Directions From Interstate 17, north of Phoenix, Arizona, take exit #256, the Badger Springs exit.

We also brought along: boots (didn’t need), buckets and shovels, a net for catching tadpoles, our favorite Suds2Go for hand washing, and an extra towel to sit on.

easy hike down the wash. there was a small trickle of water and some small pools.

From there, you can to east or west on Sidewinder. Our 6 year old daughter and our puppy had a great time. Please turn on JavaScript and try again.

Off Interstate 17, take exit #256, the Badger Springs exit. The 11,295-foot (3,443 m) peak is located in Pike National Forest, 9.6 miles (15.5 km) northwest by west (bearing 300°) of the community of Lake George in Park County, Colorado, United States.

Badger Valley Primitive Trail. Not passable for stock. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. There is one fence crossing, seen above. During spring and monsoon season, the creek will be flowing for much of the trail. Some of the boulders have eroded over the years but the grooves are still clearly visible.

A few rocks here and there but mostly sandy or flat. Description:  The Cliff Walk Trail follows the Cave Creek river bed for its entire length. If you can, go Monday-Thursday, arrive before 9am, and you’ll likely have the river to yourself for a good hour or two like we did. At a small pool we saw dragonflies and crawdads. Description:  This trail starts on the west side of Apache Hill and connects at the Ocotillo trail. We had extra water in the car to drink on the way home as well. The route is almost entirely exposed, so bring plenty of water and sun protection, especially if you'll be embarking during the hot summer months. 4.7 miles.

Access:  Start at Apache Wash Trailhead.

We would offer that the moderate title, as well as distance, refers to the portion of the trail past the swimming holes.
Obstruction Point via Badger Valley to jct. This loop also gives hikers access to two short summit trails to reach the tallest peaks in the Southern Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve.

You will cross several dry river beds, some of which are pretty wide. Overall was great.

The trail follows the wash through the desert between low peaks and culminates at the Agua Fria Riverbed.

Proceed to Badger Brawl Trail to connect to Apache Wash Trail. Proceed south on Badger Brawl Trail. The trail is clearly marked, taking you down into the valley on a dirt path. All Rights Reserved. The trail has some great views of the area and is well marked all way. was deep water in areas and lots of kids and familes. If you have toddlers, this hike will work as well. Looking for a great trail near Golden Valley, Arizona? These are full-sheet, 7.5 Minute (1:24,000 scale) topographic maps. The trail starts at a parking lot, which has no restrooms or trash cans. Proceed to Badger Brawl Trail to connect to Apache Wash Loop. Continue to Badger Brawl Trail. Download the free Badger Springs Trail topo map and the adjoining quads to plan your hike. Description:  Visitors will start this loop on one side of the southern mountain and then loop around the side of the north mountain with beautiful views of Dove Valley. The kids (10y, 7y, 4y & 1y) loved the swimming hole and catching crawfish. Vehicle Requirements: None Dogs Allowed: Yes (on a leash) Horses Allowed: Yes USGS Map: Joe’s Hill As long as you can see the creek bed, you are going in the right direction. ample parking at the trail head.

Proceed to Badger Brawl Trail. This was a very nice, easy hike. The trail starts at the opening of the gate in a clearing. Lots of shade. A person in good physical health can hike the trail in 15 minutes in one direction and in 16 minutes in the opposite direction. Turn right onto Badger Springs Road, cross the gravel parking lot and continue 0.8 miles to the trailhead. (I used an Ergo for the 14 month old.).
It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Especially if you take this one counter-clockwise, you'll want to leave a bit of gas in the tank, because there is a pretty steep climb at the end. The grade will be moderate in some places and more challenging in others, but in either case, you'll have a consistent climb all the way to the Western Vista. Continue to Hawks Nest Trail and take a left onto Dixie Mountain Loop. Description:  It doesn't take long to get to the end of the trail, though it is a tough climb. The waterfalls is located in Manitou Springs, just west Colorado Springs. The Badger Springs Trail has a maximum elevation of 3,148 ft., a minimum elevation of 3,059 ft. and an elevation range of 89 ft. Hike up to Union Peak Trail to get a spectacular view of 360 degrees from the top, you will want to bring your camera. Review "Take a Hike. There are two shady grassy banks on either side of the river, perfect for picnic time or breaks. In general, you will follow the trail in a southwestern direction. There are quite a few trees and bushes with much taller trees at the end. It’s easy to get off trail so keep this app opened. Water was about 3 feet the deepest part. Continue north onto Badger Brawl Trail. From here, it heads into the north flats before climbing again, passing the 14th and 10th St. connector trails and Ridgeback. Access:  Start at Apace Wash Trailhead. Continue to Hawks Nest Trail. There are 4 moderate trails in Golden Valley ranging from 4.7 to 18 km and from 880 to 1,388 meters above sea level. So we just walked around for a bit. Historic & Cultural Site Camping Hiking Horseback Riding Hunting Wildlife Viewing Photography. Description:  Ridgeback Trail lies between the Sidewinder Trail and the Ocotillo Trail. Description:  Along Great Horned Owl Trail, visitors will be greeted with many steep ascents. There is no water anywhere so bring what you need. Description:  Valle Verde Trail connects the southernmost range to the more northern range. There were beautiful, tall sunflowers and loads of greenery all along the way. We found a nice long sand bar to enjoy past the two swimming holes. From there, it joins Ocotillo Trail but quickly starts climbing again going deep into the preserve and forming a “highway gore point”. From Badger Brawl Trial, take a left to continue on to East Skip Rimsza Paseo.