"Shark" Finnegan and "Easy" Esrin when an emergency jump and a malfunction separate their Raptor from the rest of the Fleet (TRS: "The Face of the Enemy"). Zephyr continues to leak oxygen and other debris even after the battle (TRS: "He That Believeth In Me"). The ship is likely named after the Greek god of the western wind, During the beginning of the third season, the. This is a kit, therefore it will need sanding, painting and assembly as it will come in 4 pieces. Zephyr is involved in important political events in the early history of the Fleet. In the 4th-season premiere episode "He That Believeth in Me", Zephyr suffered severe damage to the wheel section when it was struck by missiles during the Cylon attack at the Ionian Nebula. 4,000 feet (1,200 m) The second noteworthy feature is the ship's sublight engines. Zephyr, along with the rest of the Fleet, momentarily loses power after jumping to the Ionian Nebula, disabling its FTL drive. There are 126 ships in the Colonial Fleet. Luxury Liner Compared to the more traditional chemical thruster boosters of other Fleet ships, Zephyr has an engine assembly that closely resembles that of an electric powered drive. Commander William Adama is prepared to leave the civilians at Ragnar while Galactica goes to fight, but Roslin convinces him to take Zephyr and the rest of the civilian ships and flee the Colonies (TRS: Miniseries). Zephyr is a FTL-capable civilian passenger liner that manages to escape the destruction of the Twelve Colonies to join the Fleet of surviving Colonial ships (TRS: Miniseries). Class The habitat is enclosed by a glass facade, which leaves views of the aft end of the ship and of the opposite side of the ring to anyone looking up. Battlestar Galactica . During the attack on the Colonies, Zephyr is one of the first vessels to be found and shepherded by the newly sworn-in president, Laura Roslin.Having an FTL system, it escapes to Ragnar Anchorage to rendezvous with the battlestar Galactica, where it enters the upper atmosphere of Ragnar and waits with other surviving ships. Battlestar Classes: Mercury class | Galactica-type | Valkyrie-type | Orion class, Battlestars: Galactica | Pegasus | Valkyrie | Columbia | Archeron Osiris | Yashuman | Triton | All Named | All Unnamed, Support Ship Types: Loki type | Berzerk type | Defender type | Catamaran type | Watersled type, Support Ships: Loki | Berzerk | Brenik | All Unnamed, Auxiliary Craft: Viper Mark II | Viper Mark III | Viper Mark VII | Stealthstar | Blackbird | Raptor | Atmospheric Shuttle, Colonial Stations: Armistice Station | Colonial Fleet Headquarters | Ministry of Defense | Ragnar Anchorage Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, Pre-Cylon War: Air Force Viper | Blackhawk | Graystone blimp | Jump ship | Phoenix, Virtual aircraft: Autogyro | Dreadnaught | Vintage Viper, Post-Fall Civilian Fleet: Astral Queen | Cloud 9 | Colonial One | Daru Mozu | Demetrius | Gemenon Traveler | Gideon Olympic Carrier | Prometheus | Rising Star | Scylla | Zephyr | List of all civilian ships, Civilian Ship Types: Passenger liners | Mining ships | Repair ships | Tylium refinery ships | Research ships, Civilian Operators: Gemon Liners | Pan Galactic | Saggitarian Spaceways | Eversun, Basestar Types: Cylon War Era basestars | Modern basestar | Guardian basestar | Rebel basestar, Support Ships: Resurrection Ship | Reconnaissance Drone | Freighter, Auxiliary Craft: Cylon War Era Raider | Modern Raider | Heavy Raider, Cylon Stations: Cylon Refinery | The Colony | Resurrection Hub