When the nights falls, only our perception can guess where it hides in the dark. Explore 40 Brainwashed Quotes by authors including Charles Barkley, Joyce Carol Oates, and Marcus Luttrell at BrainyQuote. While everything else, you know, no matter how strange, feels normal because you're trained to see it that way. All kids, when they go to school, are pretty good artists and dancers and singers and poets. C’EST ICI L’EMPIRE DE LA MORT. My dad was the biggest Alabama fan ever, and I was brainwashed. .” Lucas stalled for a second. The people that live in these districts, they don't want to watch it. It's a 'Matrix' of you, so you're communicating with people all the time using Scientology. It read: ARRÊTE ! Brainwashed Quotes Showing 1-7 of 7 “Negative media reinforcements not only influence how cops, judges, employers, and others view black males, they affect how young blacks view themselves.” ― Tom Burrell, Brainwashed A lot of times in television, you don't get the opportunity to show real life because we're brainwashed to believe the propaganda that these things aren't marketable, that these things don't sell. I have already brainwashed my family to be Jayhawks fans. They brainwashed me to respect music, whether we were playing rockabilly or blues or rock and roll. I love salads and believe food is our best medicine. When I went through puberty I had a huge rebellion against movies. In my preaching the shafts are ever aimed at the brainwashed horde. Our job is never to assume,instead it is to listen, communicate, ask questions then ask more, until we know the true depth of someone’s spirit.”, “Most people do not have a problem with you thinking for yourself, as long as your conclusions are the same as or at least compatible with their beliefs.”, “Beware: open-mindedness will often say, 'Everything is permissible except a sharp opinion.”, “Sometimes your belief system is really your fears attached to rules.”, “People's behaviors are messages, not a diagnosis because I can no longer discern the world's version of insanity.”, “Truth changes with the season of our emotions. “There’s only one way out of here.” For most people that was true. Written in charcoal on the top of a skull were the same words he had seen in the cemetery. It unifies diversity when we choose to see it and use it. He tried to think if he had ever seen a dead person before. What if the kid was dead? “Doing something was better than doing nothing. This life becomes a part of them. I would have been completely brainwashed by this lopsided and racist view of the world if it weren't for my father. I am not better because I know what I have done. The other half of the time he tries to tell us that the sick feeling we get in a situation is not the other person’s fault, rather it is our own hang-ups. If there was any great plan from a higher power it is a simplistic, repetitious theme found in all religions; the basic core importance to unity comes from shared theological and humanistic virtues. The issue here isn't whether every student is brainwashed, it's whether it is appropriate.