Camp Chef Smokepro XT is one of the best gas grills in the market today. Boasting accurate temperature control, reliable performance, and intuitive controls, this is an excellent pellet smoker grill for newcomers and seasoned barbecue fans alike. Remember that some of these features—such as affordability and grill size—are subjective. At each side of the grill, you will find the shelves, sear box, utility racks, including some free cooking recipes and ideas to help you maximize your cooking efforts on the go. # Automatic shut off. This gas grill is highly suitable for … It’s a mid-level gas grill that guarantees more space and new features to enjoy. This unit comes from one of the most trusted brands – Camp Chef. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Review: Features & Benefits Let’s see how well the SmokePro DLX holds up to the criteria we introduced earlier. The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX delivers premium performance at an accessible price. Check it out here Features: PID control and digital thermometer Only you can decide whether this unit might be the right choice for your grilling lifestyle.

The 429 square inches of cooking space with a 6 x 24 inches dimension, Camp Chef SmokePro SG, has all the sufficient space to cook your favorite BBQ.