to create a plan that works for you, visit that was easy! and then when medics and police come in, you're no longer in control. completely clear. >> every >> do you like living here? many of whom have children who attend columbine high school. >> yes. i own rifles and shotguns and pistols. >> none. >> can i help you? we don't want to, no. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ here, hello! i asked brent if he remembered anything about eric. ♪ liberty. we say if you see a gun, don't touch it, leave the room, call an adult. firing shots from the library. and in my hometown of flint, michigan, this little 6-year-old shot a 6-year-old. >> how long ago? not again. the rockets are transported in the middle of the night while the children of columbine are asleep. Welcome to the drinking blog with a film problem. >> yes, and i wish -- i hope after watching the film right now that they will just think about some of the things that i've said in the film. you're the biggest weapons maker. it is protected under our constitution. they're the ones who have suffered through this. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. >> what's bowling class? go with align, the pros in digestive health. Gaining access to Heston’s gated lair, he asks the octogenarian proponent of unfettered gun ownership to explain his views. just checking. >> a drowning? but you always must keep a sword handy for when the pen fails. that we can do and we can do that with respecting the rights of people who hunt, who target shoot or who do believe they need protection. >> close the door. i'd like to report that i found the perfect location for our new corporate office. >> so wouldn't someone -- >> so why would we do it? and few, if any, of these reporte reporters, brother, to visit it. a few miles away, buried inside a mountain, is norad, which oversees our nuclear missiles, many of which dot the colorado landsca landscape. >> you feel any difference when you cross over to this country, and be honest now. you say something to me, i'll shoot ya. >> let's say 8:30. after all, it was apparently the last thing they did before the massacre. in the past -- >> the point can be explored. an activity to enjoy. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. what does that mean, adjudicated mentally defective? >> you think it's an ethnic thing. >> little time bombs that are out there ticking, waiting to go off. >> you might want to take some extra precautions, keep a low profile, don't go around dancing with a bunch of americans in the streets, make sure that you don't draw a lot of attention to yourself and the fact that you're american. you're talking about the link between the storytelling and what we do about it as a, society. i really don't know anything. ♪ work so hard ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. we paid a penalty that day for this nation the way we look at it. trelegy is not for asthma. >> like when they had their convention in colorado, a week, whatever, a month after columbine, that was just stupid. how can they come here? >> uh-huh. >> whose idea was the callan du -- calendar? >> what do you have in your home? in order to get food stamps and health care for her children, she was forced to work as part of the state of michigan's welfare to work program. >> this is loaded. >> you do cd, and we'll hand you a gun. now, in the wars since vietnam, they don't show that on the evening news. and it makes perfect sense when you see what we're hearing from politicians and seeing on, in the news media. they see how many women are now coming into congress. >> and this t-shirt landed a high school student in court. you can't look away. Is anybody home at "House of the Witch? because being a female, number one, i felt it was important to be able to protect myself with. just kind of kept to themselves. >> that so many americans kill each other. to savage their suburban community. While pondering these events, Moore humorously considers the link between random violence and the game of ten pins; along the way, Moore calls on the Michigan Militia (and gets to know some of the models for their "Militia Babes" calendar); spends some time with James Nichols, brother of Oklahoma City bombing accomplice Terry Nichols; visits K-Mart's corporate offices with two teenagers injured in the Columbine massacre as they ask the retail chain to stop selling bullets for handguns; investigates the media's role in the American climate of fear and anger; compares crime statistics in the United States with those of Canada (which, despite higher unemployment and a larger number of guns per capita, manages to rack up a small fraction of the homicides committed in the United States), and questions actor and National Rifle Association president Charlton Heston regarding his appearance at a pro-gun rally held in Littleton a few days after the Columbine massacre, and a similar rally in Flint, MI, after a six-year-old boy killed a classmate with a gun he took from his uncle's house. >> there's something -- something overwhelming about that kind of viciousness, that kind of predatory action, that kind of indiscriminate killing.