happy band of brothers. My uncle, Ernest Percival (Percy) Fabien was a Telegraphist/Air Gunner (TAG) in one of the Albacores of 827 squadron that attacked Kirkenes. But join if you can. The cost is likely to be £150 for Bed and Breakfast including the Gala Dinner. may be unable to join us here, simply Administrator; Petty Officer; Posts: 119; Re: Welcome to New Website « Reply #7 on: May 11, 2009, 04:20:35 PM » Sadly, Frank Lampard will no longer be gracing these shores! After a time looking around the old boats, most of us had had enough, so we made our way back to the Hotel. L.M.E.M Served from 1963 - 1974 Served in HMS Victorious. Full details will be circulated at a later date. apart all around us, membership of an Association like ours, is a way The DVD lasts approximately 1 hour and features many pictures of HMS Victorious and her crew from that time. many ships. The Association Newsletter "Flat Top" can now be downloaded from here. 2019 Reunion - Britannia Hotel, Coventry. HMS Victorious joined the Home Fleet on commissioning in May 1941 and just nine days later her pilots encountered and attacked the German battleship Bismarck. pensionable era! Among the scraps thown up from the kamikaze was a sheath of papers detailing target priorities for pilots. ), that is natural for a sailor, having sailed on so The latest edition of Flat Top is now available to download. Below are just some of our members who have served at HMS Victorious. HMS Victorious pulls out of Far East Fleet cruise to Japan; 16 th May 1961 enter King George V1 Dry Dock. sometimes remain an untouchable memory; a sailors dream in a fleeting Thank you for visiting the site. :27th August 2011. Although damage was relatively minor, the fire coincided with a reduction of the defence budget and a manpower shortage for the Royal Navy. Visit the Gallery Derek Chambers. Sail 15 th June 1961, embark squadrons for flyex. Few warships of the Royal Navy Contact Stan McClellan for further information. If you are Frank Lampard who plays for the Chelsea crew then no chance!!! But the loyal men of this Association are not about to let that happen to their ship. 31st March  -2nd  April 2020. Barrie Frowen. We are looking for recruits for the VICTORIOUS ASSOCIATION. HMS Victorious, ordered under the 1936 Naval Programme, was the third Illustrious-class aircraft carrier after Illustrious and Formidable.She was laid down at the Vickers-Armstrong shipyard at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1937 and launched two years later in 1939. Captain Denny was not impressed: “The only unmistakable feature of it was its reek of cheap scent”. us. HMS Victorious Memorial Plaque. of fighting back, to keep our heritage alive. I am with you re rubbish being posted. DVDs are available featuring the remeniscences of Commander JCV Ross and his time on the Victorious in the Pacific theatre. I have stopped at that hotel many times and never had such a meal. 01785 245 226. All 13 of us arrived safely during the afternoon, and we were soon socializing together. Views: 26 D. Deleted 59428 Guest. Saturday morning we all met up at breakfast, and about 10.00am we got into four cars and made our way to the Dockyard. Hi - this is just a rundown on the mini trip to Chatham for the weekend starting 1 July. In the list of operations HMS Victorious participated in, you fail to mention the raid on Kirkenes and Petsamo in Norway on July 30 1941. All ranks and rates are welcome, and should relatives of ex Victorious crew wish to join us, we will welcome you as associate members. Welcome everyone to our brand new website and brand new opperators. Stuart "Topsey" Turner to let that happen to their ship. visitor you are welcome to enter our Forum too, where you will be manned the mightiest aircraft carriers the British Royal Navy ever The weather was on our side, so we spent the morning roaming around the dockyard. to this official site of the HMS Victorious  Association. Parking is free. Welcome While the Royal Navy is being ripped After an hour or so we went off to our rooms to get sorted out, unpacking, hanging gear up and such, then about 7pm or for those sailors 1900 we made our way to have dinner. New Venue announced for Annual Reunion. It is hoped that the site will be expanded greatly within a few days so keep checking and even maybe proposing something we could do to benefit our visitors to this site. Cheers mate.I knew I rely on an old stoker to get out his rusty oil can and grease the machine!! Hi Gary sorry to have taken a time in responding have been on holidays. because they may belong to other Associations (money adds up in this Everyone in the Association understands that a visitor, though being ships, incredibly those with exceptional battle pedigree like HMS Victorious, Neil Smart. If you Stan McLellan at or leave a message on our guest book. Sep 7, 2017 #2 Bobyoung said: ive got service record which I know … 4th - 6th October. On 11 November 1967, after the completion of the 1967 refit and shortly before the start of what was intended as the ship's final commission, there was a relatively small fire, which was rapidly extinguished, in the chief petty officers' mess(resulting in one death and two hospitalisations ). 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. A number of members will be on site at the tree at 1300 hours on 23rd April,(St Georges Day). ID 3. This was a really enjoyable week-end, and I look forward to many more. That evening Stan had organised a special Menu for dinner, it was first class.