We're not going to be able to plan missions and CAPs if we just have 2-3 people to show up at a time. Over the course of 8 years you always been a US citizen and in the military and you were given command of one of the 3 Jupiter class Battlestar the USS Battlestar Minotaur. With the 20th anniversary of the BFC quickly approaching, DragonLady has challenged the leadership to be more visible and active and set an example for current members, new members and fans that may browse our pages that are thinking of joining. Any one who would like to fly a Viper and join this group must first download the Viper Training Manual and complete the multiple choice test at the end: http://www.battlestarraven-bfc-002.com/apps/documents/. Spartan SC Ens Natalie "NAT" Hallam is hosting a Quiz Night in Raven Chat on Sunday, April 9th at 7pm EST.
The Minotaur's primary armament of six dorsal heavy turrets is by far the most firepower available on a Colonial ship of medium size and cost. WHO AMONGST YOU consider yourself the Best of the Best and wants to earn your place amongst the legendary pilots in the Colonial Fleet? The Minotaur (Ancient Greek ) Here is a little history about the Minotaur: The Minotaur (Ancient Greek: Μῑνώταυρος [miːnɔ̌ːtau̯ros], Latin: Minotaurus, Etrus can Θevrumineś), was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man or, as described by Roman poet Ovid, "part man and part bull". The tactics that the Minotaur employ uses the Mark VII fighter as a bait and chase fighter to make the Cylon Raiders come to the battlefield of choice for the squadron. Report an Issue  |  Use discussion section. I totally understand the outside world sometimes puts constraints on our time and what we're able to do here. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, contact me anytime. Who wants to earn the distinction of being called THE TOP GUN and cement your legacy as part of the Elite Group of Pilots. The Minotaurs pride themselves as being the most guerrilla warfare minded squadron in the fleet. Aim for a perfect score for yourself because you know you can do it. The second reason was to find a Squadron symbol of the "past" that was not a Flying Tiger. The only requirement is to make sure you have a copy of your Viper/Raptor startup checklist handy. ", Battlestar Galactica - There are those who Believe. The ship is from the primary Cylon battle set round 50 years earlier than the time of the 2004 reimagined collection. Remember, you accepted the SC position and the responsibility it incurred. Together we can make the Air Wing proud! 0 Likes, There has been some confusion as to when new nuggets can assume the rank of Ensign. We are the best. MOC-19273 Battlestar Galactica: Minotaur Block Set MOC FACTORY This is my mannequin ofthe Minotaur class gunship from the Battlestar Galactica Deadlock technique sport.

PILOTS: Report in and sound off so we can get an accurate count of active pilots!

This concerns all personnel but as SC's, we all have a responsibility to the club not to put anything out there that may could possibly show us in a bad light. According to Command, immediately.

Fractionally larger, less agile and more expensive (though needing less fleet capacity) than the Ranger cruiser, the Minotaur carries no guided weapons or hangar bays, and specializes only in heavy gunfire. We want to see SC's welcoming new members on the fan page and actively recruiting to your squadron. Members: 14 Then step right up and take your Viper and Raptor test. 1 Like, As you send your scores to Admiral Rivera, please be sure to include the state (or country) in which you reside and the type of craft you wish to fly, Viper or Raptor. © 2020   Created by DragonLady4732. Here is a little history about the Minotaur: The Minotaur (Ancient Greek: Μῑνώταυρος [miːnɔ̌ːtau̯ros], Latin: Minotaurus, Etruscan Θevrumineś), was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a manor, as described by Roman poet Ovid, "part man and part bull". Requirements remain the same as for Squadron Commanders, which can be found here: If you are ready to take on the responsibility, contact your Squadron Commander immediately! Second, I'd like to see each squadron starting to hold regular CAPs. Please post active squadron rosters and ship readiness status. If you have an issue with Command or other members, just remember..."TAKE IT TO PM!!!!" AIM HIGH!

This page was last edited on 14 August 2019, at 07:32. This article has a separate continuity. We plan to have two training CAPs on October 6th...one at 2pm Eastern for our members in the UK, and one at 8pm for US. Squadron Commanders: Get a list of these active pilots, we are currently trying to make a status board with each squadron and their active pilots.

Thank you! 0 Likes, Hi Everyone,I while back I was thinking to create a few fictitious pilots and I needed call signs for them. Minotaurs are famous for using asteroid fields for cover fire and ambush points for Cylon raiders. One of the things that makes the Minotaur special is the fact that we are taking the forethought and the idea of role-playing the idea of being something more that just the standard Mark II or Mark VII Viper Jocks. Its natural counterpart is the Atlascarrier, as the Atlas trades firep… !If you plan on participating in the Gunstar Trireme anniversary Op, please contact Col. Keith "Leonidas" Ranson and advise which date would be best for you, either August 20th or 27th. Cpt Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock Commander Air Group Raven Air Wing - BFC-002. Where the Minotaur favors broadside placement, the Heracles can fire in all directions, with particularly powerful broadsides (from top and bottom turrets) and frontal fire. The reason I chose this Group is to one, find a squadron that is still using the A-10 Thunderbolt which is being used by the 25th upon which we are basing the Mark III Viper on. Welcome the new nuggets so we can fill out the squadrons evenly. "There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. As such the tail wing of our Mark III and Mark VII Vipers are painted in a Checkered pattern in Red and Black to be our own version of the tail wing that is displayed by these Warriors. I've noticed that there are squadrons with little or no activity since I took command of the Air Wing and it is time for that to change. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. You are now in the maze, find your way out. Command has authorized the position of Assistant Squadron Commander for each squadron in the Air Wing. Cpt Michael "Mik Mo" Morelock Commander Air Group Raven Air Wing BFC-002. The ship is from the first Cylon war set around 50 years before the time of the 2004 reimagined series. 0 Replies I will be leading one and assistant CAG, Joseph "Vampire" Vogt, will lead the other. However, several squadrons only activity recently comes from posts I have made and this is unacceptable. 0 Replies ), was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man, http://www.battlestarraven-bfc-002.com/#!minotaur-squadron/c1d5x. Use format posted on Seekers discussion page. Since none of us can die in the Battlestar Universe, I planned to have a few of the make…Continue, Started by Maj. Roger "Reamer" Barstow Nov 6, 2015. Tweet. Once the Chase fighters pass through the kill zone the Mark III's swoop in with the heavy armament and dispatch the Raiders as quickly as possible. To try to hunt the the Hunters is an exercise in futility. For now the Colonial government has opted to keep knowledge of Earth a secret due to them having to cross the Red Line and travel time of 3 months to reach earth. https://battlestarfanclub.com/profiles/blogs/action-message-attenti... Let's show pride in the Air Wing and get this mission done!

This MOC consists of 1748 parts and is 410mm in length. If you can't find any free time to contribute, appoint an assistant squadron commander to help with the load. It has equal ballistic firepower to the Artemis battlestar and a comparable rate of fire to the Minerva, but lacks the squadron support and extra munitions of either. Minotaur is a Colonial capital ship in Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. ATTENTION ALL PILOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! The Minotaur was refuelling at the Scorpion fleet shipyards, alongside the Battle star Pegasus. Putting on a united effort also shows other fandoms that the BFC is strong in keeping our little niche in the sci-fi community going strong.
The ship was used and designed by thecolony of Aerilon and was quickly integrated into the Colonial Fleet after the signing of the articles of Colonization at the start of the war. The Heracles is essentially an upgraded Minotaur gunship, with a more aggressive turret placement and greater armor. This article is in the Battlestar Galactica Deadlock separate continuity, which is related to the Re-imagined Series.Be sure that your contributions to this article reflect the characters and events specific to this continuity only. The main problem comes from several incidents, at least one I can remember since I've been a member, where other clubs or organizations have used postings by members to detriment the club. Terms of Service. Battlestar Classes: Artemis | Jupiter (Mark I & II) | Minerva, Battlestars: Archeron | Athena | Galactica | Minerva | Rigel, Support Classes: Adamant | Atlas | Berzerk | Celestra | Defender | Heracles | Janus | Manticore | Minotaur | Orion | Ranger, Auxiliary Craft: Assault Raptor | Maintenance Pod | Raptor | Shuttle | Sweeper | Viper Mark I | Viper Mark II, Colonial Stations: Daidalos | Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, Command Ships: Argos | Basestar | Cerberus, Support Ships: Arachne | Cerastes | Hydra | Nemesis | Phobos | Revenant | Talon, Auxiliary Craft: Heavy Raider | Raider Prototype | Raider | Scorpion | Vespid | Wardriver, From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide, https://www.battlestarwiki.org/index.php?title=Minotaur&oldid=217228. 0 Likes, "Attention all Minotaur Pilots"It has been brought to my attention that some of our Junior Pilots don't know the proper Pre-Flight steps to perform each and every time they're about to launch their…Continue.