The two incidents when our trailer slide off the leveling blocks the tongue jack was on a wood block and slide off hitting the ground very hard – almost 900 pounds of tongue weight impacting the tongue jack with a lateral force – it didn’t faze the Odyssey 4000 at all! Some users have reported their levelers broke in half. I think you need "Plan C" - something else. 22 product ratings - Dual Axle Caravan Wheel Levelling Ramps Chocks - 3 Step Motorhome Black Red, 4 product ratings - Coast Caravan Wheel Levelling Ramp and Chock Kit Camper Trailer Motorhome RV, 44 product ratings - Caravan 3 Step Levelling Ramps Tandem Dual Axle Motorhome Camper Trailer Ramp, 12 product ratings - Caravan 3 Step Levelling Ramps Motorhome Camper Trailer Ramp Camper Trailer Boat, 7 product ratings - 1 X ANDERSEN RAPID JACK LEVELLING RAMP 3620 3 TOOLS IN 1 CARAVAN CAMPER TRAILER, 44 product ratings - EXPLORE CARAVAN LEVELLING RAMPS RV TRAILER TANDEM DUAL AXLE 4 PIECE LEVEL RAMP, 6 product ratings - Levelling Ramp Heavy Duty Storage Carry Bag Caravan Motorhome Chocks Cvl2 Cvl1, 12 product ratings - Caravan Rv 3 Step Levelling Ramps Cvl1 Motorhome Camper Bus, 44 product ratings - Levelling Ramp Chocks Pair 2 Piece 3 Step Tandem Axle Caravan Motorhome RV CVL2, 44 product ratings - Caravan levelling ramps (pair) suit single and double axle CVL2 motorhome camper, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You may also like. Oh boy, did I learn a lot over the years. I am absolutely thrilled with the Fastway ONEStep Chock. This was probably a contributing factor the two times our trailer slipped off the leveling blocks.

As a person who went from a single axle to a double axle pop up, I can say that one of the biggest things that I miss is the convenience of the BAL leveler. For example the Lynx blocks are 1” high, so you add or subtract a block to “almost” get the trailer level.

The steps should be applicable to any multi-axle trailer including 5th wheels.

They are available in assorted styles and sizes, making it easy to find the right ramp for your needs. And this one can also be cut up to four inches in order to fit, if necessary.

What I didn’t understand is that these kinds of wheel stops are not “Chocks,” but are stabilizing tools. I have used other Camco products before, and their leveling blocks are no exception. Something went wrong. May be setting myself up....but, why do I need to support both axles? Maximum length (wedge tip to wedge tip): 30 inches. If a heavier pop up such as a Single Axle Niagra can use this leveling device, why can't my 2,200 lb tandem be supported by one wheel ? However, they don’t completely attach to each other like how a Lego does. Fits Tandem Axle trailers with typical axle spacing & suspension. Back in 2013, before we bought our double-axle Eclipse Milan 26RLS, I wrote this post on How to Level and Stabilize a Tent Trailer.

BAL levelers probably aren't going to work. One of the things I noticed is that the Beech Lane leveler is also very versatile to fit dual axle trailers with up to 32 inches in tire diameter. Be sure to level your trailer before installing the BAL Chock between the trailer tires. How about it I level the trailer with one axle and go past the leveling point....then slide blocks under the other axle and lower the BAL back down to level. Additionally, some caravan levelling ramps are compatible with single-axle ramps, while others are better suited for dual-axle levelling ramps.

Our axles are fairly close together and the levelers “just” fit. As often as we camp along with this kind of abuse and it keeps on working.

Isn't that lighter than some single axle trailers that can accept a Bal leveler? Travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers should use either of BAL's dual or triple axle locking chocks. The X-Chock starts off where the Deluxe Tire Locking Chock left off but it’s new, slimmer design will fit into more axle applications. I thought these things were wheel “chocks.” I was wrong. Two metal wedges are extended by a screw mechanism, which applies opposing forces on the tires. Kathy in customer service is very good to work with. As opposed to other chocks, the X-Chock works with the tires’ natural movement instead of against them.

A well-known company for RV tools, Camco has proven itself to be a reliable company time and again. This post contains said links. Leveling with 2 BALS would still be far easier - in my opinion - than messing around with Lynx levelers for two axles. The design is just meant to prevent slippage.One pack contains ten pieces, which is good enough for …

Make sure to use a spirit level to ensure the caravan is level, though a spirit level is often even included with purchase of your caravan ramp. I finally have, after almost five years and some not-so-good products, come up with the solutions to quickly and securely level, chock, and stabilize our travel trailer. It is an interlocking type of block, much like how you would use a Lego. To level your caravan, place the levelling ramps in front of or behind your wheels, then use your tow car to manoeuvre your caravan wheels up the ramp.

You can get a special ¾” socket on Amazon. Depending on axle spacing, they may be too close together to fit. It may be preferable to just leave the two levelers separate anyway so they can be independently adjusted to best match the ground surface below them which is often very uneven.

Operating the tongue jack (up and down) can cause unnecessary stress to the BAL Chock. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Top Rated.

Here’s the post I wrote about our stabilizer upgrade. Quality products for the RV industry, such as slideouts, trailer frames, roof bows, leveling & stabilizing jacks, tongue jacks and wheel chocks. Minimum length (wedge tip to wedge tip): 16 inches. Lockable for added security with optional 28015 Pad Lock. If you learn by your mistakes, I must be a genius.