v. cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something. In spite of the clamour of the mediatized princes for the restoration of their liberties, no attempt was made to reverse the essential changes in the territorial disposition of Germany made during the revolutionary epoch.

. Sentence Examples There was also a growing clamour for a shift in a policy that for years had appeared unfavourably disposed to overseas companies. In the clamour for peace following the death of George II. The struggle against the bishops, in which a clamour for a reform of clerical life and a striving for local self-government were strangely interwoven, had raged for a couple of generations when King Henry V., great patron of municipal freedom as he was, legalized by a series of charters the status quo (Cremona, 1114, Mantua, 1116). Examples of Clamor in a sentence. 59. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. It is no calamity that natural procrastination, or the clamour caused by his candid treatment of atheism and by certain heretical tendencies detected by orthodox criticism in his view of the Trinity, made Cudworth leave the work unfinished. 5. The clamour of the Paris mob for the death of the imprisoned ministers of Charles X., which in October culminated in riots, induced the 1 Apollinaire Antoine Maurice, comte d'Argout (1782-1858), afterwards reconciled to the July monarchy, and a member of the Laffitte, Casimir-Perier and Thiers cabinets. Similar words: clamour, glamorize, glamorous, alamo, clamor, famous, amount, paramour. As a ruler of the Church he showed wisdom and courage, and disregarded any effort to influence his policy by clamour. The " clamour " thus predicted was not slow to make itself heard. 42. As a result of popular clamour, however, a survey for a railway was begun in 1907, an event of great importance for the prosperity of Sparta and of the whole Eurotas Plain. 3. (6) Trouillot disregarded the growing public, (8) She could barely make herself heard above the, (11) After the bombing, there was a public, (17) He suggested the basic reason for the public, (24) There is a brooding quiet over everything[Sentencedict], a perfect antidote to urban, (25) The contrary arguments were there, and indeed cogently argued, but were almost silenced by the, (26) It has to be noted that gaol conditions are no longer newsworthy and the, (27) We approached the east landing cautiously and the cliffs awoke with bird, (28) A nice piece of marquetry as a one-off looks strangely ill at ease amid the, (29) Guildford returned leading a large company of masked figures who marched into the hall to the raucous, (30) It rose and fell in time with the drums and gongs which continued to fill the hut with their relentless. raised an irresistible clamour for a military leader and overthrew the republican constitution for which the De Witts had struggled. The clamour of the church bells strikes my ears.

In the clamour for peace following the death of George II.

President McKinley showed himself singularly patient and self-controlled in the midst of the popular excitement against Spain and the clamour for intervention by the United States in behalf of the Cubans; but finally, on the 23rd of March, he presented an ultimatum to the Spanish government, and on the 25th of April, on his recommendation, Congress declared war upon Spain. When I am working in my home office, my kids often clamor for my attention by screaming my name. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com.

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The victory seems to have been due mainly to the admirable discipline and fighting qualities of the soldiers, and he obtained the honour of a triumph only after the decree of the senate against it had been overborne by popular clamour. The extent and glamour of his empire exercised a potent spell on western Europe. But the glamour of the military life was as soon exhausted by Chenier as it was by Coleridge. A violent clamour was raised against Suffolk and Somerset, and Humphrey of Gloucester emerged from his retirement to head the agitation. 2.

35. 53+4 sentence examples: 1. Take away from me the clamour of your songs; and the music of your viols I will not hear. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. Kathryn's quiet voice stilled the clamour.

Glamour; 1. 4.

Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Examples of clamor in a sentence, how to use it. A clamour was nevertheless raised in regard to the incompatibility of the under-secretaryship with a position in the House of Lords, and Lord Rosebery resigned the post in June 1883. It was, however, soon clear that Palmerston's diagnosis of the temper of the French bourgeois was correct; the clamour for war subsided; on the 4th of December the address on the Egyptian Question proposed by the government was carried, and peace was assured. Rajani was there with all her glamour.

(4) People began to clamour for his resignation. While marked in regard to Eritrea by vacillation and undignified readiness to yield to Radical clamour, the policy of the marquis di Rudini was in other respects chiefly characterized I by a desire to demolish Crispi and his supporters. Then I concentrated on dropping my glamour. There has been a clamour for tax credits to help small businesses train their staff. The news of this disaster, and of the fall of Pylos and Navarino that followed, struck terror into the Greek government; and in answer to popular clamour Kolokotrones was taken from prison and placed at the head of the army. " The nearest approach to excise was the duty of r% on all sales, a tax that in Gibbon's words " has ever been the occasion of clamour and discontent.". 3. No agitation for the development of national defences, no beating of drums to awaken the military spirit, no anti-foreign clamour or invasion panic, no parading of uniforms and futile clash of arms, are necessary to entice the groundling and the bumpkin into the service. The " clamour " thus predicted was not slow to make itself heard. 89. At least one of the fifteen or so smiths would be hammering on metal at any given moment, making a, He has persuaded John that every socially prescribed role entraps one in falsity, the, He has composed a series of townships scenes in flat planes of bright and bold colours that, Transporters, particularly passenger transporters will, He's not so much making a statement as he is reacting gutturally to the ominous, A little brass bell tinkled a welcome, and the door, closing, shut out the, But now there will be no putting a lid on what will be a huge, The mills are silent now, but well-heeled people still, Labour is going to learn whether or not it is possible to resist the public, Now Manchester's ruling Labour group has pledged to act after its own backbenchers joined the, With the advent of picture messaging, the, So when the railways began to expand in the south in mid-1850s, there was a, Along the coast, people have crammed themselves into steep-sided stacks of apartments in the, Earlier this week, the work cafeteria was buzzing with the, The problem with responding to every group that clamours loudly is that in election year everyone starts to, Brienne and Lamoignon thought strong nerves would be enough to face out the, These traits of spoken language belong to a vulgar household, filled with the, Trying to live up to the impossible hype, the desperate, We need fresh mags and fanzines to rise out of the mire and explore the in-between spaces of contemporary culture, the areas ignored by commercial, And as they did in the imperial era, the lonely men of the remote hinterland, And especially not to listen to the chorus of middle class pressure groups and supplicants who, Many locals also work with the international agencies, and are well off by past standards, although the, He has to face down the markets, his political critics, and his own colleagues as the, In recent months, however, as worker unrest has swelled and fewer job recruits have arrived, the, Architectural projects underlined his power and status, no doubt, but the garden became a refuge, too, from the stuffiness of the formal halls and the, Relying on their well-established formula of eerie melodies, pastoral soundscapes, babbling children and rhythmic, A skilful pianist, he played Beethoven at boozeroos solely for the satisfaction of hearing The Herd denounce him and, Outside parliament, anyone who challenged the, It's interesting to see that since the kid came on the scene, the, After an initial period of anxiety about the anthology's reception, Larkin enjoyed the, Nevertheless, when one of their number was stung by a jellyfish there was a huge, The rapping of his knuckled fist on the tabletop alongside him broke in sharply on the, One pities the jurisconsult who is condemned, by Comstockian, The fallaciousness of this note of patriotism is particularly apparent, when the, He seemed to be entreating the Unseen in his, Someone stood in the doorway blowing a shrill whistle, then there was again the, The young man made some further protest, but it was lost in his father's, Thus there was a hubbub, there was noise and roystering, In the forefront could be distinguished a drowsy waking plaint passing on, and far off the growth of a multiple, It cost some exercise of the white truncheon, well seconded by the exertions of the domestics, to silence this canine, One feature of this fowey creek is its constant, From the direction they were going arose a wild, An impression, I am told, sometimes gets abroad that we yield to, All India was at work in the fields, to the creaking of well-wheels, the shouting of ploughmen behind their cattle, and the, Every magpie, minah, and wattle-bird within a mile joins in the, At first the prince took no heed to all this, I was in the middle of the pit, and from the pit the, The salons of the beautiful fly open before you, great men will, Dunstan force their rude way into the quiet room, and hurl coarse insults at the sweet-faced Queen, and drag poor Edwy back to the loud. In face of popular clamour, Hamilton, who advocated a conciliatory treatment of the Loyalists, represented Waddington, who won the case, decided in 1784. glamour. No more was published, perhaps because of the theological clamour raised against this first part. All Rights Reserved.

41. Summoned before the bishop's vicar, his trial was a scene of insult and clamour, ending in his being violently thrust from the court and bidden to leave the city within three hours.