"Getting internal explosions on the T3," Troy said. Your White Stars would also prove valuable. "Commander, I think you all will want to hear this latest info," Troy said, activating the screen. If they succeeded, the Cylon Civil War could end and the final separation of mechanical and organic models would go forward.

It started with three basestars arriving at the capital rather quickly, then a rush of shuttles and raiders. And with that, the slugfest began. As she had planned, however, the surviving raiders began linking up to the surviving basestars. "Yes, we have to make sure they can't out produce us, it's their one advantage and we have to take it away," Ares said. The Argo rocked slightly indicating a hit to the ship. Eine Gruppe von LTTE-Kadern stellte sich ihnen in den Weg und forderte sie auf, zurückzugehen.

"Green squadron reporting a new type of raider," Troy said. UN-Schätzungen, die auf täglichen Zählungen bis April 2009 basieren, gehen von etwa 7.000 getöteten Zivilpersonen aus.

[2] Am 8. Troy motioned to the weapons officers and they began their work. "As a result, green and red squads from the Argo are to attack it right away, yes Bri.". Nach dem Anschlag kam es zu landesweiten Pogromen gegen die tamilische Minderheit.

I don't think we're going to need ground troops at the moment.". Der schwelende ethnische Konflikt zwischen Singhalesen und Tamilen mündete am 23.

The New Kobol contingent was sufficient, with luck, to destroy the entire surviving Cylon forces. ", "Launch all fighters," Ares said. ", Adama sighed. "Ten minutes until Cylon range, all vipers launched," Rebecca said. "Yeah, but we're still better than they are," Bri replied, destroying another improved raider. This is a threat to more than the descendants of Kobol. Anfang Februar 2009 begann die Regierung damit, Flüchtlinge (unter denen auch Rebellen vermutet werden) in Lagern zu internieren. If we are truly leaving, it will have to be destroyed as well. That meant that Lyta was in the process of beginning a takeover of all Loyalist raiders. He quickly watched as ships identified their targets. Ares glanced down seeing that one part of the mission had been completed. The last of the Psi Corps facilities on Mars had been unearthed during the Telepath War and systematically destroyed rather than put to use by the Mars government.

"Caprica Six. "Okay, the Galactica will be ready," Adama said. Die Familien protestierten, aber die LTTE schlugen sie mit Stöcken und PVC-Rohren. Galactica disappeared thirty seconds later. The Fours were mostly medical personnel and had been given all rescued Humans to care for as they were freed from Loyalist control. Als sie immer noch nicht stehenblieben, schossen sie in den Boden. Seems the tin cans improved the maneuverability but nothing else," Troy said. Die LTTE forderte, aus den tamilischen Siedlungsgebieten im Norden und Osten der ansonsten singhalesisch dominierten Insel einen unabhängigen Staat Tamil Eelam zu bilden.