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This stretch, near Turbo, where the highway is interrupted, is known as the Tapón del Chocó (Chocon Plug). In fact, altitude is one of the most important influences on vegetation patterns in Colombia. This accent, which has its origin in the Andalusian dialect of Spain, presents similarities with the Venezuelan accent, country to which it unites its Caribbean coast.

Colombia is a country located in the northwestern part of South America, where it shares land and / or maritime borders with Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica and Panama.

The Río Guaviare divides eastern Colombia into the llanos subregion in the north and the tropical rainforest, or selva, subregion in the south. The Caribbean, besides being the one that gives them their name, represents all the departments as an identity. flat coastal lowlands, central highlands, high Andes Mountains, eastern lowland plains, Elevation extremes:

Consequently, it has several refineries in its territory. [4] Colombia's population is not evenly distributed, and most of the people live in the mountainous western portion of the country as well as along the northern coastline; the highest number live in or near the capital city of Bogotá.

Inflation is expected to fall towards the lower part of the central bank’s targeted range, as exchange rate pass through pressures are tempered by weak demand.

(2013). Rainfall in the hot zone is heaviest in the Pacific lowlands and in parts of eastern Colombia, where rain is almost a daily occurrence and rain forests predominate. •Supporting Fiscal Sustainability and Productivity.

Between the Highlights of Colombia We find its diversity of climates, an economy sustained in the production of coffee or oil, a cultural richness due largely to mestizaje or a political system governed by bipartisanship. To the east, San Jose Island is its most extreme point, and in the west, it is the Cape Manglares. Buenaventura is the only port of any size on the coast. Additional lending operations scheduled for approval during the remained of FY21 include two IPF operations to promote resilient and inclusive housing (USD 100m IBRD, plus GCFF and GPG funds) and to support Colombia’s integrated social registry SISBEN for USD 300 million. Recovered from: Colombia.com.

Also, Colombia halved poverty over the past ten years. Colombian population. The highest mountain in Colombia is not in the Andes but in the Caribbean plain: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta with its highest points named Pico Cristobal Colon (5775 m) and Pico Simon Bolivar (same elevation).

The Cordillera Occidental is relatively low and is the least populated of the three cordilleras.

The Republic of Colombia is situated largely in the northwest of South America, with some territories falling within the boundaries of Central America.

The current portfolio also includes co-financing from the Global Concessional Financing Facility (GCFF), to support Colombia in managing the migration from Venezuela.

The Characteristics of the Caribbean region of Colombia Are those common elements that have the departments that are part of this natural region, marked by the presence of the Caribbean Sea. Mincultura.gov.ve. The southern and eastern portions of the country are sparsely inhabited, consisting of tropical rainforest, and inland tropical plains that contain large estates or large livestock farms, oil and gas production facilities, small farming communities, and indigenous tribes with their territories. In addition, the natural sanctuaries in the region are also not scarce, because there is the Great Marsh of Santa Marta, Los Colorados, Los Flamencos and El Corchal the Mono Hernández. highlands subject to volcanic eruptions; occasional earthquakes; periodic droughts, Environment - international agreements: In the department of Santander, the valleys on the western slopes are more spacious, and agriculture is intensive in the area around Bucaramanga.

Later in the 20th century, it was threatened by mining-related deforestation, as gold mining proceeded by both major companies and artisan miners. Bipartisanism has been the hallmark of Colombian politics Since the beginning of its republican history.

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Recovered from ocaribe.org. The Las Flores Fair, the National Reign of Bambuco, the carnivals of Barranquilla and the sung dances are also examples of this diversity.

The main pillars of its government are legality, entrepreneurship, and equity, with transversal axes in terms of infrastructure, environmental sustainability and innovation.

Colombia is known for its advances in medical fields in experimental surgery, breast implant development, or prosthetics, and immunology. Colombia strongly reflects its history as a colony of Spain.It is often referred to as the most Roman Catholic of the South American countries, and most of its people are proud of the relative purity of their Spanish language.Its population is heavily mestizo (of mixed European and Indian descent) with substantial minorities of European and African ancestry. In the Andean region, the long skirt and the white blouse with collar tray, are typical costumes. The World Bank Group works in every major area of development. The Cordillera Occidental in the west, the Cordillera Central in the center, and the Cordillera Oriental in the east have different characteristics.
It suggests dividing the country into four geographic regions: the Andean highlands, consisting of the three Andean ranges and intervening valley lowlands; the Caribbean lowlands coastal region; the Pacific lowlands coastal region, separated from the Caribbean lowlands by swamps at the base of the Isthmus of Panama; and eastern Colombia, the great plain that lies to the east of the Andes Mountains.

Summits are only about 9,840 ft (2,999 m) above sea level and do not have permanent snows. The Caribbean region is made up of eight departments: Antioquia, Atlántico, Bolívar, Cesar, Córdoba, La Guajira, Magdalena and Sucre, although barely 11% of the country's territory. Still farther north, where the Cordillera Oriental makes an abrupt turn to the northwest near the border with Venezuela, the Sierra Nevada de Cocuy, the highest point of this range, rises to 5,493 meters (18,022 ft) above sea level. It is estimated that 30% of the population belongs to the middle class (monthly income of 3 million pesos), and a similar percentage falls within the category of poverty, while about 60% is in the middle range. The total area of snowfields and glaciers was estimated to be about 104 square kilometers in the early 1970s. Retrieved from: countrymeters.info. Each Colombian household is classified by socioeconomic stratum which directly affects the calculation of taxes that must be paid.

total: 808,158 km2 (312,032 sq mi), Climate: This area of ​​Colombia has five natural national parks, among which are the Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo, Paramillo, Tayrona, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Macuira. Also, administratively, it contemplates the figures of municipalities, indigenous territories, regions and provinces.

The Río Cauca rises within 124 mi (200 km) of the border with Ecuador and flows through some of the best farmland in the country. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, "The Republic of Colombia shares land borders with five (5) countries", DANE: 2005 Census of Colombia - total area, "Interoceanic river aqueduct connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans: [Colombia] (map)", "Birds eye view of the pass of the intero-ceanic river aqueduct and valley of the Nerqua", Global Measured Extremes of Temperature and Precipitation, Encyclopedia Encarta: Natural Resources of Colombia, https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Geography_of_Colombia&oldid=982151305, Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Articles with dead external links from October 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the Library of Congress Country Studies, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the World Factbook, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Other physical features in Colombia are Baudo Mountains, Perija Mountains, Putumayo River and the Guiana Shield.

Aguilera, M., Barcos, R., Reina, Y., Orozco, A. and Yabrudy, J. In the commercial area, the region acquires great importance, being a great fishing producer, with incursions in the cattle ranch and the agriculture, especially of foods that need of high temperatures. total: 1,138,910 km2 (439,740 sq mi), Coastline: Data and research help us understand these challenges and set priorities, share knowledge of what works, and measure progress.

Many of the numerous large rivers of eastern Colombia are navigable. Those south of the Río Guaviare flows into the Amazon Basin. The valley floor is very deep; nearly 800 km (497 mi) from the river's mouth the elevation is no more than about 300 meters (984 ft).

We didn’t plan on staying a month in Colombia.After spending longer than we had planned in the South Pacific, we were wary that we had only six months for an area far larger than what we had seen thus far.

In addition, corn arepas and other fried and baked goods derived from plantain and cassava are extremely important in the food of the coastal people.

In addition to this type of speech, one of the most important indigenous languages ​​of Colombia, the Wayuunaiki, is spoken in the region. The second highest peak is a volcano, Nevado del Ruiz, which erupted violently on November 13, 1985. Find out what the Bank Group's branches are doing in Colombia. The northern part, called the Llanos, is a savanna region, mostly in the Orinoco basin (therefore called also Orinoquía). Beyond the medium-term, the outlook depends on the duration and severity of the crisis, the way and speed at which the fiscal deficit will be reduced, and the country’s ability to address existing structural bottlenecks. Recovered from uncovercolombia.com.

Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. A sancocho can be seafood, abundant by the sea, goat, meat, turtle, among others.

The official currency of Colombia is the peso.

Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). The highest peak in this range, the Nevado del Huila, reaches 17,602 ft (5,365 m) above sea level. The family takes centre stage in the social structure.

Colombia's geographic and climatic variations have combined to produce relatively well-defined "ethnocultural" groups among different regions of the country: the Costeño from the Caribbean coast; the Caucano in the Cauca region and the Pacific coast; the Antioqueño in Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda, and Valle del Cauca departments; the Tolimense in Tolima and Huila departments; the Cundiboyacense in the interior departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá in the Cordillera Oriental; the Santandereano in Norte de Santander and Santander departments; and the Llanero in the eastern plains. Temperatures decrease about 3.5 °F (1.9 °C) for every 1,000-foot (305 m) increase in altitude above sea level. Other physical features in Colombia are Baudo Mountains, Perija Mountains, Putumayo River and the Guiana Shield. signed, but not ratified: Law of the Sea. Colombia, a country made up of 49 million people, has a political system based on democracy.

Many glaciers have disappeared during the 20th century, and others are expected to disappear in the coming decades.