Obviously, many of these country’s military equipment decisions are not made by paid political clowns that never served in the military. ", to which the captain said, "I don't know how such things are done". Simply and utterly amazing !! Canadian Corporal Eldon “Bob” Roberts (5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m)), who commanded a troop of seven men, captured the gun crew. I have similar stories from my many former friends from East Texas hill country to Arkansas, Tennessee and Virginia to Massachusetts…. the principle of martial law in the US remained intact even after the Civil War: “The Governor of Illinois at the time would not call for the national troops, although inter-state commerce and the carrying of United States mails through that city were effectually blocked by lawless violence, leading to loss of life and destruction of property. The First Rule of War is DECEPTION. 257, 486, 487, 710; Ben H. Shepherd, Hitler’s Soldiers (2016), pp. He would still hold the same view in 2029 — just as you are likely to hold the same views about the Holocaust or Nuremberg in 2029.

The Germans was allowed to participate that year, which was a rather big event, as it was the first time since the war. One [American] dogface or one [British] tommy was worth three wooden-headed krauts. they may have been great fighters, and they were certainly ruthless enough.. What makes a soldier?

The German immigrants were so decidedly against the enslavement of their dark-skinned fellow human beings that they were willing to fight to the death in an effort to end the peculiar institution of slavery. But it’s the military and the military operates on orders not to be questioned, even stupid ones, so the Marine Corps went along with the M16 program. 13. Now it is the other way around, so the whole discussion of constitutionality is nonsensical. We have discussed extensively on the rape committed by Russian, American and French soldiers on German women during and after WW2. We have no apprehension that this power, under our American system of government, in which all official authority is derived from the people, and exercised under direct responsibility to the people, is more likely to be abused than the power to regulate commerce, or the power to borrow money.

Lincoln repeatedly stressed this. Back in a moment. In August 1949, newspapers announced Nacken was to return to the United States because he wanted to leave post-war Germany. After the war, Winston Churchill commented on the conflict more truthfully then he had while it still raged.

I think this website could attract some of the biggest names in the news, many controversial and with luck maybe some less controversial. Do you have a hotline to the Great Big Chief in the Sky? Carlos Hathcock, a famous Marine sniper in Vietnam, wrote a book called “One Shot, One Kill”. Not in today’s miscreant, cretin and goblin filled world.. You are usually clear. Or ANY Germanophile revisionist! 8. This assessment of Trevor N. Dupuy first appeared in his book A Genius for War: The German Army and the General Staff, 1807-1945 (1977), pp. M. Hastings, Inferno, pp. EISBRECHER and DER TAG M by Victor Suvorov, translated as ICEBREAKER and DAY M or THE USUAL CULPRITS. Todos los días verás ofertas nuevas, descuentos en tiendas y tendrás la oportunidad de ahorrar todavía más con nuestros cupones. Nacken captured at Calais, France in 1944 when he was 38 years old. What’s more, the diminutive 223 round, whose bullet was just a hair larger than the 22, was very light weight, allowing soldiers to carry the large ammo supply required to feed “spray and pray” tactics.

you knew that was coming.. “The superiority of the Germans in design, management and energy were plain,” Churchill wrote. He miraculously survived and later “earned” some military decorations, before being captured by Russian forces and send to a Siberian work camp for over 2 years before he turned 18 burying his dead German comrades in frozen Siberian ground. The incredible tale of the last Nazi to surrender after World War Two has been revealed by his son. A few years after German reunification the tradition of yearly reunions was taken up again. But also important the Wehrmacht , Germany and the CHristian culture lost because of the disaffection with the supreme Fuehrer and the German General Staff. There is more than adequate case law to support those actions. Ruby Bridges, the first African-American to attend a white elementary school in the deep South, 1960, Hans Hildenbrand: The German front in rare color photos, 1914-1918, Evgeny Stepanovich Kobytev: A soldier's face after four years of war, 1941-1945, Pablo Escobar poses for a family photo outside of the White House, 1981, Father stares at the hand and foot of his five-year-old, severed as a punishment for failing to make the daily rubber quota, Belgian Congo, 1904, Samuel Reshevsky, age 8, defeating several chess masters at once in France, 1920, Adolf Hitler's eye color in a rare color photo. Institute for Historical Review  13. Last year I saw my other uncle for the first time in 52 years. “Unfortunately we are fighting the best soldiers in the world – what men!,” exclaimed Lt. Gen. Sir Harold Alexander, commander of the 15th Army Group in Italy, in a March 1944 report to London. General Roland de Vries, when still a colonel and commander of 61 Mech (..anised battallion – unit which participated in the final conventional conflict in the Angolan Tumpo Triangle, falsely known as the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale), knew General von Mellenthin, who emigrated to South Africa and founded the Luxavia Airways. Source cited: Milovan Djilas, Wartime (1980), p. 446. Winston Churchill, The Second World War, volume 1/“The Gathering Storm” (Boston: 1948), pp. Allied planes used them for leisurely target practice. Anyone who has accidentally bent or broken the spindly M16 charging handle in the heat of the moment, fully understands just one design flaw of this weapon. You must be seeing things. According to her, this article is one of Weber’s best: https://www.darkmoon.me/2017/the-jewish-role-in-the-bolshevik-revolution-and-russias-early-soviet-regime/. In the popular weekly American television show “Combat!” (1962 to 1967), a small unit of US soldiers deployed in France in 1944 routinely and easily killed larger groups of unimaginative German troops. Trevor N. Dupuy, a noted American military analyst, US Army Colonel, and author of numerous books and articles, studied the comparative performance of the soldiers of World War II. Weapons development reflected the change in the quality of American soldiery that came soon after WWII. Unfortunately, the lies have had to be maintained for the sedation of the people from revolt, as is evident by the incessant Hitler-bashing on the “History” Channel. Ha!

'The Norwegian captain answered: "Real coffee and a good German schnapps? http://www.famguardian.org/Publications/MilitaryGovAndMartLaw/MilitaryGovernmentAndMartialLaws.pdf. Max Boot draws a similar conclusion in his detailed book, War Made New. French women were brought into Wehrmacht brothels (see Schmidt, Kitty “Madame Katharine”)and forced into prostitution.