The Ottawa River, which drains into and out of Lake Timiskaming, has been a well-travelled route from the earliest times, and served as the initial point of access to the Temiskaming area. Haileybury is the seat of Timiskaming District. This unusual setup continued until 2009, when one store was closed; Hart opened a new store in the former Zellers location, which has been subsequently closed. In 1886, Alexander H. Telfer led a survey trip up Lake Timiskaming and gave a report to the Temiskaming Settlers' Association. Find out more about the beauty of Lake Temiskaming located in Northern Ontario Canada that holds great heritage and historical stories that are waiting to be discovered. Haileybury is the seat of Timiskaming District. Canadian Rail, No 479, November-December 2000. The city's one shopping mall, Timiskaming Square, is located in the Dymond area at 883303 Highway 65 (47.51 N, 79.67 W). The region was affected by the Great Fire of 1922, considered one of the worst disasters ever to befall the area. For more information contact: Fire Prevention Officer [[CHANGEME]] Steve Langford (705) 647-8298. It was created by the amalgamation of the town of New Liskeard, the town of Haileybury, and the township of Dymond in 2004. They can be reached by calling (705) 647-5709 or by email Though now established as one legal city, Temiskaming Shores is not fully integrated geographically — there exists a noticeable demarcation between New Liskeard/Dymond and Haileybury/North Cobalt. In 1794 George Gladman of the Hudson's Bay Company established Abitibi House on Lake Abitibi, to the north. It appears you are trying to access this site using an outdated browser. John Armstrong served as New Liskeard's first mayor. During the Sunday shopping debate, the shopping centre was cited as one of the primary reasons the local representative voted in favour of the bill.[17]. As of July, 2019, the mall only had 6 stores and services left: Food Basics, Dollarama, The Source, Pet Valu, TD Canada Trust, and DriveTest.[16]. Button to open mobile main navigation. Haileybury suffered the worst damage, and approximately ninety percent of the town was destroyed, leaving only Millionaire's Row and a few other neighborhoods intact. The Ontario Northland bus service makes scheduled stops in Dymond and Haileybury. As a result, parts of the site may not function properly for you. © 2020 City Of Temiskaming Shores 325 Farr Drive P.O. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), with many retired street cars in its yards, sent many old car bodies to serve as houses during the reconstruction. The mall has 164,142 sq. The downtown areas of New Liskeard and Haileybury are separated by 8 km-long Lakeshore Road. Temiskaming Shores is Ontario's second-smallest city, in terms of population, after Dryden. His report on this expedition describes the details of this expedition.[7]. The city is located within the Timiskaming Graben, a smaller branch of the Ottawa-Bonnechere Graben. The simulator's special effects and interactivity will improve opportunities to get the audience's attention and keep it while the learning and interactivity takes place. The community is located at the head of beautiful Lake Temiskaming that stretches over 100 kilometers south before becoming the Ottawa River. Counselling professionals assess the risk of continued fire involvement and help children and their families deal with problems that may contribute to the fire setting. The arena upstairs hall is home to the Timiskaming Tumblers Gymnastics Club. The separate township municipality of Harris separates the city from the Ontario-Quebec border. The City of Temiskaming Shores is committed to providing accommodations in all parts of the hiring process. Temiskaming Shores is located along the southern edge of the Clay Belt area, near the Quebec border on the shores of Lake Timiskaming's Wabi Bay. The fire service professionals educate children and their families about fire and how to develop good fire safety practices. The supermarket in the mall had been a Loeb store until 2007, when a microburst damaged a large section of the roof and forced its temporary closure. Following Zellers' acquisition of Kmart Canada in 1998, the mall's Kmart was converted to a Zellers. The City of Temiskaming Shores is a bustling community composed of the three former municipalities of Haileybury, New Liskeard and Dymond.