This bread has various names – damper bread, stickbread and bannock on a stick are a few. until the dough becomes smooth and springy. It’s officially summer! Steve started a fire and we wrapped some dough around a few sticks we found while hiking. It’s the most common thing to do. How cleaver! Then she sat on our laps as we toasted the bread over the fire for her and helped blow on it to make it cool faster. 4. Twist the bread around the stick starting at the top. With floured hands, briefly 'knock back' the dough by making it into a ball. You may not need all the water. Serves: 5 sticks, Toppings: jam, peanut butter, nutella or honey. We hope you enjoy making your bread on a stick! My kids will LOVE it. Bread on a stick is a classic campfire recipe that every camper should experience. We have never been to Moab but have always wanted to go. More great fun vegan camping recipes here: Campfire BrownieWild Blueberry PancakesCampfire Dessert Calzone. Though getting it all black on the outside and doughy on the inside is almost part of the tradition as well. I LOVE your blog! Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. After 10-15 minutes, it's dissolved, activated and ready to go! the sugar, salt and flour in a large bowl. We are going camping soon and I am for sure going to do this. 5. Campfire Bread on a Stick Carefully using a sharp knife, remove the bark and any imperfections from one end of the stick leaving a cooking surface of about 6 inches. We’ve updated our privacy policy. Not only is it fun to eat, but it teaches you a new outdoor skill (how to use the items around you - i.e making skewers out of sticks). ), or in a pocket, until it cools down. Wrap around a thin but sturdy stick, clean of any visible dirt. Get everyone involved— light a fire, find some sticks, make yourself some bread and make the most of your summer. We ended up adding a considerable amount of additional flour to fix the dough. Love Moab, too, it's been too long since we've visited last. Since it's going to bewith a pasta meal, I think I'll add just a pinchof garlic powder to the mix: garlic bread on a stick………. My kids do stick bread over a campfire at my local pre-school outdoor toddler group and I was looking for a dough recipe to try it at home, thank you! You can of course just make it with only plain white flour if that’s what you have. Making bread over a campfire is one of the rites of passage that everyone should experience. Avoid sticks from poisonous trees and pinetrees because of the resin. Take a creative photograph to represent different themes – the more innovative the better! Be careful not to burn. Cover the bowl and let the dough rise in a warm place until it has doubled in size - about 1 hour. « Why You Should Go Wild for Wild Blueberries, Vegan Apricot Dumplings - Marillenknödel ». Your email address will not be published. It took only a few minutes over the hot fire, and we had fresh bread to go with our dinner of beef stew. Apologies for the error and fingers crossed you were still able to enjoy some campfire bread. Mix well. YUM! But no worries, the bread will still be good. What a fun trip and I love the bread on a stick idea! The ratio of flour to water o. I cannot WAIT to try this! Required fields are marked *. Or perhaps you could cut some from your garden/a friends garden and take them with you, or wrap the end of a stick that you find on the ground in foil. All you’ll need to do is mix the wet and dry ingredients and think about your topping of choice! 10. Remove by gently sliding the bread up and off the stick using a hand protector. Very cool! first published: Aug 16, 2019, last updated: Oct 13, 2019 | This post may contain affiliate links. You want a nice even heat so your bread is light and fluffy on the inside, and browned and crusty on the outside. 11. University Innovation Park All the best, Sophie. Oh yes! I prepared the basic bread dough on Thursday night and kept it in the fridge and then a cooler until we were ready for it Saturday night. It's a bit of an art to bake it perfectly and not burn it, but it's wonderful fun! Details here. No scales needed! Maybe I will have to try camping-just for the bread. Hey Suze, Other readers have used metal toasting forks with wooden handles, like you would use for roasting marshmallows. Choose a sturdy-looking stick, around 2.5cm thick, and strip off the bark and leaves so it is completely bare. Thanks Sophie, yes we added some flour and let sit a bit longer and it was better. Enjoy! Twist a strip around the end of your sticks. It's a great way to learn about outdoor skills, and a great reward to enjoy! Thank you for sharing. Maybe:) I am a hotel camping kind of gal..ha! This no knead bread on a stick is so fun to make, and even more to eat! FK9 4NF. I have a lot of tried and true recipes, but I’m always looking for something new. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Flames are tempting, but often too hot and likely to burn. Try to make it somewhat even to ensure even baking and remember, the thinner the dough, the faster the bread will bake. Leave the dough to rise in a warmish place for 3o mintues to and hour. Campfire Bread on a Stick. Hi Jared, thanks so much for your feedback! They came out great. 7. Twist around your the end of your sticks, and pinch the end together to secure the strip if necessary. Ground Floor Make sure that you don’t leave any holes and to close the end, so the filling won’t spill when you’re done. A great stick is a long, straight and strong stick. The perfect bread is golden, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and easily slides of the stick, but if you end up with a bread that’s more dough than bread, don’t worry. Roll each ball into a thin rope and pull to be about one inch wide and eight inches long. Yum! I would LOVE to see some ideas for camping meals. Do visit our Risk Management pages or call us for advice if you are unsure about firelighting and cooking outdoors. Add olive oil and water and mix until the dough is smooth. Just stuff it into the middle of the bread where the stick was or open the bread up and smear it on – and then just enjoy! 8 is a good number for this amount of dough. Choosing the Right Stick For Marshmallows. Tip: For the perfect camping pancakes we recommend pre-measuring your dry and wet ingredients whilst at home and placing them in small containers, that can easily be slotted into your rucksack. If I wanted to bake it as a loaf so I could get sandwich slices, how long would I bake it for & at what temp?