[34][35] In 1939, the Queensland Government passed the Torres Strait Islander Act 1939, which incorporated many of the recommendations made at the conference. Tuesday-Inseln, Inselregionen, Hauptinseln und Inselgruppen im Archipel der, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hammond_Island&oldid=201630332, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Dauan | The Three Sisters | Bourke-Inseln | St Joseph’s Catholic mission station was officially inaugurated at Hammond Island on Ascension Thursday in 1929. The Kaurareg people know Hammond Island as Keriri and are believed to have occupied this area prior to first contact with Europeans. Further information about the Protected Zone can be found at http://www.pzja.gov.au/. Turu Cay  •  Sue | Deliverance | Catholic families from other Torres Strait Islands were encouraged to move to St Joseph’s mission, where St Joseph's School (Hammond Island) opened in 1935.
Farewell-Inseln | Packe | Prince-of-Wales | [4][26][27][28], From the 1880s onwards, many Filipino immigrant workers living in the Torres Strait married local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. For thousands of years the Kaurareg followed traditional patterns of hunting, fishing and agriculture, and maintained close cultural and trading ties with the Aboriginal groups of the Northern Peninsula Area of Cape York. [4][29], After gaining its independence from Australia in 1975, Papua New Guinea asserted its right to the islands and waters of the Torres Straits. Kerr | Hammond is also known as Keriri by the traditional people of the Kaurareg and belongs to the Thursday Island Group. Government authorities determined that "the Korrorega natives" (Kuarareg) were responsible for the killings. Hammond Island is a small island in Suisun Bay, California. zum South Fly District der Westprovinz Papua-Neuguineas gehörige Torres-Strait-Inseln:  [8][9] Three Kaurareg men were captured, found guilty of the Sperwer killings and executed by a party of Australian native police led by Somerset police magistrate Henry Chester.

He noticed camp fires burning on the island but did not make contact with the Kaurareg people. [36][37] A key section of the new act officially recognised Torres Strait Islanders as a separate people from Aboriginal Australians. [3] Hammond Island is located in the Southern or Prince of Wales Island group of the Torres Strait.

It is the only island within the locality of Keriri Island within the local government area of Torres Strait Island Region. [43] The Protected Zone also assists in the preservation and protection of the land, sea, air and native plant and animal life of the Torres Strait. On 21 October 1985, the council area, previously an Aboriginal reserve, was transferred to the trusteeship of the council under a Deed of Grant in Trust by the Queensland Government. Media related to Hammond Island at Wikimedia Commons. Sassie | [1][2] Talbot-Inseln, Top Western:  [30], In 1936, 70% of Torres Strait Islander workers went on strike, protesting against government control over their livelihoods. [4], After World War Two, the pearling industry declined across Torres Strait and Islanders were permitted to work and settle on Thursday Island and the Australian mainland. Boigu | Talbot-Inseln, Western:  The TSIRC asks all visitors to Hammond Island to register their visit before they arrive. [4], Strenuous efforts were made by the government in 1913 to encourage the Hammond Islanders to move to a new settlement on Moa Island, but without success. Crab | [30], On 30 March 1985, the Keriri community elected three councillors to constitute an autonomous council established under the Community Services (Torres Strait) Act 1984. Its coordinates are 38°06′18″N 121°56′15″W / 38.10500°N 121.93750°W / 38.10500; -121.93750 (Hammond Island)[1]. Tetley-Inseln | Die hügelige Insel ist etwa 6,2 Kilometer lang und bis zu 2,7 Kilometer breit. Show map of Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Hammond Island, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science, Transportation in the San Francisco Bay Area, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hammond_Island_(California)&oldid=980028961, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Location maps with marks outside map and outside parameter not set, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 September 2020, at 05:47. Representatives from 14 Torres Strait communities, including Hammond Island, attended.

2001 lebten 204 Menschen auf der Insel. The Act conferred local government type powers and responsibilities upon Torres Strait Islander councils for … These marriages were conducted by the Catholic Church. [39] In 1964, the priest and sisters of the mission were moved to Thursday Island.
These close ties continue to exist today. Friday | Murray-Inseln, Inner:  [4][40][41], The Torres Strait Treaty, which has operated since February 1985, contains special provision for free movement (without passports or visas) between both countries.

A proposal was put forward to divide the Torres Straits between the two countries at a longitude of 10 degrees. It is also recommended that visitors read the TSIRC's information on culture, protocols and heritage. It is part of Solano County. Tobin  •  Kleinere Ansiedlungen finden sich an der Südostküste. [4][18], An Aboriginal reserve was gazetted on Hammond Island by the Queensland Government in 1881. Sie liegt in der Untergruppe der Thursday-Inseln und ist von Thursday Island, der Hauptinsel in der Torres Strait, nur knapp einen Kilometer entfernt. [21] The Kaurareg people on Hammond Island were neglected by the government and received no school or medical facilities.

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Queensland State Archives, Colonial Secretary’s correspondence, COL/A153, 71/524; J Singe, S B Kaye, Jurisdictional Patchwork: Law of the Sea and Native Title Issues in the Torres Strait (2001) 2, Queensland State Archives, Home Secretary’s correspondence HOM/J538, 1925/228, removal of Hammond islanders, Queensland State Archives, Home Secretary’s Correspondence HOM/ J419, 1922/1962. Bellevue-Inseln | The mission buildings on the island were taken over by the army, and an RAAF radar station operated between 1942 and 1943. Gabba | Verwaltungstechnisch gehört Hammond Island zu den Inner Islands, der südlichsten Inselregion im Verwaltungsbezirk Torres Shire des australischen Bundesstaats Queensland. [7], In April 1869, the crew of the cutter Sperwer was killed after the ship anchored off Prince of Wales Island. [5] In 1802, the British navigator Matthew Flinders, in charge of HMS Investigator, sailed past Hammond Island.

[47] Older children take the daily ferry to Thursday Island to attend the main school there. Hammond Island, von seinen Bewohnern Keriri genannt, ist eine kleine Insel im Süden des Archipels der Torres-Strait-Inseln. Work began on the construction of a new Catholic church. [33] The first Inter-Islander Councillors Conference was convened at Yorke Island in August 1937. [4][10][11][12], In 1872, the Queensland Government sought to extend its jurisdiction and requested the support of the British Government. Albany | [19], The majority of the Kaurareg people were moved to Hammond Island in the first decade of the 20th century.

Kawai-Inseln | Mabuiag | Booby | Yorke | However some mission residents returned to Hammond Island where they found that white ants had destroyed their church. Frank Jardine, Chester’s successor, led additional retaliatory attacks against the Kaurareg people on Prince of Wales Island during the 1870s. Hammond Island, von seinen Bewohnern Keriri genannt, ist eine kleine Insel im Süden des Archipels der Torres-Strait-Inseln. Stephens  •  [4], Captain Edwards of HMS Pandora named Hammond Island in August 1791, as he travelled through the Torres Strait with the captured Bounty mutineers. [20] The Annual Report of the Chief Protector of Aboriginals for 1913 stated that around 80 Kaurareg people were living on Hammond Island, comprising "representatives from all Islands adjacent to Thursday Island". [1][2], The Kaurareg people know Hammond Island as Keriri and are believed to have occupied this area prior to first contact with Europeans. [23][24][25] In March 1922 the Kaurareg community was forcibly removed by the government authorities from Hammond Island and transported to Moa Island on a Papuan Industries vessel named the Goodwill. [4][16], During the 1880s, a pearling station operated on Hammond Island[17] and in 1889, gold was discovered on the island. The families of Nicholas Sabatino and Joseph Kanak were the first to settle at the mission. [14] This boundary was further extended by the Queensland Coast Islands Act 1879 (Qld)[15] and included the islands of Boigu, Erub, Mer and Saibai, which lay beyond the previous limit. Wednesday  •  [42] Free movement between communities applies to traditional activities such as fishing, trading and family gatherings which occur in a specifically created Protected Zone and nearby areas. Coconut | Juli 2020 um 17:19 Uhr bearbeitet. Three members of the Hammond Island community, who protested against the removal, were arrested without charge by police armed with revolvers. [4][45][46], In 2007, the Local Government Reform Commission recommended that the 15 Torres Strait Island councils be abolished and the Torres Strait Island Regional Council be established in their place. The mission was administered by Catholic priests and nuns of the Sacred Heart Order. Hammond | Entrance | These close ties continue to exist today. It is a hilly island, with mounds of basaltic rocks. J.F.G. A number of prospectors and miners began moving to the island in September 1889 and these deposits were quickly exhausted. [4], In 1928, the Catholic Church on Thursday Island obtained permission to establish a mission settlement for families of Filipino ancestry at Hammond Island. Portlock | Kulbi-Inseln, Central:  It is the only island within the locality of Keriri Island within the local government area of Torres Strait Island Region. The police magistrates of Somerset were hostile in their dealings with the Aboriginal people of the Northern Peninsula Area of Cape York and the Kaurareg. Hammond Island (Indigenous name: Keriri or Kiriri) is an island with a town of the same name, in the Torres Strait, Queensland, Australia. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 6. [29][4] The school closed during World War II when the island was evacuated. Badu | This Wikipedia article contains material from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community histories: Hammond. Murray | Hammond Island is located in the Southern or Prince of Wales Island group of the Torres Strait. During the 1920s, the presence of mixed-race families on Thursday Island was an embarrassment to the government authorities, who were applying strict racial legislation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In December 1978, a treaty was signed by the Australian and Papua New Guinea governments that described the boundaries between the two countries and the use of the sea area by both parties. Preparations for the removal began in 1921, with the construction of new quarters at Adam village on Moa. Captain Edwards may have named Hammond Island after the Naval Officer, Sir Andrew Hammond, Queensland, Queensland Placenames Database, Department of Environment & Resource Management website, https://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/mapping-data/place-names/search/queensland-place-names-search 25 May 2013. [4], Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School is a private primary (Prep-3) campus at Lot 11 Church Street (10°32′58″S 142°12′37″E / 10.5494°S 142.2103°E / -10.5494; 142.2103 (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School)) of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School headquartered at Thursday Island.

The proposed division was completely rejected by the Queensland Government and the Torres Strait Islander community. Duncan-Inseln |