How so, Scott? He has been featured in the New York Times, The New Yorker, NPR, and interviewed on Colbert. We just have to wait long enough that left wingers don’t feel their criticisms that anyone saying this is crazy can be used against them. Polygamy IS paleo living — that is that. Furthermore, when the female side of the marital union suffers from structural inequality and subjugation relative to the male side, and when such inequalities are built into families from the outset, it should not be surprising that men who grow up under such conditions come to view women as second-class citizens against whom violence can be used with impunity. When I first heard of the book “Heather Has Two Mommies”, I thought it was about polygamy.

Going through this one helped me recognize a big difference between polygyny and gay marriage: Allowing polygyny reduces the number of available women, whereas it seems less likely that gays would marry a member of the opposite sex if they aren’t allowed to marry their preferred.

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You manage to get your homophobic slur in there with your baseless assertion about Coney Barrett, kudos, bigot.

That statement displays a disturbing ignorance about how heredity works. Why is it any business of yours?

So, if you live in many parts of Africa or the arabic countries, you’re screwed for all the reasons noted. Additionally, as an fyi since you didn’t seem to be familiar with it, gender studies is bascially focused sociology. Only if the second community has hyper-dominant women and submissive men or prostitutes. Why are so many people drawn to conspiracy theories in times of crisis?

Would you say that there’s a legal difference with a marriage between infertile people vs fertile people? In the state of nature, people were generally polygamous, as are most animals. But it is okay for a man to sleep with multiple woman, keeping in mind he is only married to one of them. My example was one of just the opposite.

don’t get married. Historically, most cultures that permitted polygamy permitted polygyny (a man taking two or more wives) rather than polyandry (a woman taking two or more husbands). Only men in the to 10% of status or wealth married more than two women. These new insights have strengthened, not weakened, the institution. Tensions may be reduced by establishing a clear hierarchy among the co-wives, or if the co-wives are sisters (sororal polygyny), or if they each keep a separate household (hut polygyny).

Marital privileges. I would point out that the business of setting legal precedent often boils down to “gotcha” questions.

Same with terms like “spouse”, I’m afraid. The two of them have loved each other from childhood. Portland’s protesters aren’t going to fade away after the election, but are they stuck in a rut? That would give the species a significantly better jump. “has produced outrage in LGBT quarters that comparing gay marriage equality to polygamy is absurd and homophobic.

That's also not what Graham is after here. Primogeniture has antecedents in the Bible, with, most notably, Esau selling his ‘birthright’ to his younger brother Jacob. The patterns observed in recent studies of polygamous African societies are similar.

Well it might be less in fathers with 8 kids instead of 2, also, in fact most of the time I’m pretty sure that’s a given, with exceptions, simply due to the laws of physics, sleep, making a living, and available time that has to be shared among children. But getting that to work out, especially without a legal or social framework, would be another story. Is It Ever Too Late to Leave, Separate, or Divorce? They said Auntee Gay Senator. It informs things as fundamental as how we date, how we marry, and how we organize society. We just want marriage equality! Is it conceivable that our government would provide hefty support – through anything from tax credits to direct payments – for married couples with children that would be strictly denied to needy single parents, especially since they tend to be even more needy? The point is that the Court’s reasoning in Obergefell can be extended to intrafamilial marriage. Legally speaking, they were treated the same prior to Obergefell, so his comparison on a legal basis is apt.

Your donation will be tax-deductible. When violent dominance and subjugation become the default male script, it should be not surprising, then, that such tendencies become the modus operandi for treating larger societal and international group conflicts as well. Jealosy is something to be overcome, imho. “This morning, Graham’s line of questioning has produced outrage in LGBT quarters that comparing gay marriage equality to polygamy is absurd and homophobic.”. And with high fertility rates, that pool can become quite considerable indeed within the society. I know a couple in this situation. Polyamory is nothing because the polygyny aspect is somewhat natural and pretty common. Dr. Henrich also predicted additional consequences of polygyny that he acknowledged were more speculative and could not be as thoroughly supported by empirical evidence. Listen, it is as simple as this, living primally does not mean we have to live like a neanderthal! But when it comes to polygyny’s global resurgence, from re-legalization in Libya to decriminalization in Russia, it is not only women who should beware: New research shows that polygyny is bad for security, too.

We talking child children, or grown children? Dr. Henrich begins with an ample body of research that shows marriage makes men much less likely to commit crimes such as murder, robbery and rape. That’s a logical fallacy, John, and a sick view of the world. This is one of the few times I read actual arguments against polygamy/polyamory, most of which I tend to agree with. That might prove to be one of the big roadblocks on the pathway to legalized group marriage.