The vast majority of hotels and resorts across Mexico are requiring staff to wear masks at all times. Across the board, hotel guests can expect much lower occupancy, far less interaction with staff and guests, and highly monitored sanitary conditions, whether you're at a sprawling all-inclusive chain or a boho-chic boutique. Resorts suggest (and many mandate) that guests also wear masks in public, indoor spaces. Bars, clubs, and casinos are closed, and all public events are suspended. There are no COVID-19 tests required before travelers head to Mexico and none will be performed upon arrival unless a traveler is showing symptoms. You'll need to show these documents in order to board the plane. Entry requirements: All visitors from outside the Caribbean must have negative PCR test results acquired within 7 days prior to travel. Other safety measures include physical distancing and required masks in public places. Entry requirements: Each visitor must complete the online Travel Declaration Form and receive negative results from a molecular Covid-19 test (nasal or throat swab) taken no more than 72 hours prior to visiting the island. Health and safety restrictions: Visitors are free to explore the islands beyond the grounds of their accommodations, but masks must be worn in taxis, while in line for attractions, before being seated at restaurants, during check-in at hotels, and in other public places. On November 7, borders will reopen to travelers from three U.S. states: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Travelers also now have more time (120 hours vs. 72) to obtain their required negative PCR test before departing for the island. Reopened June 4. That said, you don't need to quarantine at all if you’d rather just wait it out and stay in the States until everything is safe. For more information: See the travel advisory on Grenada's official tourism website. For more information: See the official travel requirements checklist. As most Americans stay home, COVID-19 has struck a massive economic blow to this country. You'd forgive Mexico for being anxious to get the wheels turning. After getting to Bermuda, passengers must undergo another round of Covid-19 testing and remain quarantined at their hotels until results are delivered (usually in four to eight hours). Here’s the lowdown on all the countries that have already reopened – and all those are that are planning to soon. According to the Jamaica government, "Tests must be performed at a lab accredited by national health authorities such as the World Health Organization, the Food & Drug Administration or the Pan American Health Organization. You must remain at your hotel for the duration of your time in St. Lucia, except for when participating in approved tours and activities—check with your hotel for what's available. Covid-19 tests can be taken either within 72 hours before traveling or upon arrival—unless you're from a U.S. location considered high risk, in which case you will need to submit test results before travel, and you may be subject to additional testing; see Aruba's full testing requirements for a list of which states require enhanced testing. For more information: Visit Jamaica's tourism website. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering a visit. After that, you can take another PCR test, and if the results are negative you may experience attractions and activities that are certified by the Pure Safe Travel program. The tourism-reliant islands of the Caribbean and the popular coastal areas of Mexico are eager to welcome international visitors again. Most have adopted a Traffic Light reopening system, where Red signifies fully closed and Green means fully open. For more information: Visit the Covid-19 section of the island's official tourism website. Entry requirements/restrictions: Arriving passengers will need to present negative results from a Covid-19 PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before departure for Guadeloupe. Staff is thoroughly masked, hand sanitizers are abundant, acrylic barriers have been thrown up practically everywhere, and temperature screenings are positioned throughout. But as Mexico’s hotels and resorts began the earliest stages of reopening, it was immediately clear we wouldn't be reliving our dream spring beak vacation anytime soon. Anyone who doesn't have a test result can take a test at the airport for a fee of €84 ($95). This coverage is mandatory, even if you have separate travel insurance. Generally speaking, masks are ubiquitous, the streets are less crowded, and even the once-packed Metro leaves visitors room to breathe. Want to know where you can travel and go on holiday right now? The French side, St. Martin, followed in September. Health and safety restrictions: Guests must stay on the grounds of their accommodations for the first 4 days of their visits. Most restaurants have been certified for limited, socially distanced dine-in service. According to The Washington Post, tourism makes up 17% of its economy, and in some areas, that number is much higher. Each applicant will need to submit negative results from a PCR test taken within 3 to 5 days prior to arrival as well as show proof of medical insurance that will cover treatment for Covid-19. For more information: Visit the islands' official Covid-19 FAQ page. Reopening date: The U.S. and Mexican governments have extended the temporary closure of the land border through November 21.