", "I'm going to get as much distance between us and the Cylons as I can. "I know we're ready, I just hope the civilians and the rest of the resistance group is ready for this. If they were to survive, then it was important that it be in optimal condition. Woods asked. He kept his composure knowing that the personnel in the Flag CIC would probably be watching him closely to see how he would react to this situation. "They're ready to go wherever they're needed," First Lieutenant Demarcus Hayes said. "Admiral, the Cylons have boarded the ship," Rigel called out from Tactical. "Special Forces, that's impressive," Lyons agreed. Where do you want to jump to?" © Valve Corporation. NSC not compatible, it makes all the NSC ship classes unable to have combat computers. "Sounds like the Marines are putting up a fight," Ismael said. In short, I got nothing on how to replicate this bug. Story asked. The prognosis for him was grim but there was a chance he would recover. The Battlestar Colossus is a Titan Class Battlestar that was with the Hyde's colonizing fleet.

We'll just have to do enough damage so that if they run away it won't be noticed," Clay said and in the background, he heard the receiver begin to buzz. ", He put the receiver in its place and turned to Lyons. ", Tolen looked at him inquisitively.

When he left the room, she closed the hatch and sat down to read the reports again. year after the incident the families of the Battlestar's crew hired As the ship shook from the hits coming in from the Cylons Tolan found himself thinking of his friends and loved ones.

"What exactly does she want us to do? "Blue Bombers, form ranks!" "I want us to get in orbit around Valletta, it looks like it's similar to Ragnar and that could be used to our advantage," Woods said as she headed back to Command and Control. "Excellent, send word to all ships to jump to the civilian fleet," Tolan ordered. The superior officer of the ship she had escaped Ostarsis on was a part of a long-running family feud. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Weren't there times when you felt like you were done? ", "So you think that the Cylons sent the Centurions as a decoy force of some kind and hoped we wouldn't notice in the fog of war? Currently the Sphinx is out of commission, a decision on its fate has yet to be decided. "I just spoke with Commander Woods; she has a job for us. The Battlestar Atlantia was the Colonial Fleet Flagship at the time of the Cylon attack.

All the lessons learned from the first wave of Mercury-class battlestars has been incorporated into the Illustrious-class. "Sounds like a plan to me, should be interesting to see you Special Forces guys in action," Lyons said. Carnac Farragut Fisher Halsey Hood Kronus Nelson Vallette Wallace Notes Edit

The Tolen/Tolan conflict had its history in the Basileus Crime Syndicate on Canceron. but when they detonated they caused an explosion that expanded into "Still working on it, but the Chief says it should be working soon," Woods said. would become part of the Battlestar Telmaya's fleet.

Alert the ship to prepare to be boarded.
If you want these people to fight for you against these odds then you have to make them believe you are worth following. Clay asked. ", "We took a pounding from the Cylons, no doubt about that, but as for how many people we lost all together…there's no exact count just yet.

", Tolan took a seat at his table and ran a hand over his head. I don't know Bridget; it seems about as hopeless as your situation on Ostarsis. She looked around the office and saw that Mercer had decorated it with a bit of Colonial Fleet history and his own personal touches.